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    GMAT exam day can be the deciding day of your career. It will get you to the right career path that you have decided to accomplish. But are you completely prepared to take the test? Do you have any doubts in your mind relating to your preparation? If it is not a resounding "Yes" then you need to read out this blog for once.

    This blog focuses on the various aspects of GMAT, how you need to prepare in advance, exam strategies, tips and practices, exam day tips, and procedures and formalities to complete before attempting for the exam.

    How to book the GMAT test date?

    Selecting the right GMAT exam dates can be your first golden key. It is advisable that you select the morning slot. This can help you keep calm and also reduce exam anxiety. But if you are reading late and not able to get up early then select the next session, like the afternoon time slot. This is because, proper resting is needed before the exam.

    • Selecting the right time slot depends on your lifestyle and the routine you follow on a daily basis.
    • Also, keep in mind the travel time to the centre from your home. If you are taking a morning slot and stay quite at a far place from the centre, it might be hectic for you.
    • Thus, select the time slot where your best productivity comes out, reach the centre at time, and you can excel in the examination.

    Should I practice on the D day?

    • Try not to indulge in any preparation or studying on the exam day. Last minute cramping might make you nervous and distort your focus. Since the first day, focus on GMAT preparation tips religiously for better performance in the exam. 
    • Do not make any drastic changes in your daily routine. Get up at the same time as usual and take your breakfast.
    • Do not be stressed. Take your time.
    • You can prepare a checklist or flashcards for the test day so that you can just overlook the important points.

    What things you need to carry to the centre?

    • An approved ID is a must and mandatory requirement. If you forget taking your ID proof you will be debarred from appearing the examination and also, your registration fees will be fortified.
    • Check your date of birth and name, whether they are correct and match your GMAT registration data.
    • Confirm your GMAT appointment.
    • You can carry your own water bottle or energy drinks that you can sip during breaks.

    What you cannot carry to the examination hall?

    • There are few items that are not allowed in the center premises which you need to know. If you carry any prohibited things into the premises, then you might not be allowed to enter the center premises, unless you dispose of the things somewhere outside the center.
    • You cannot take knives, firearms, or any weapon into the center.
    • Calculators, notes, papers, stopwatches, etc., cannot be taken inside.
    • However, there are few things that you can carry with you and take it inside the premises. But these things need to be kept in lockers. These item lists include watches, books, phones, backpack, wallets, etc.

    When to reach the test center?

    • Try not to reach GMAT center at the exam timing. You need to maintain a buffer timing and arrive at the center before the scheduled time.
    • Try reaching the center at least 30 minutes before time, as there are few formalities to be completed at the center.
    • Do not reach the center 1 or 2 hours early as this might increase your nervousness of waiting for the examination.
    • But if you arrive there just 15 minutes before the test, you might not be allowed to sit in the examination.

    What to do in test breaks?

    • There are two breaks of 8 minutes each. These are optional.
    • The break time will appear on your screen while one section is complete. Just click on the window and leave the hall swiftly. You need to understand that breaks are essential when you switch from one section to the other.
    • During the break, you can have some snacks or drinks. You can also go to the washroom. You can also stretch your body a bit for relaxing your strained muscles.
    • Remember to be seated in your place at least 2-3 minutes before resuming the section 2. If you do not return to your seat, then the test will restart automatically after passing of 8 minutes.

    How to select the section order?

    • As per the new format, there are three sections. You need to section in a way that does not affect your scoring.
    • Section 1 should be that section in which you have a strong hold. This will boost your confidence level and let you start good. Based on it, you can start with Quant or Verbal or AWA & IR.
    • If you need a bit warming up, then you can start with AWA & IR.

    What should I do to maintain my focus on preparation?

    • Many students have similar complaints when the date of examination approaches. They feel extreme fatigue and tired. This might backfire at your test scores.
    • We have come up with some brilliant ideas for you. You need to distribute your preparation over time. This will help reduce fatigue and stress by the time of GMAT exam.
    • For this, you need to develop a study plan along with the distributed timesheet for GMAT preparation.
    • You need to take adequate sleep during your preparation time. Make sure your study time does not overlap with your eating or sleeping time.
    • If you are working, you can take few days leave for a concrete preparation.
    • When there are few days remaining, you can start practicing test papers in the same exam slot timing so that you get acquainted with the module.
    • You can take short breaks during your preparation by going for brisk walk, breathing exercises, and listening to music.
    • You also need to mentally prepare yourself for the test day. Take plenty of mock tests on a daily basis. If you get nervous, just take a deep breath for few seconds.
    • While taking mock test, if you come across difficult questions that you cannot solve (which may also happen in the examination) then apply the skip strategy. Just skip the question and attempt for the later ones.

    Help during the examination

    • If you face any issues with the computer, immediately inform to the invigilator.
    • If there are any issues while writing the examination, keep calm and call for the invigilator. Never troubleshoot yourself.

    What procedures are followed at the test centre?

    • You need to produce your ID card.
    • Palm scanning is also done here. In addition to this, your digital signature is needed as per the Test Taker Rules and Agreement.
    • A digital picture is clicked following the above steps.
    • At the end, you are allowed to enter the hall for appearing for the GMAT test.



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