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    GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a very popular examination conducts for taking admission in different MBA courses. GMAT is a computer adaptive test & it assesses analytical, and quantitative, verbal, writing, & reading skills of the test taker. This exam also assesses the quality of problem-solving skills. The selection procedure of the candidates based on the GMAT score which is followed by a personal interview of every candidate. There are many other exams to take admission to many renowned MBA colleges & even many colleges do not take an exam which is quite easier for the students. Syllabus of GMAT is quite vast which includes English comprehensive passages, verbal skills, Logical reasoning & Mathematics. The syllabus of the GMAT question has mainly four sections including

    1. Analytical writing assessment
    2. Quantitative reasoning
    3. Verbal reasoning
    4. Integrated reasoning

    Comprehensive Overview of GMAT Maths

    Different types of math chapters are included in the GMAT syllabus. In GMAT Quant section, examiners measure how well the test takers analyze numbers. The GMAT official guide is very much beneficial for the students. The fundamental Math strategy also plays an important role in this GMAT syllabus. So, each part of the GMAT has to be followed & practiced regularly. If students start the preparation at their college time, then they can easily practice it if they already have Math as a subject on their graduation. If the students would take the preparation at a later time then it would be harder to prepare for everyone because the Math portion is quite tough in the GMAT syllabus.

    Structure of the GMAT Quant

    As we already know that the GMAT exam happens through the online medium. There should be a 75-minute quantitative section, where a student would get 37 questions. Once a student would answer to a specific question, there is no option to go back. Based on the previously given answer, the student would get an easy or hard question. The next question would be harder or easier is based on the fact that the previous answer was right or wrong. The system is quite different & difficult from other exams. The test taker will not get an option to go back to the previous question in GMAT. So, students should practice well to avoid any kind of mistake.

    There are two specific formats in this quantitative section of this GMAT Math question paper. The first format is the Problem-Solving (PS) part. It is the multiple-choice question which has five options. It is a very common type of question that comes in any standardized exam & is also an old pattern. A special explanation is not needed in these types of questions.

    The other part is Data Sufficiency (DS) which is unique & difficult to do. These types of questions need a special explanation. This is the most difficult part of the GMAT Quant section. The questions of the Data Sufficiency section is backed by two or three statements. The set of data have to be cross-checked by the students, a separate calculation is not needed for this portion. The pattern of this question is unique & hard which demands unique strategies & the proper explanation is also needed for these questions. When a student is doing practice for the GMAT Math, then he or she has to practice this part more & more. If a student can beat these questions properly, then he or she can crack the exam easily & can also score high marks in the GMAT Quant section. So, the importance of this Data Sufficiency part is most than the other parts of the GMAT Math question. Students have to think methodically to score high marks in the Mat paper of GMAT.

    Essential topics of the GMAT Quant

    Students must need to practice each topic that has the chance to come to the exam. The most important topics are 

    • Number System- Integers, Fraction and Decimals
    • Ration and Proportion
    • Percentage 
    • Permutation and Combination, Probability 

    Students just need to remember the basic formulas to solve the Problem Solving portion. To solve the Data Sufficiency part unconventional ideas & intelligence are required. Each type & parts of the syllabus have to be practiced equally & efficiently. There are different skills also needed to solve the question. These skills are-

    1. Statistics
    2. Arithmetic
    3. Practical & real-life problems

    Examples of GMAT Quant Questions

    As we have previously discussed, there are two types of questions. The Problem Solving types & the Data Sufficiency types. Here a few examples of these questions in the below portion.

    1. An example of the Problem Solving Question- What is the price of the sneakers?
    2. An example of the Data Sufficiency Question- Is X divisible by 15?

    So, from the above examples, it is clear that the Problem Solving question is quite simple & easier, while the Data sufficiency question is unique & harder.

    GMAT Quant: Preparation Tips

    The main way to crack the exam easily & smoothly to do the hard practice. No calculator is allowed in the exam. The basic arithmetic has to do in the own head by every student on the GMAT exam date. I think that every student should leave the calculator & should make a habit to do the simple basic Math in their heads. If the practice would be great & on a daily basis, they don’t need to worry about it on their final day i.e. GMAT exam day. In daily life, there are also many things by which one student can practice Math regularly as they would count the grocery totals or other calculations which would make strong their aptitude base. Students should know the shortcuts of every problem and always should remember the doubling & divisibility tricks. These small things would make a differentiation between two students, who practice it & who do not practice it on the exam date.

    There should be mixed practice i.e. to remember all the basic concepts & formulas to give certain tests which would make their bases stronger. There is no other way to do practice & then to give different tests. Time management always plays a vital role in these types of exams. Students must think that they have a very short time limit to practice these things, not the unlimited one. After every given test, students should note down what Math problems made wrong by them. Then they have read the concepts of these problems & do practice it again & again. It’s so common to make mistakes by everyone but practice would turn this mistake into the right one. Good students don’t do this mistake several times. Students should practice their GMAT Quant in this way that it would not create any barrier or hurdle for them in their exam. If any student especially needs any Math teacher for the preparation, he or she can take the guidance from one efficient Math teacher & then can make the proper planning of the study after consulting with the Math teacher.

    A three months study schedule is considered to be well for GMAT preparation. Students can make the study schedule on their own also. To make a proper study schedule & then make a proper plan to study according to it required.

    Things to remember at the time of the practice

    1. Practice & more practice
    2. Don’t delay your everyday schedule 
    3. Giving mock tests daily & then to write down the mistakes
    4. To practice each part equally & regularly
    5. To solve every question with a fixed time zone

    The discussion has taken place here, what should be the preparation of the GMAT Math. Every pattern & information related to the GMAT Quant has been discussed in the article. The syllabus is quite vast & different subjects are included in this syllabus.



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