How the GMAT exam benefits in anticipating performance?

    Pursuing an MBA degree is an aspiration of millions of students around the world. Especially MBA from Harvard or Stanford or London Business School is a fascination which has driven many students for many years. MBA is one of the respected degrees that a candidate achieves and pursuing an MBA from the abroad places like UK, US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand is undoubtedly a great achievement. To make this dream fruitful, GMAT is the exam that is to be taken. GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is conducted by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) every year. The GMAT exam comprise of 80 questions to be answered in 3 hours 30 minutes. The GMAT registration fees are around $250 or Rs. 18, 366.

    GMAT Syllabus

    To understand in what ways GMAT is instrumental in predicting the performance of the candidates, we first need to get a glimpse of the GMAT syllabus.

    GMAT Syllabus

    The GMAT syllabus is focused on catering to every aspect of the analytical subjects that a candidate pursuing a management degree would need to prosper. Verbal and quant being the two most crucial papers in the GMAT exam, candidates tend to fret and similarly prepare more for GMAT verbal and GMAT quant.

    How is GMAT conducive in anticipating performances?

    The most basic and contrasting difference of GMAT from other exams is its marking policy which follows a standard guideline unlike the grading systems of schools which differ from one school to the other. These standard measures are applicable in every GMAT exam centres and therefore research studies of different sorts have confirmed that the GMAT results conveyed are accurate. Another very big advantage of this feature is, one can compare their GMAT scores with each other without giving a second thought about their backgrounds or where they went for preparation. GMAT scores are mandatory to be submitted by the universities and therefore its application is persistent every time.

    • GMAT score helps in determining the best candidates among the others and the ones who will be suitable for the management courses
    • GMAT aids in providing financial help to the ones who are excellent in academics as portrayed by their GMAT scores
    • GMAT probes deep into examining candidates from different backgrounds and their academic and work experiences

    The GMAT score comprises of five scores:

    1. Verbal
    2. GMAT Quantitative
    3. GMAT Integrated reasoning
    4. GMAT Analytical writing assessment
    5. Total

    In the official GMAT score report, the candidate’s all 5 scores will be displayed. In the case of repeat testing, the candidate’s last 5 year’s scores will be displayed.

    Note: Test takers can avail an unofficial score report after they are done with their exam. This score report will present them with the GMAT verbal and GMAT quant score and not the IR and AWA scores. It must also not be taken in place of the official score report.

    GMAT verbal and quantitative scores in predicting performances

    The verbal and quantitative scores are the most vital ones in the GMAT exams these two comprise of the most analytical components needed for a business student. The GMAT verbal and quantitative sections are measured on a score range of 0 – 51 in single-digit intervals. In the GMAT verbal section, scoring below 9 or above 44 is nearly impossible and thus considered rare. In the same manner, scoring below 7 or above 50 in the quant section is pretty rare.

    Note: do not compare the verbal and quant scores as both are constructed on different bases.

    GMAT Analytical writing assessment in predicting performances

    The GMAT AWA measures the writing ability of a candidate which is essential for them during their university times. Now, the AWA scoring is the average of clubbing two independent ratings for the analysis of an argument essay. These average scores result in 0 to 6 in half-point intervals.

    Note: The AWA scores are examined separately and therefore it has no relation with the verbal, quant and reasoning sections.

    GMAT Integrated reasoning score in predicting performance

    The GMAT IR section is measured on a scale of 1 – 8 and in single-digit intervals.

    Note: The GMAT IR scores are also examined separately so comparing it with the other sections will not be of any use.

    Total GMAT score in determining performance

    The total GMAT score ranges from 200 to 800. Two-thirds of test-taker score around 400 and 600.

    GMAT score report

    The GMAT score report is designed with certain features includes the last five year’s score reports, latest AWA responses, and also:

    • Country of citizenship
    • Gender
    • Date of birth
    • Telephone number
    • Undergraduate institution, grade point average, major, and date of graduation
    • Expected graduate study
    • Highest level of education attained

    GMAT score availability

    The GMAT score report is available to the candidates with their Analytical writing assessment scores, integrated reasoning scores and percentile rankings and also send to their respective programs roughly after 20 days of taking the test.

    Percentile updates

    The percentiles are basically the proportion of scores below a given score are updated regularly on a yearly basis and the scores taken are of the last three years. Percentiles for the GMAT integrated reasoning section is recently updated.

    Where will you find your old GMAT scores?

    The GMAT scores are kept with GMAC for 10 years. The candidates can appeal for the last ten year’s scores if they do not have the latest ones. Though it must be noted that most of the universities do not accept GMAT scores of over 5 years.

    The GMAT exam is one of the most vital exams throughout the world. It takes a prolonged time to prepare for the exam as it is the doorway to the most reputed universities in the world. Proper preparation for the GMAT exam is mandatory for the candidates as the syllabus is quite tricky if not hard. It may confuse the candidates as to how the questions are to be solved, despite the answer being pretty easy.



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