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    So you have prepared meticulously for your GMAT exam and are eager to sit for the exam. You’ve left no stone unturned to score the best and probably waiting for it to finish soon so as to get the results. It is the day of the GMAT, you have revised everything and enter the center. All of a sudden to your shock, you notice that you have forgotten your documents back home. That is a moment of despair nobody wants to suffer from. To ensure a worry-free process of the exam, it is highly recommended to keep your calm and adhere to the checklist. 

    This article will be your savior and we promise you that. Let us get into the details of the checklist and how tremendously important it is for you to abide by it – no matter what. GMAT exam has certain pre-mentioned rules and guidelines to be attended to. They have a set of documents to be brought to the GMAT exam center

    GMAT Certified Photo ID:

    Thinking this document to be a clichéd one? Hold on, this is unlike those commonplace ID but has certain strict norms to be abided by. Your photo ID has to be according to the following guidelines:

    • Your name adopting the Roman alphabet which is indicated in the same manner as spelled by you,
    • Date of birth which is exact to the one mentioned in the registration form
    • Current photograph for recognition
    • Your signature

    Note: If even any one of the above-mentioned documents doesn’t match, you will not be allowed inside the hall. If you have all the necessary documents but has ceased, you will not be allowed to sit for the exam. 

    In this case, the driving license and passport must be mentioned specifically as only two kinds are accepted. The four sorts of acceptable IDs are international passport, government-issued driver’s license, government-issued national/state/province identity card, and lastly military card.

    Also, candidates belonging from abroad but opting for the exam in some other country then the passport is mandatory. For instance, any Indian giving the exam in the UK will have to show the passport. 

    Recipient of GMAT Score 

    GMAT exam enables the candidates to send across the scores to five programs where you would wish to pursue your degree. It is to be noted that the cost of sending across the scores has already been included in the GMAT application fee. It might happen that you’d deliver the scores after the exam which is possible only when paid extra $28 or Rs. 2,149 per college. 

    It has been advised always to prepare the list of the desired business schools beforehand to ensure smooth functioning of work. This way one doesn’t have to be bewildered with the choices and end up making hasty decisions – which would be inevitable then along with a burning hole in the pocket while arranging the scores to be delivered at a later date.

    Making Way for an Effortless Check-In:

    For a peaceful and smooth check-in process, the candidate is always instructed to bring the confirmation email or letter’s print along with them. This is encouraged to ensure remedy to any unprecedented query or issues related to the date and time of the exam. 

    Saving the Directions of the Centre Ahead of Time:

    It is further encouraged to download the directions of the exam center if opting for online maps. Or another option is always the good old printing the directions to avail it anywhere, anytime. Always assure that the maps are downloaded and can be used in offline mode for times when the internet connection is negligible. If possible, the candidate should visit the exam center before to know the directions properly. 

    Prerequisites to be Taken While Giving GMAT:

    There are three vital things which might sound commonplace but mostly students forget these back at home out of stress. 

    • Water: Drinking water every now and then is a necessity because the candidate will be anyway fretting by then. Though the student cannot bring it inside the hall they can always refresh themselves during the breaks. 
    • Snacks: Though you cannot take any snacks inside the exam hall, you can always munch it during the breaks. There are two breaks during the exam and it is always advised to fill the appetite to feel energized.
    • Layering Clothes: You never know how you will feel during the 3 hours of the exam. So it is always recommended to layer the clothes which can be removed easily in case of warmness or kept as it is if feeling cold. 

    Refrain From Taking These Things in the Exam Hall:

    • Electronic Devices: Though this is a very obvious point to be noted candidates are at times witnessed carrying this. Not even a calculator is allowed during the exam, let alone mobiles or devices alike. It is better to keep them in your car or the locker provided by the center. 
    • Books or Any Sort of Printed Material: Do not forget to get yourself checked before entering the examination hall. If you are found carrying any sort of printer material – a book or even a piece of paper your exam will stand canceled. 
    • Any Sort of Weapon: This might sound weird but there are students who carry nail clippers, pocket knives, and arms alike. These are strictly prohibited and if found in the testing room, the student will not be allowed to sit for the exam. 



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