Mini GMAT - Eligibility, Syllabus, Fee, Score Range and more

    Executive Assessment or EA is one of the latest products introduced by GMAC, the conducting authority of GMAT. This product is exclusively designed for Executive MBA or EMBA courses. For all the details of Mini GMAT, continue reading. 

    What is Mini GMAT?

    Mini GMAT or Executive Assessment is specifically an entrance exam much like the GMAT itself. However, Mini GMAT is pretty easy compared to the actual and regular format of GMAT.

    Purpose of Mini GMAT

    Executive MBA courses are mainly designed for corporate executives and managers. It is also to be noted that these personnel is already employed. These candidates hold much work experience and knowledge compared to the bookish knowledge of analytics. During employment, it is not quite possible for them to get enrolled in the classes to learn analytics again to qualify GMAT and get their MBA degree.

    For these types of people, Executive Assessment or Mini GMAT is designed. With the help of this Mini GMAT, thousand of professionals are able to pursue their MBA and EMBA courses from reputed business colleges all over the world. 

    The Executive MBA courses do not always require standardized tests like the traditional MBA courses require GMAT or GRE score at the time of admission. With the score of EA GMAT or Mini GMAT, these professionals can easily get their courses done.

    Who Can Take This Mini GMAT?

    Well, there are a number of professionals who are thriving to get their MBA done but just because they cannot manage time to study and to crack GMAT they are unable to pursue their MBA degrees. 

    In simpler words, professionals with nearly 8 years of working experience can apply for Mini GMAT. This is the basic eligibility criteria for appearing in Mini GMAT. 

    Mini GMAT Exam Pattern

    Mini GMAT Exam Pattern

    Mini GMAT has 3 sections, namely

    • Verbal
    • Quant
    • Integrated Reasoning

    The number of questions in the verbal and quant section is 14 and the number of questions in the integrated reasoning section is 12. This means the candidates of this test will have to answer a total of 40 questions in Mini GMAT.

    Syllabus And Question Types of Mini GMAT

    Check the table to know about the syllabus of this test: 

    Reading comprehensionStatisticsMulti-source reasoning
    Critical reasoningFractionsGraphics interpretation
    Sentence correctionPercentageTwo-part analysis
    Number PropertiesTable analysis
    Story Problems
    Data Sufficiency

    The syllabus of the verbal and integrated reasoning section is pretty the same as the syllabus of GMAT verbal and GMAT Integrated Reasoning. The sentence correction questions of the Mini GMAT verbal section are shorter than the regular GMAT questions. 

    Duration of Mini GMAT

    For each section of Mini GMAT, the duration is 30 minutes which means the total duration of this EA GMAT is 90 minutes or 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

    Mini GMAT Registration

    Candidates need to register for Mini GMAT 24 hours prior to the exam date. A passport with a recent photo and signature will be required to register for the exam. 

    In case a candidate reschedules the exam minimum 48 hours before the test there will be no rescheduling charge. But rescheduling the exam 24-48 hours before the exam, the rescheduling charge will be $75. For exam cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the exam costs $100. 

    Mini GMAT Fees

    $350 is charged for the registration purpose in Mini GMAT. 

    Score Range for Mini GMAT

    The score range of Mini GMAT is 100-200 and there are score ranges for the sections. The score range for the verbal section is 0-20, for quant, it is 0-21, and for integrated reasoning, the score range is 0-20. 

    Mini GMAT Score

    Mini GMAT scores are available right after completion of the exam and official one will be available after 24 hours of the exam. 

    Who Accepts The Score Of Mini GMAT?

    The renowned business schools across the world accept the score of EA r Mini GMAT for enrollment in the EMBA courses, the following ones are to name a few:

    Difference Between Regular GMAT and Mini GMAT

    Difference between GMAT and Mini GMAT

    The basic differences between the regular formats of GMAT and the EA or Mini GMAT are:

    • Mini GMAT has 3 sections where regular GMAT has 4 sections
    • Number of question is also less in the Mini GMAT (14 questions for each quant and verbal for Mini GMAT and 31 questions for Quant and 36 questions for verbal in regular GMAT)
    • The score range of Mini GMAT is 100-200 and for GMAT it is 200-800 
    • Duration (90 minutes for Mini GMAT and 3 Hours 30 Minutes for GMAT) of these two types of GMAT is also different
    • Work experience does not matter for Regular GMAT but that is mandatory for EA GMAT
    • Mini GMAT can be taken only twice by the candidate but GMAT candidates can cancel their score and retake many times
    • Regular GMAT is more focused on the analytical skills of the candidates but EA GMAT checks critical thinking ability, the problem-solving capacity of the candidates along with analysis or the problems
    • The fee of Mini GMAT is $100 more than the regular one
    • Mini GMAT practice papers are not easily available like the GMAT practice papers
    • Mini GMAT is not fully adaptive test like GMAT

    So, Mini GMAT is an entrance exam built for the professionals to get their Executive MBA degrees and it is much like the regular GMAT but a bit easier and more expensive one. As it is built for the professionals their work experience will be an added advantage here. As there are no scopes for practicing for Mini GMAT, the candidates of Mini GMAT needs to check whether any online assessments are available or not to check how much they are prepared for this test. 



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