Online Exam Date Extends till July 17 Due to Covid-19

    Covid-19 has brought everything to a halt and exams are either getting postponed or announcing the online procedure. At this point of time, the candidates who are looking forward to study business courses in the globally top colleges are literally confused. It is because of the uncertainty ofGMAT exam due to this pandemic.

    To end up the confusion, Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) decided to extend the dates of the major entrance exam till 17th July– Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).

    What was the Candidates’ Query?

    In India, due to this pandemic, almost all the board exams and university exams seem to be canceled or postponed. Some of these exams are in their mid-ways. The GMAT aspirants have filled almost all the forums with their questions of GMAT rescheduling and cancellation of the exam. They also keep questioning about the GMAT test centers and GMAT exam date. In this scenario, extension in the date of the exam is definitely a relief for them.

    What was in the Announcement?

    GMAC had announced that the extended date of GMAT will be July 17. As per this announcement, the same thing is also applicable for the Executive Assessment Online test.

    GMAC is well aware of the present scenario and as everything is uncertain now, GMAC had decided to announce additional appointment dates in case it is needed. It seems that the date will probably extend even after 17th of July if required. The test-takers are allowed to take the online test as test centers are mostly unavailable, this flexibility happens to be a bliss for all of them.

    It needs to be mentioned that the final result of GMAT was declared to be announced by the end of July 2020 and the shortlisting process was said to be completed by June. Now, as the world is hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and in most countries had faced lockdown and everything changed.

    This is definitely a smart step that adheres to the official guidelines during this pandemic when all are requested to stay home. GMAC had empowered the candidates with multiple facilities as security standards are the first priority for them.

    About Rescheduling the Exam

    Now, the candidates will be able to reschedule and cancel the exam before 17th July. It deserves mention that GMAC's current policy is seemed quite flexible at this point.

    Purpose of Extending the Exam Date

    The current policy of GMAT shows that they are more focused on quality and speed. The online assessments will improve the quality of the test and make it easy to take the exam in a virtual environment.

    Vineet Chhabra, the senior director and head of GMAT had mentioned that additional flexibility will be given to the candidates in terms of GMAT scores as well. It is because the score obtained in the online exam and score obtained when the exam is conducted in the test centers will not be the same. There will probably more announcements in this matter later.

    Additional Changes

    To help the candidates with the online exam guidelines, the conducting authority is trying their best to make the test-takers familiar with the procedures of the online exam. The online assessments and the sample tests are helping the candidates in this regard. Along with helping the test-takers to understand the exam format, these are also serving as GMAT practice papers for them to complete the test within a deadline.

    Along with the flexibility in terms of exam dates, GMAC also announced leniency about the use of the whiteboard. According to the announcements, the test takers of both GMAT and Executive Assessment Online can use the whiteboard as physical and online during the appointments.

    Previously, the candidates had to choose one between the physical one and the online one. But now, it is up to ye decision of the candidates – they can use the online one or they can use the physical one and if they want they can use both.

    The candidates whose appointments begin on June 11, have to use a physical whiteboard – this is applicable both for the GMAT exam Online as well as the Executive Assessment Online. Candidates will have the option to review and ensure that their chosen whiteboard can meet their requirements. According to the policies of GMAC, the candidates need to specify their requirements are met by the whiteboard like a functional dry erase marker or an eraser. GMAC had also claimed that this policy will make the candidates familiar with the whiteboard and the uneasiness of exam day will be much recovered.

    On the other side, the candidates testing without any access to a physical whiteboard are to be considered with much flexibility. They will be tested again if they want.

    Overall, it seems that GMAC had arranged for a good experience of the test-takers this year and by every means, GMAC is ensuring that the candidates can give their best this year.



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