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Harvard MBA Essay Tips for Incoming Class of 2021: Harvard MBA Essay Analysis
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When it comes to taking admission at Harvard, there are very rigid application requirements that the candidate has to abide by. It is quite anticipated of a university ranking 3rd globally to lay down some austere requirements for candidates aspiring to secure a seat. Harvard Business School MBA essay asks the applicants to achieve a high TOEFL score, a high IELTS score or any other trusted English language proficiency test. Apart from that, it also asks them to submit an articulated Harvard MBA application essay.

A Harvard MBA essay is sometimes synonymous with a giant’s task since it requires the person to write not only about themselves in simplified words but also in a steadfast manner. Since the successful Harvard MBA essays often catch the admission committee’s attention, a few of the advisable Harvard MBA essay tips have been explained here.

Harvard MBA Essay Analysis

With the help of one of the Harvard MBA application essays sample, we have placed an illustration:

Question: While we are in the process of monitoring your application, what else would you like to add to push your application through the Harvard Business School MBA program?

The approach to these kinds of Harvard MBA essay questions should be done keeping in mind that Harvard tends to be inclined towards leadership traits as its motto states it. It should be noted that the question focuses on what more can the applicant provide in their Harvard MBA essay format apart from the already mentioned information in their application forms, resume, and academic transcripts. It is here that the candidates go through the other application requirements and identify the details they’ve not provided to avoid overlapping. Though, it should be noted that the candidates can stress their achievements in their Harvard MBA essay length.

Harvard MBA sample essays show how the university doesn’t choose the ones who are mistake-free as they normalize the fact of committing errors. Therefore, apart from the straightway victories, don’t give second thoughts in discussing an error. Harvard MBA sample essays show how the candidates who have illustrated how their failures have taught life lessons or have helped them evolve into better human beings are appreciated by Harvard. Coming to the Harvard MBA essay word limit, one can write a 500 – 750 words article or 800 – 1000.

Harvard MBA Essay Tips

Here are a few of the Harvard MBA essay tips to successfully secure a chance in 2021:

  1. Overwriting sometimes ruins the flow of the essay and it is mainly caused by over-thinking. Proofreading and structuring is the basic rule that should be followed;
  2. Brainstorming is extremely necessary but never rule out on any point considering it insignificant for the Harvard admission committee, or reconsidering the point thinking if this is exactly what they need to know;
  3. One needs to know that the essay doesn’t require creativity or academic excellence but bringing out the leadership and analytical traits in the essay is what is needed;
  4. Refrain from impressing the admission committee with the word ‘leadership’ in every sentence. You are supposed to gain their appreciation through personal experiences and not the world.
  5. Sticking to topics related to ‘why MBA’ and ‘goals’ are not much of use as you will already be touching them in other application details;
  6. Take an en route to state how you’ve aspired to study at Harvard and develop your career. Though they don’t ask the question there is no harm in starting your aspiration;
  7. Beginning or ending the essay with explicit statements would create a mark of boredom and redundancy in the minds of the Admission Committee.

A few words from the MD of the MBA Admissions and financial aid – Chad Losee:

“Amidst all the uncertainty globally, we plan to minimize changes in our application process this year. We understand that these are difficult times globally and that many of you have been affected personally by the pandemic. Please know that we always review applications holistically and understand that many plans, employment opportunities, and personal situations have been disrupted by COVID-19. Of course, we will take this most unusual of times into account as we evaluate your application.”