How The Engineers Should Prepare For GMAT?

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    Students from all across the globe appear for GMAT exam and it is a gateway to certain prestigious business schools all over the world including India. Not only BBA students but also non-management students’ desire to crack the GMAT exam and pursue an MBA degree is evident from the applicants registering. In this case, the rising applications retrieved from the engineers are quite high in number. Wondering why engineers, considering their absolute distinction in the course of study? Well, there are innumerable engineering colleges throughout and not everyone bags a fascinating 6 figure salary or in worst-case scenarios – not get a job even, majorly because the institute couldn’t. Then GMAT exams appear in the scene when students pursue management. Though there are plentiful students who’d planned this from the beginning. The question lies: how do engineers prepare for GMAT?

    Analysis: The first step would be scrutinizing. By this it is meant, the candidates should opt for a diagnostic test which will determine their strengths and weaknesses and introduce them to the test entirely. Engineers will find themselves scoring pretty high in the GMAT Quant section but slightly on the lower side in the verbal section. 

    Intensifying the Bedrock: as it has already been discussed in the first point, the engineers generally tend to be strong in the quant section but when it comes to the verbal section – it is their shaking ground. It is recommended to put more effort into bolstering the verbal ability part by starting with reading rare passages, practising grammar and more. Along with that, they can practice with a portion of quant by juggling them up – algebra, arithmetic, and geometry.

    Escalating the hardship: A packed-up preparation signifies pacing up too. By this, we do not mean to hurry but being steady and provide the needed time for every section. In the case of quant which is the asset for the engineers, level it up to the next one to ensure an advanced level of intensity. The same should be implemented in the case of the verbal section. The students should first start with simple ones but that should not be given more than a month. Gradually shifting to intermediate level and practising sample papers from the site is mandatory. 

    Make way for strenuous questions: In the first month, everybody must be introducing themselves to the sections and recognizing their strengths and weaknesses which are quite probable in the case of engineers. The second month is for escalating the level of intensity and proceeding with them. After these two months, if the candidate is perceiving the fact that they are more or less prepared – then they are walking on a risky path because that will only provide them with roughly 600 and not more. Levelling up the efforts will not only aid them towards achieving around 700 but will keep them motivated. Now, it is encouraged that the students should opt for weekly mock tests. These are not only boosters but also help the students ascertain their weak points or exactly which sections are seeming to be problematic for them. Every student has an individual concern.

    Ahead of time preparation: This might sound clichéd but being engineers, one needs to probe deep into the exam pattern of GMAT and start preparing the way before the dates. This will not only ensure steady progress but will help identify the problem points. Many a time, students regret not starting off early and when the dates are nearing they stumble. 

    Giving mock tests to gain ideas: we have already stressed this point enough. Mock tests are saviours because they train you effectively. Another benefit which is a big one of sitting for mock tests are, they prepare you for the whole day and not just the exam. Being engineers, one might have been trained in a different way altogether and that might be contrary to what the GMAT exam looks like. There are students who fret, who are not accustomed to it, who become nervous witnessing the verbal ability part and more. All these will be resolved by the mock tests.

    Reviewing the sort of questions: every time the question pattern changes and it is necessary for the students to navigate through them to curate sets of questions that will help them cover all levels of difficulty. A thorough reviewing of the questions is a prerequisite, it helps the students analyze the difficulty levels every year and accordingly prepare for theirs. 

    Read the verbal section minutely: As the majority of the engineering students slightly lag behind in this particular section, it is necessary to brush it up. GMAT verbal reasoning section needs attention to another level. Here, the students must not be nervous but focused on every single detail. The reading comprehension section especially comprises of topics which are extremely unique and boring at the same time. If you are lucky enough you will come across topics you have interest in, the chances are pretty less. Skimming and scanning at the same time make way for correct answers but carefully. The grammar section includes sentences to be corrected, the mistakes though are majorly overlooked by the students because they perceive them to be highly incorrect. But, to confuse them, the test makers make it tricky and keeps it simple thereby making the student lose it. The passage must be dealt with in three different parts: finding the topic, finding the main focus and finding the viewpoint of the author along with your own. 

    Mock tests play a big role in the preparation of GMAT, especially for engineers who have been indulged in an altogether different genre previously. These tests will cater as a motivation factor for the students. Few things to be noted about the whole process of preparation – these points have been structured catering to the general concerns faced by students coming from an engineering background. There are candidates who are just the contrary to what has been explained – excellent in verbal, and slightly weak in quant or even proficient in both the sections. The preparation part is very subjective and must be concentrated on, therefore. 



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