How to improve GMAT Quant skills?

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    Scoring a good score in GMAT is the dream of most of the young professionals who aim to pursue an MBA from a top-most B-school. The quant section in GMAT seems quite challenging for the students but by learning the concepts thoroughly, the students can score high in GMAT Quant as well. The success mantra to ace GMAT quant or GMAT Math is to understand the concepts in a detailed way that is asked in the GMAT exam.

    GMAT quant mantra is all about learning the concepts that are asked in the exam and to practice more GMAT questions and practice papers. There are two main points of difference:

    • GMAT includes mastery of process skills that are needed to solve the GMAT questions.
    • Rather than solving more number of questions, it is important to practice only those questions that are important to reaching one’s target ability.

    In this article, we will discuss some of the pointers that are useful in reaching to the targeted goal, and to make you aware of the importance of these skills. Some of the skills that are useful in reaching the target score in GMAT Quant.

    Get Your Basics Sorted

    By giving the GMAT test, you will get a chance to revise your high-school concepts, and through this exam, the examiner checks your understanding of the topics taught to you in school. The GMAT assumes that the candidates you giving the exam know the basic concepts and can apply them in solving the GMAT Quant questions. Since this is mainly a reasoning-based test, so you need to make concepts understandable. Many students invest much time learning advanced concepts without considering revising the basic concepts that are also important to score high in GMAT. For mastering GMAT quant, the candidates need to adopt a linear and systematic approach that will boost their understanding and knowledge of the concepts. In case your basic concepts are not clear then it would be become struggling for you to develop a strong command on this subject.

    The aspirants must note down that to increase the GMAT quant score, they need to have a better understanding of the basic types of concepts and questions, and then move to the next level and prepare according to the GMAT syllabus.

    Learn to Use Numbers Effectively

    One thing you must know while giving the GMAT exam is that if your basics are clear and you know how to use the numbers effectively, then you can score well in GMAT quant exam. In GMAT Quant, the only difference between the person scoring 55 and the one scoring 50 is not that the former ones know more formulae that the guy who scored 50 marks. The main reason is that the guy who scored higher marks knows how to play with the numbers. While practicing GMAT Quant, look for the explanation that helped in reaching to the right answer and in case your answer is wrong, then without looking at the solution, solve the same question again. Practicing the quant section for the GMAT exam means exercising your brain, the more you get involved, the higher the chances will be to score good marks in the quant section.

    Look for the simpler solutions

    Every GMAT quant question is involved doing some brainstorming exercise; it is a finesse section that is designed by the test-maker. So, while preparing for the GMAT quant section, step in the shoes of the test-maker and think accordingly while preparing for the test. Even if your answers are right, you must spend time trying to understand the ways through which the problem can be solved fast. Exercising your brain this way will be much fun-filled and more you practice this way, better your GMAT score will improve. Mastering GMAT quant means having detailed knowledge of the course plus mastery of process skills.

    • Also, converting complicated-looking expressions into a simple form is something in which you need to get specialized in.
    • The students preparing the GMAT syllabus must know the tricks to simplify the expressions into simpler forms.
    • By breaking complex or difficult problems or situations into simpler small problems, the candidates can easily some to the effective solutions!

    Use Logic Over Math

    Many times, the students preparing for the GMAT Quant find it much stressful preparing for the section, rather than worrying about the math test, the students must focus on improving their logical and reasoning skills that play an important factor in improving the overall GMAT quant scores. Applying these skills particularly on the harder questions on the test is much useful and the students who learn applying these skills can solve the solutions in a simpler way.

    Focus on Data Sufficiency

    The questions related to Data Sufficiency mostly make up just under half of the questions in GMAT quant. Since there are 31 questions in the Quant section, so almost half of the questions will be related to the data sufficiency questions. But the DS section of the GMAT is quite different as while attempting this section, you have to test for sufficiency rather than solving one answer. While solving these questions, you have to use your reasoning skills as well so take the utmost care while using reasoning in solving the GMAT quant part. There are higher chances that your logics might prove wrong which might lower your GMAT score as well, so it is important that you master this question type in case you want to improve your GMAT quant score.

    Some useful ways to attempt DS questions better

    • You must write all the important information in the question stem, whether it’s about certain constraints, equations, or the actual question, this way you can avoid mistakes.
    • Also, you must break down and rephrase any given equations, inequalities, fractions etc. For instance, you can write expressions with exponents in a way that all the bases remain the same, or whenever you see a sum with a root contained in it, try to multiply the numbers by its conjugate.
    • Develop a habit of translating word problems on DS into an algebraic equation. In this way, you can save a lot of time computing the two statements.
    • Never try to prove a statement to be sufficient. Always try to prove insufficiency. Being a contrarian on DS questions will help you avoid well-laid traps.
    • Never make your own assumptions, aspirants sometimes make their own assumptions on those questions where there are no constraints given, which results in wrong calculations.

    GMAT Quant is different from a Math Test

    The aspirants appearing for the GMAT exam must understand that GMAT Quant needs efficiency in those skills that are different from the quant skills which we have studied in high school or college. The GMAT quant section is not about the math test only rather it involved applying the reasoning skills as well. Yes, it is important that you know the basic math concepts as well like the difference of squares, triangle rules, formulas, patterns in remainders, divisibility, algebraic translations, etc but you must also know how to apply those reasoning skills to reach to the solution. Without a detailed understanding of the underlying math, the aspirants would find it difficult to improve their GMAT quant score. However, just learning math will not be sufficient to improve your GMAT quant score; you need to use the learned basic skills to solve logic-based questions.

    GMAT Quant Questions are quite different from the Quant we learned in school

    The maths question asked in the high school or college was challenging because of the complexity of the mathematical concepts whereas the GMAT quant is tricky because of the level of thinking required. The GMAT is basically conducted to check the individuals’ ability to apply the basic concepts in solving the questions based on reasoning

    Some important highlights of the GMAT

    • The GMAT test is structured in such a way that the candidates take almost two minutes to solve each question.
    • The candidates’ understanding regarding answering the GMAT quant questions must be so strong that they can easily attempt the question within the time period only.
    • Besides mastering the concepts, you must also learn to reason soundly and apply advanced analytical thinking skills while attempting different kinds of questions asked in the GMAT exam.
    • While preparing for the GMAT think from the examiner's point of view, and enhance your learning experience by solving more questions of different styles. You must learn to understand the GMAT test.

    While practicing the topics, your end goal must not practice until you get the right questions, but your goal is to practice till the time you don’t get the questions wrong.


    The aspirants preparing for the GMAT exam must process these skills so that they can improve their GMAT score. The candidates giving the GMAT exam are also advised to review the solutions and make a list of the mistakes done by them previously; these analyses will help the candidates in moving to the next level of preparations. Complete knowledge of the contents and GMAT syllabus will help the candidates to master these skills, and within no time, they will be able to improve their GMAT Quant score as well.

    So, begin your journey to master these process skills that will help in improving your GMAT overall score.



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