Derive the GMAT management reports

    The GMAT exam is one of the most vital exams for candidates who are passionate about pursuing management degrees from universities of abroad as well as certain top-notch Indian universities like IIM, S. P. Jain and more. The GMAT exam centres are spread throughout the world with more than 2 lacks candidates taking it. The GMAT exam is conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council or GMAC every year having numerous GMAT exam centres worldwide. GMAT opens the door to thousands of candidates who have dreamt of pursuing their management degrees at Harvard or MIT or IIMs.

    The GMAT score report is filled with certain important information which is essential for the candidates to decode for further understanding. The GMAT management reports are instrumental in providing details that is necessary for the candidates for score sends.

    GMAT management report details

    The GMAC management reports are instrumental in sending across certain important decisions of the test taker. The GMAT exam is conducted throughout the world and candidates from different cultures, background, nations take the exam. The GMAT management reports contain the objective and rational skills that are necessary for the candidates to prosper. This score reporting mechanism is helpful for the candidates as they can access the scores whenever needed and also from any location.

    Recognising patterns and features

    The candidates along with the GMAT score report will receive updates and information from Quarterly Roster, Summary Statistics and Frequency Ranking report, which offers information about the candidates who deliver the scores to you and also the score sending trends.

    Frequency Ranking Report

    This report provides information about the following:

    • The most popular 15 programs where candidates send their scores along with their information
    • You receive details about your program overlapping with other competitors
    • The number of GMAT sent only to your program

    These details help a candidate to get an insight into how the program they have applied in is processing and how is the competency level.

    When is the frequency ranking report available?

    The frequency ranking report is available annually from the GMAT reporting website in the months of January or February of every year.

    What period does the frequency ranking report cover?

    This report covers the previous year’s scores which were sent to the concerned candidate’s program.

    How is the frequency ranking report accessed?

    If you are someone who has received the electronic report version then it can be accessed by going to the GMAT management reports section. Another way is contacting the site administrator and if you don’t know who they are, then you need to contact for the same in the website.

    If you have opted for mailed scores then the report will be mailed to that specific address or contact.

    Summary Statistic Reports

    This report is helpful in comparing the data of all the candidates who have sent their scores to the concerned program of yours. It further comprises of the male and female test takers and also their ethnicity. It mentions the data by country and lastly the GMAT score range.

    When is the summary statistic report available?

    The semi-annual report is available from the GMAT score reporting website in July and January of each year.

    What is the exact period covered by the summary statistic report?

    The time period covered in the previous 6 months sent to your program.

    How to access the summary statistic report?

    If you are receiving the reports through an electronic medium then it will be received from the GMAT score reporting website under the management reports section. The other way is to contact the test administrator and if you need to find out your GMAT score reporting website administrator then you need to contact in the site.

    If you are receiving the information via mail, then you will receive the summary statistic report in the same manner.

    Quarterly Roster Report

    This is an essential report as it provides information about the number of GMAT scores sent to the specific program’s end in that particular quarter. It also presents an overview of the candidate pool.

    When is the quarterly roster report available?

    This quarterly report can be availed from the GMAT Score Reporting website in the months of April, July, October, and January/February of each year.

    What period does the quarterly roster report cover?

    The quarterly roster report covers the previous quarter of scores delivered to the program.

    How will a candidate be able to access the quarterly roster report?

    The accessing process of the quarterly roster report is similar to that of the previous ones. If you are receiving the scores by electronic method then you need to reach out to the GMAT score reporting website or contact the test administrator. If you are receiving the scores by the mails then you will also receive these reports in the same manner.

    How accurate are the GMAT management reports?

    The GMAT management reports deliver reliable information as it is formed after thoroughly studying the data of the programs, GMAT scores and this is done for more than 40 years. The undergraduate grade point averages and their average grades for the first year of graduate school are examined. Everything is designed so that the GMAT exam and score is able to measure the accuracy in the student’s success in their graduate business programs.

    It has been stated that the GMAT scores are far better than the undergraduate GPAs in measuring the first-year scores of the graduate management school. Though, further introspection has resulted that the amalgamation of the GMAT score and the undergraduate GPAs result in ultimate success.

    The Validity Study Service or VSS is a complimentary service offered by GMAC which helps in determining the GMAT score and the performance of the candidate in their concerned business school’s program by evaluating their admission criteria.

    Therefore, we can conclude by studying the above details that the GMAT exam is undoubtedly a proper way to predict the performance of the candidates. Each of these reports helps in determining the scores along with the programs they have applied in.



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