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    GRE (Graduation Record Examination) is one of the world’s best qualifying exams for English proficiency. The conducting authority of this exam is the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The GRE is not only the most popular graduation entrance test, but there are also numerous masters, MBAs, or Ph.D. programs which accept the GRE score in all over the world. GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is also a very renowned exam that assesses analytical, verbal, Quant and reasoning skills of the test takers for taking admissions in the best B schools. Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) is the conducting body of the GMAT exam. While both of these exams having some similarities, these exams have some dissimilarities also which will be described below.

    General information differentiation between GRE & GMAT

    GRE is used as an entrance test at graduation level, as well as for taking admission to the other masters, MBA & Ph.D. program also worldwide.GMAT is used for taking admission in the topmost B school for doing the MBA only worldwide.
    GRE exam syllabus has mainly three sections i.e. Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, & Analytical Writing.GMAT exam pattern has four major divisions’ i.e. Analytical Writing, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude Section, Verbal Reasoning Section
    Analytical writing consists of two essays. For writing down each essay, students would get 30 minutes.
    Quantitative reasoning & verbal reasoning each having two sections consisting of 20 questions i.e. in total 80 multiple choices of questions.
    GRE exam would also have 20 research questions that can either come from the verbal section or from the quantitative section but it is unpredictable from which portion these questions would come.
    • In the GMAT exam, the analytical writing portion has only one 30 minutes essay.
    • 12 questions come from integrated reasoning.
    • The quantitative section has 37 questions for which students would get 75 minutes.
    • The verbal section has 41 questions
    • There are no such research questions in GMAT.
    GRE is not a computer adaptive test.;In GMAT exam, if a student would give an answer to a question, he or she cannot go back. Then the student would get the next question according to his or her given answer to the previous question. If a student would give a wrong answer to a question then the next question would be easier & if the answer to the previous question is right then the next question would be slightly harder. This is a very tricky style of GMAT.
    Time taken for the exam is 3 hours & 45 minutes.Time taken for this exam is 3 hours & 7 minutes.
    The examination fee is $ 205.The examination fee is $ 250.
    The score valid is for 5 years.Score valid is for 5 years also.
    Total number of MCQs is 80 & 20 questions come from the unscored research section.Total number of MCQs is 90.

    Scoring differentiation of GMAT & GRE

    GRE’S Analytical Writing section, score range is also 0-6, in half-point increment like GMAT.
    Both Verbal reasoning & Quantitative Reasoning score range is 130-170, in one point increment.
    The main difference between the GMAT & GRE score is here every score is reported separately, no composite course is available here.;
    Students would receive the composite score generally in the GMAT exam. The range of the score would be from 200 to 800. Only the Verbal, & Quantitative sections are included in this composite score.
    A specific section of scores has mentioned there. The score range for Verbal & Quantitative section is 0-60, in one-point increments.
    The score range for Analytical Writing is 0-6, in half-point increments.
    The score range for Integrated Reasoning is 1-8, in one-point increments.
    The total score of 240-360 range.The total score is of 200-800, in 10 points increment.

    Verbal Sections: GRE VS GMAT


    GRE Verbal portion analyses the skill to understand the passage, draw a conclusion from the passage, summarize the passage, identify the main points understands properly the meaning of the words, sentences & of course the overall passages.
    There are also three different categories of questions-

    • Reading Comprehension- A passage would be given in this portion & a student has to answer a big picture & specific questions which are related to the passage.
    • Text Completion- In this portion, a short passage would come with more number of blanks & there are also certain words. Students have to choose the appropriate word for each blank & then have to fill up the blank with that word. This is a very interesting part which measures verbal skill & how efficient the student is in English.
    • Sentence Equivalence- This part is also very interesting. One sentence is given there with one certain blank & there are six options to choose. A student has to choose two words from the options & then have to put it on the sentence, the meaning of the sentence should be the same.

    The ability to understand the writing material, evaluate it, answer the questions after reading the passage, & to correct the errors are the task of this portion.
    There are three types of questions of the Verbal section

    • Reading Comprehension- In this portion, one passage has to read & then have to write a few questions from them. Many times, one general conclusion has to draw from this passage.
    • Critical Reading- Critical Reading includes one short passage, it’s hardly 2-3 sentences long. A question which would come after following the passage. This portion is similar to the reading comprehension part, unlike it is shorter.
    • Sentence Correction- In these types of questions, there are five styles of wording of a sentence. One student have to be answered which question is correct.
    Score range is 130-170 per section.Score range is 0-60.
    Length is 60 minutes.Length is 75 minutes.
    The number of verbal questions is 40.The number of verbal questions are 41.
    There are three categories of questions.There are also three categories of questions.
    Number of Verbal sections are 2.Number of Verbal sections is 1.
    Hardness of the question
    Though the verbal section of both of the GRE & GMAT is quite similar. GRE mainly includes critical thinking, reading comprehension, & grammar. The verbal portion of GRE is more challenging than the GMAT verbal portion. The sentence equivalence, & the text completion part is much interesting & challenging also. Students must need proper knowledge of grammar to answer these types of questions.
    Overall similar to GMAT Verbal part but more challenging.
    The Hardness of the question
    GMAT exam also includes critical thinking, reading comprehension, & grammar mainly but the question pattern is less challenging than the GRE verbal portion. The reading comprehension & the sentence correction is quite common which also comes in other entrance or job-related exams.
    Overall similar to GRE Verbal part but less challenging & common.

    GMAT Quant VS GRE Quant

    Number of the quantitative sections is 2.Number of the quantitative sections are 2 includes Quantitative & Integrative Reasoning.
    The total number of questions is 40 includes 20 questions from each part.There is a total of 49 questions. 37 questions come from Quantitative section & 12 questions come from Integrated Reasoning portion.
    The total time limit is 60 minutes (30 minutes for each part)The time limit for GMAT quant section is total 105 minutes. The time limit is for Quantitative part is 75 minutes & the limit is for Integrated Reasoning is 30 minutes.

    The main topics are for GRE Quant are –

    • Arithmetic
    • Geometry
    • Algebra
    • Data Sufficiency
    The main topics are for GMAT Quant are
    • Problem Solving
    • Data Sufficiency
    • For Integrated Reasoning section-
    • Multi-Source Reasoning
    • Two-Part Analysis
    • Table Analysis
    • Graphics Interpretation
    Score Range
    The score range for the quantitative section is 130-170
    Score Range
    • The Score range for quantitative section is 0-60
    • The score range for Integrated Reasoning section is 1-8
    Question Analysis – In this section, the questions are related to numbers, where students have to enter the correct answer, not just to select it from multiple-choice options.Question Analysis: In the quantitative section, there are mainly two section-
    • Problem Solving- In these types of questions, students have to interpret graphs, evaluate data, solve equations or have to answer the questions mixtures of the three. This type is quite easier in the GMAT question than the DS part.
    • Data Sufficiency- In this portion, every question has given followed by two statements. Students have to think & answer is one, two, both or no statements are sufficient to answer a particular question. Enough intelligence is required to answer these types of questions.
    • In the Integrated Reasoning portion, quantitative analysis is also needed. There are mainly four types of questions
      • Multi-Source Reasoning
      • Two-Part Analysis
      • Table Analysis
      • Graphics Interpretation
    • Students have to be interpreted each part to give a reply to every part.
    The Hardness of the question
    GMAT or GRE neither of the exams includes any such tough chapter like the Calculus. Though the Quant portion of GRE is easier than GMAT Quant portion. GRE Quant portion includes mainly the numeric entry, multiple-choice questions, or the comparison based questions. Where students should have the proper knowledge to answer these types of questions but these questions do not need that many tactics or intelligence to answer it.
    The Hardness of the question
    GMAT questions also do not include any higher level of Math chapter but are more critical & tactical to answer. Especially, the Integrated Reasoning & Data Reasoning part is the toughest part of the GMAT question. Critical thinking, enough intelligence, & analysis required to reply to these types of questions. So, the GMAT Quant portion is obviously tougher than the GRE Quant portion that I can say.

    Analytical Writing comparison: GRE vs GMAT

    Number of writing section is 1Number of writing section is 1
    Mostly two essay types questions;Two essay types questions;
    Total duration is 30 minuteTotal duration is 60 minutes (2 of 30 minutes sections)
    Score range is 0-6Score range is also 0-6

    Preferences of B Schools

    • Though more people are submitting their GRE score to take the admission, 90 percent of people are applying based on the GMAT scores in for doing their MBA.
    • Almost all B schools in US accept both GMAT & GRE scores.
    • There was a survey conducted by Kaplan Test Prep showed that 25 percent of B schools prefer GMAT over GRE.
    • Through GRE scores students can do Graduation courses, MBA, other Master’s degrees, & also Ph.D. but the determination & dedication are noticeable & clear to the B schools when they are submitting their GMAT score.

    Top educational institutions have differences in preferences in selecting the best candidates. For research or academic-based education, institutions prefer GRE whereas those who want to pursue careers in the business world aim to take GMAT as the qualifying examination. Both the exams have differences in approach. Test takers have to choose consciously before appearing. 



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