How to maintain a positive attitude before GMAT?

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    GMAT is one of the toughest management entrance examinations that opens the door of the topmost international B- Schools across the globe. Many international universities and business schools accept GMAT Score to provide admissions in MBA and PGDM courses. Along with the complete academic knowledge and lots of practice sessions, what determines the success in GMAT examinations is the positive attitude and how one deals with the stress on the examination day.

    Your frame of mind has a lot to do with the level of success you achieve. Here’s what’s involved in developing your best mindset for the GMAT to secure your future


    Self- Confidence is the biggest factor that determines the level of success in any entrance examination. One must be confident and very sure about his/ her capabilities before appearing in the test. Confidence leads to quick and sure answers that increase your level of success. If you lack confidence, you end up reading questions and keep on getting confused on the answer choices. This uncertainty often leads to wrong answers and ruins your timing.

    So, for cultivating a positive attitude before GMAT, one must be confident in his/ her capabilities and preparation level. And when you prepare well for GMAT and become sure of your capabilities, you’ll be ready to face the GMAT with supreme confidence.


    We all have strengths and weaknesses, and recognising them is like having reserves of solid gold in the bank. Instead of thinking about the weak points, one must make a list of his/ her area of expertise and strength that will definitely help him/ her do well in the entrance test.

    Making a note of your strengths will help you maintain your confidence and keep test stress and anxiety at a distance. And every time you recognize a new area of strength, solve a challenging problem, or score well on a practice test, congratulate yourself—you’ll only increase your reserves. Focus on this success and think of a real-life situation in which you did well on an assignment. Turn your thoughts to the GMAT exam on the test day and imagine yourself taking the upcoming test with the same confidence and relaxed attitude.


    Keep yourself fit and filled with positive vibes before appearing for the actual examination. Whether it’s running, morning walk, swimming, cycling, yoga, cricket or basketball game, physical exercise stimulates your mind and body and improves your concentration ability. Never ignore exercising because you’re spending a lot of time on preparation. A little physical exertion is necessary to keep your mind and body healthy and fit.

    Breathe in and breathe out- It is an excellent exercise to manage stress while you prepare for the examination. Take shallow and deep breathe in a relaxed manner to be in better control during the preparation and test day.


    Every GMAT problem is based on higher-order thinking skills that require critical thinking. Unfortunately, that’s the first mental skill to go away if you are sleep deprived. So, it is recommended that one should take proper full night’s sleep during the course of preparation especially when the test day approaches. Proper sleep of 6-7 hours daily is required to remain focussed and well balanced.

    Also, good nutrition will help you focus and think clearly. Eat plenty of fruits and green vegetables. Avoid the intake of a lot of sugar and high- fat snacks or fast food. Drink a lot of water. Try consuming 2 to 3 litres of water daily. Note that on the test day, have healthy snacks and keep them in your locker to keep yourself recharged during the sessions.


    As the exam approaches, anxiety is one the rise, you have butterflies in your stomach and your thinking is getting blurred. You start self- doubting and feel like you are not prepared. Sometimes you go into the panic mode, that you are unable to answer the stuff you already know.

    Always remember, stress is normal and good. But, stressing at the extreme doesn’t let you study and use your time effectively. Do not stress yourself over one exam. It is just another test, do not consider it as a matter of life and death. Life always comes with more opportunities. There are far greater challenges along your way than this examination, stressing over it won’t give any outcome.

    So, Try avoiding stress and remain calm. Take deep breathes and be positive throughout your course of preparation. Look at GMAT as a challenge but do not obsess over it too much. Yes, it is obviously important that will add value to your career but it is not the only test that will determine your future.


    Always set realistic goals for yourself and try achieving them in the meantime. Procrastinating your GMAT study can increase your anxiety and can cause stress.

    To help you gain control over your preparation process, make study appointments with yourself on your calendar—and then keep these appointments with yourself! Make a proper study schedule and try to accomplish it in time. Even solving just five problems in a day can add a lot in the preparation process. Try to make learning fun. Learning how to match your wits against those of the test-makers can be a very satisfying experience, and the critical thinking skills you’ll acquire will benefit you in business school, as well as in your future career.


    Treat GMAT as another mock test and do not stress over it too much that you start considering it as a matter of life or death. Practice as many practice papers for GMAT as you can and devise your own strategies and methods for the examination. Remember, GMAT is not the time to experiment. It is time to use tested and experimented methods.

    To maintain a positive attitude in the examination is more important than to attain the bookish knowledge. Your attitude towards how you handle the examination plays a key role in determining your level of success. Exercise regularly, take proper sleep, have a healthy diet, do not stress over the exam and be confident and sure in your capabilities and you will surely clear the examination and come out with flying colours.



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