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Free GMAT Score Sending to As Many Schools You Want
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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, GMAC is ensuring all kinds of the facility to the test-takers, now the latest inclusion comes in the segment of GMAT score sending. Previously the candidates can send their scores to a limited number (5) of schools free of cost. Now, GMAC introduces free GMAT score sending to as many schools you want.

According to Gaurav Srivastava, the Regional Director of GMAC South Asia, the online test will be conducted where the centers are still close till December. To enhance the ease of the test-takers, the free score sending scheme was introduced. He announced a lot more and here is a highlight of that:

  • Online GMAT can be scheduled 24 hours before the exam
  • The exam can be taken at any time of the day (24x7 availability)
  • GMAT Registration fee is reduced to $200 ($50 less than actual fee)
  • Appear on the exam from the comfort zone of home
  • Send score to as many programs or institutes you want

All About Online GMAT

The candidates had a lot of confusion regarding the online GMAT exam but the regional director had reassured that it is just like the in-person GMAT having the same format, syllabus, and question pattern. Just like the original GMAT exam, there will be quantitative reasoning section, verbal reasoning section, and integrated reasoning section with the same number and types of questions.

The only difference is the analytical writing assessment section will not be included in this online GMAT.

Why extending Online GMAT date

According to the regional director, it is confirmed that a few test-center reopening is still uncertain. No one can confirm when this will get over. GMAC is unwilling to stop providing opportunities to the candidates because of the pandemic.

GMAC understands how the students are dependent on the GMAT score for admission in the world’s best B-schools. This is why they are affirming the online GMAT and extending it till December.

What is the scenario of India?

Near about 13% of the overall GMAT test-takers are Indian, so there must be some reasons behind this announcement related to India. Based on the statistics of the last few years, it is not difficult to understand how much the Indian students are prone to study management and business courses abroad. Though a recent GMAT application trend showed that the top destinations of the last few years are having a decline in the number of Indian candidates in 2018.

Not just abroad, a huge number of candidates admitted to the Indian B-schools as well. However, a huge number of B-schools of India had pushed back the start date but at any moment there can be a notification to invite applications.

The online GMAT will enable the candidates to be prepared. As soon as the notification comes, they can apply with the GMAT scores. Also, the classes and exams will mostly be conducted in a hybrid format. Online GMAT can make the candidates familiar with the proctored exam, which is going to be the new normal.

Due to the pandemic, studying abroad seems to be a great deal. Firstly, there are travel restrictions. The embassies are closed and getting a fresh Visa is the most genuine problem for international students. The economic problem is also visible in India and at this point, free score-sending is like a bliss.

Free Score Sending – A Real benefit

Previously, on the test day, the candidates had to select 5 institutes or programs. These schools will automatically receive the official GMAT score, which is generated after 20 days of the exam. In case, no schools or programs are entered on the exam date, the candidates could not avail that free service.

To send the GMAT score to other institutes (apart from the 5 which are already entered), the charge was $28 each.

As the situation is too uncertain, the candidates may forget to enter the score sending destinations, which may cause a real loss of $140 ($28*5). Also, the destinations may be undecided on the exam date. Free score sending to as many institutes that too at any point of time reduced the stress of the candidates.

Due to this facility, the candidates can take their tests freely and later decide the score-sending destination. Previously, the candidates often need to compromise the number of score sending destination due to the score sending charge. Most of the candidates prefer to limit their destinations in just 5 which are free. Now, they can try in the institutes they dream to enroll in.

The test-takers of GMAT can devote all their attention to the test itself without worrying about score-sending. This is undoubtedly a brilliant step of GMAT and it will benefit a huge number of needy candidates.