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    The GMAT exam is quite famous for its global recognition. Every year thousands of candidates take GMAT for taking admissions to the top business schools. GMAT is even more famous for its exhausting quant section and verbal section. Talking about the GMAT quant section, if you are a non-engineer then it is quite anticipated of you to fear the tricky quant section. The quant section has caused fear among many and it is told that it needs extra attention along with the verbal section. But out of all these fretting words, only one nice thing is, if you have done your maths classes in your 10th and 12th efficiently then you are on the right track. Algebra, arithmetic, and geometry will then be your best companions which will help you win the test with good scores. Here are a few tips that a non-engineer who is preparing for GMAT can take help from:

    Only one thing needs your attention: as it has been already discussed in the introduction, the only matter which needs that trivial attention of yours is the quant section. Learning mathematics during GMAT preparation is not an impassable task but only needs extra care. Non-mathematics should not consider this as a battle because it will really not take them years to conquer that and in fact, it is not that difficult too. 

    So, what does it exactly needs? It needs the skill to practice efficiently and learn proficiently. All that a mathematics person can do, the others can do too, they just seem to pursue that stream. In GMAT the first month is generally dedicated to recognizing the most problematic areas and curating the ways to handle them. Dividing the sections, identifying the toughest ones, proceeding with the best solutions – this is the way out and you never know, you might be one of the highest scorers.

    SWOT Analysis: SWOT or strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats – is an analysis performed by business organizations to identify the same. In the case of GMAT too, this works excellently. For instance, the quant section causes fear to many non-engineer students, recognizing the topics they are really good at (can be algebra), the ones they are nervous about (might be arithmetic), narrowing it down always helps to score high. Opportunities can be practicing every single probable question and not play counting games with. In the same way, the counting game becomes the threat if opted for, because guessing the questions is never a solution. The official page has numerous sample questions to choose from, the most efficient way is to put all the effort and solve each one of them as much as possible.

    Opting for the invincible: As we have discussed dividing the section, here comes the part where one has to recognize the need to distinguish between the tricky and tough ones too. By this it is meant, in the quant section, the test makers generally try to bewilder the students with questions that actually do not need that meticulous brain to solve a single problem with mathematical formulas but logic. Yes, there are questions that demand sole logic and not those magnanimous formulas to solve them like – permutation and computation, work-time problems, probability, numbers, sets and more. So, one needs to fathom in which particular section they are good at, it can be the mathematical section too, work needs to be done accordingly. GMAT IR section belongs to this logical approaching method. 

    Correct techniques: it is very much anticipated for the quant section to have different approaches to solve them. Some will be stretched ones needing some more time, while some will need hardly second. Though it must also be noted that the quant problems are designed to be solved within 2 minutes and not more because that is what the time limit is per question. Few questions can be decoded with the help of shortcuts, and that is what is the instruction is. Few of them are to be solved by elimination methods and that is how it is supposed to be solved. Back solving, plugging in values – these are few of the techniques which are to be incorporated to find the correct answer. It is always instructed in the GMAT guidelines to follow the one which will not cost the student extended time. To find a remedy to all of these, students who are preparing by themselves must opt for a mentor and a coaching class – mock tests will be offered by them which are a great apprentice.

    It’s okay to ask for assistance: A GMAT exam coaching class always encourages the students to ask them in case of any help. A proper coaching class will always focus on imparting knowledge by helping especially weaker students. There are many candidates who are shy to speak up before the whole class, classes are always there to assist them separately. After class assistances are very useful and weaker students will not have to stress about others. For instance, if you are struggling with the algebra section of quant, you can always walk up to the teacher and ask them for an extra class for that particular chapter. A holistic approach is incorporated by all the efficient coaching classes and their sole endeavor is to provide quality education.

    Tracking your progress: It is equally important to maintain a note of your progress as it is to recognize the weak points. Practice tests in this scene gears up the preparation process. It is the practice tests which aims at establishing the mistakes that one is making and also the developments that the student has made till then. Measuring the progress will make way for even more complicated sums and passages which will boost the student’s confidence to pursue them.

    During the preparation, the students must stay strong in their basics or in other words the fundamental concepts. Practice, practice, and practice is the only way out for non-engineer students.



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