MBA acceptance rate and Selectivity Index

    Globally top business schools often have higher requirements in terms of admission. Selectivity index, yield rate, and acceptance rate helps the candidates to understand the potential MBA courses in those universities. 

    Selectivity index helps a candidate to understand which programs are easier for them to enroll in. On the other side, the acceptance rate is a ratio of the number of admissions offered by the university and the total number of applications made. 

    MBA selectivity index is developed by Accepted and with the help of this, a huge number of candidates apply in the B-Schools realistically. 

    Here are the top B-schools and their acceptance rate and selectivity index along with the average GMAT score and number of fulltime enrollment:

    Name of the UniversityAcceptance RateSelectivity IndexAverage GMAT ScoreTotal Full-time Enrollment
    Stanford University0.069100734848
    Harvard University0.11594.37281868
    Sloan School of Management (MIT)0.14687.9727825
    Columbia University0.16487.17321284
    University of California–Berkeley0.17786.6725591
    University of Florida0.17381.1691111
    University of Pennsylvania0.23180.47321740
    University of Chicago0.24278.37301193
    Yale University0.25277.6721722
    Northwestern University (Kellogg)0.2776.77301289
    Duke University (Fuqua)0.22975.2705832
    New York University (Stern)0.26174.2721717
    University of Arizona (Eller)0.20872.765971
    University of Southern California (Marshall)0.29969.5708434
    University of California—Los Angeles (Anderson)0.30569717702
    University of Michigan—Ann Arbor (Ross)0.30967.8719831
    Pennsylvania State University—University Park (Smeal)0.22967.7657113
    University of Rochester (Simon)0.26166.5665210
    Dartmouth College (Tuck)0.34565.9723575
    Arizona State University (W.P. Carey)0.31165.4680162
    University of California—Irvine (Merage)0.31862.9670119
    University of Virginia (Darden)0.36562.7713671
    Rice University (Jones)0.37360.2710226
    University of Massachusetts—Amherst (Isenberg)0.29959.762861
    University of Washington (Foster)0.3659.6695245
    University of Texas—Austin (McCombs)0.38158.9704531
    Cornell University (Johnson)0.38357.9696564
    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey—Newark and New Brunswick0.33656.866495
    Washington University in St. Louis (Olin)0.43454.5695232
    University of Georgia (Terry)0.4154.3663104
    Northeastern University (School of Business)0.32554.2621151
    University of Texas—Dallas0.40653.9675100
    Georgia Institute of Technology (Scheller)0.40153.2681174
    University of Pittsburgh (Katz)0.3852.6633133
    University of Maryland—College Park (Smith)0.38351.6643119
    Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)0.42851.3687439
    University of California—Davis0.43151.266779
    University of California—San Diego (Rady)0.40649.964476
    University of Wisconsin—Madison0.43749.5658145
    University of Utah (Eccles)0.46448.2651105
    University of Mississippi0.354855252
    University of Minnesota—Twin Cities (Carlson)0.47947.7675176
    Auburn University (Harbert)0.3854758066
    George Washington University0.40146.861695
    Boston University (Questrom)0.49646.7683284
    CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College (Zicklin)0.41845.161072
    Ohio State University (Fisher)0.51744.7679168
    University of Tennessee—Knoxville (Haslam)0.51644.465787
    Emory University (Goizueta)0.49744684325
    Fordham University (Gabelli)0.47644657106
    University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler)0.52943.9697523
    Indiana University (Kelley)0.49943.5666319
    Texas A&M University—College Station (Mays)0.47741.9625123
    University of Denver (Daniels)0.48441.261640
    University of Connecticut0.50740.961579
    University of Notre Dame (Mendoza)0.53140.5665268
    University of Miami0.51140.3631123
    Baylor University (Hankamer)0.52739.661793
    Temple University (Fox)0.539.458756
    North Carolina State University (Poole)0.53838.960891
    Brigham Young University (Marriott)0.59238.7675242
    Chapman University (Argyros)0.5438.562355
    Howard University0.41937.151150
    Michigan State University (Broad)0.58736.8674164
    Boston College (Carroll)0.57536.1640150
    Georgetown University (McDonough)0.60436694528
    University of Alabama (Manderson)0.62535.5652312
    Vanderbilt University (Owen)0.60135.5678326
    Purdue University—West Lafayette (Krannert)0.59434.863190
    University of Louisville0.58133.761660
    American University (Kogod)0.56932.461846
    University of Missouri (Trulaske)0.64131.762184
    Southern Methodist University (Cox)0.64230.5652227
    University of California—Riverside Anderson0.61830.360779
    University of Houston (Bauer)0.60329.560264
    Syracuse University (Whitman)0.68228.463636
    University at Buffalo—SUNY0.66327.1599185
    Louisiana State University—Baton Rouge (Ourso)0.68625.959684
    Tulane University (Freeman)0.66725.660884
    Case Western Reserve University (Weatherhead)0.67925.163766
    Oklahoma State University (Spears)0.67124.153868
    University of South Carolina (Moore)0.74222.165648
    Rochester Institute of Technology (Saunders)0.68821.8531125
    University of Oklahoma0.7321.360466
    University of Oregon0.73920.8599117
    University of Kansas0.73420.659053
    Stevens Institute of Technology0.7120.4594617
    College of William & Mary0.74520.3629196
    Texas Christian University0.7520.262783
    Iowa State University0.752057766
    Florida State University0.73719.954556
    University of Kentucky0.79817.763455
    University of Colorado—Boulder (Leeds)0.78317.2606187
    Clarkson University0.78916.756657
    Babson College0.78916595283
    Pepperdine University (Graziadio)0.79515.8597131
    Clemson University0.81713.155099
    College of Charleston Business School0.8521051950

    It is a fact that you cannot apply to these B-schools just because you want, rather you need to consider the eligibility and the statistics before applying. Do not forget to go through the selectivity index before trying for the registration in these universities. Also before applying, find out the programs which appear competitive for you. Based on that you have to assess your strengths and weakness and work on the weaknesses to strengthen yourself to perform well in GMAT



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