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GMAT Online Exam Becomes Permanent Post Pandemic
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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crash, every part of the world has been affected by both losses of money and education. For the GMAT exam which is considered the most significant entrance exam for management programs abroad, hardly any percentage of candidates could make it to the GMAT test centers. The continuance of this hurdle resulted in GMAC or the Graduate Management Admission Council (the conducting body of GMAT) launching the online GMAT exam.

The purpose behind the online GMAT exam was expected to ensure the health safety of the test-takers. But with the passing of time and the situation becoming even more tensed, most of the B-schools canceled out on the need for the entrance test or made it ‘test-optional’. To promise consistency of the holdings of the test, GMAC has finally announced their decision of making the online GMAT test a permanent option for the test-takers. As stated by Kaplan (the global educational services company), there were many instances when candidates had to forcibly reschedule or cancel their tests.

GMAC was a month late from ETS’s GRE when it introduced the online version to be a permanent option. But the initial experiences were not smooth, there were certain technical glitches faced. The main issue was experienced by the test takers who found it difficult to work on the online whiteboards which are solved.

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To answer the main question, GMAC has introduced the GMAT online across the world only with exception of the following countries due to regulatory and data privacy issues:

  1. Mainland China
  2. Iran
  3. North Korea
  4. Sudan
  5. Cuba

It should also be noted that GMAT online proctoring instructions are only in English.

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B-school applicants find hope in Online GMAT

The senior director of corporate brand communications of GMAT, Tania Hernandez-Andersen has stated that they are have arranged for both ways to take the GMAT test. They are providing the flexibility and option for the test-takers to take the test in the center as well as via online procedure.

She has further stated that “Our position is that the GMAT is one exam, delivered in two different ways. Both options will always be available to support candidates’ business school applications, and the choice is theirs whenever they are ready. With a ‘one test – two ways’ approach, candidates can choose the option that will provide them with the best experience to help them reach their goals.” GMAC has conducted around 45,000 exams online and has sent across the score to 4,000 programs after its launch in April 2021.

If the candidates find that the testing services have resumed, they can always opt for the exam by reaching the test center. This is another reason GMAC has introduced both the methods to take the exam.

From the lead of Manhattan Prep, Stacey Koprince it has been stated that “From our perspective, making the GMAT Online and the Executive Assessment Online permanent options for test-takers is super student-friendly since it adds some certainty to an admissions cycle that has been filled with ups, downs, and surprises.” Since preparing for MBA is already a hectic task, this decision about the availability of two methods will provide some relief to the candidates. They will now know that even if a test center is closed they have the option to take the online test.

GMAT Online Exam Features

For all the candidates planning to take the GMAT online exam, check out the specifications:

  1. Fees: US$250 include the fee for score sending;
  2. Rescheduling fee: US$25
  3. Cancellation fee: US$100
  4. Syllabus: GMAT Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative and Integrated Reasoning. Only the GMAT AWA section is omitted in the online form;
  5. The question format and time allotment are similar to the actual GMAT exam;
  6. Total time: 3 hours; 2 hours 45 minutes for the test and 15 minutes for checking in;
  7. Candidates will be offered an optional 5 minutes break just before starting with the GMAT IR section;

Overall, the decision to provide the chance to take the GMAT exam online is a helpful option for most of the candidates. Most of the candidates who couldn’t take the GMAT because of the inability to reach the centers can now take the exam online in a similar manner.