Preparation Strategies for GMAT Verbal Sections

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    GMAT is an exam that is conducted by GMAC every year to select those candidates who want to pursue business management for career prospects. In GMAT, test takers are examined on the basis of four sections: Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning. Like GMAT Quant, verbal section is equally important for the test takers to focus on. In GMAT Verbal, sentence correction and reading comprehension are the most difficult ones. GMAT exam is all about measuring the analytical skills of the test takers. In Sentence Correction and Reading Comprehension, test-takers need to find out the errors present within sentences. 

    Few Preparation Tips for GMAT particularly for these two sections of Verbal are as following 

    • Never Stress on choosing an option that apparently looks right. Never select the first option that appears to be right, in most cases that option is a paraphrase of the question itself.
    • While reading the paragraph, one has to analyze errors properly. Find out errors presented within a sentence and find out the probable closest match. Within that sentence, one can find out multiple errors as well.
    • Always eliminate those answer choices that have grammatical errors in the sentence. In this way, test takers will be a step forward in choosing the correct option. One needs to analyze all errors present within answer choices properly. 
    • Never look for any kind of spelling mistake and capitalization present within the underlined sentence. GMAT never considers these spelling mistakes and capitalization as an error. 
    • While reading answer options always find out how these answer choices are different from other choices. GMAT is all about how well the test taker analyzes the option clearly to find out the correct answer.

    Whereas the Reading Comprehension section is easier than the Sentence Correction part. In this section, there will be 2-4 passages to attempt. Each passage is of 400-word length. The test taker has to attempt 4 questions from each passage. Mostly topics for GMAT reading comprehension section are from social science, science, technology, and business. 

    Few GMAT preparation strategies

    • GMAT is a computer adaptive test therefore your answer choice will define the difficulty level of the next question. So due to its online nature, it is advisable to take scrap paper to note down important points present within the passage. 
    • It is always advisable to read questions before reading the passage. If you read the questions at first then one will understand which part of the passage to read at first. 
    • If you do not understand any specific word in the passage, then try to read the passage to understand the meaning. 
    • Never waste time in understanding a specific word within a passage. 
    • While practicing reading comprehension always find out the logical relationships. It will help in finding how these answer choices will be interrelated and eliminating wrong answers. 
    • Before mock tests learn more about the syllabus of GMAT Verbal. Also know more about the question types asked in this exam. 
    • Always look for phrases or transition words to find out the relationship. 
    • Within the reading passage, if you find any technical terms then mentally make it into an abbreviate form. It will help the test takers to find out any questions related to those abbreviations. 
    • Just like GMAT Quant, always find out reasons while building relationships between components. 
    • Don’t rush yourself while reading the passage. Reading Comprehension in GMAT consists of good quality marks, it requires special attention while preparing for the exam. 
    • Never skim and skip any section within the reading passage. It will lead you to choose the wrong option among your answers. 

    GMAT Verbal requires equal attention just like GMAT Quant. Apart from approaching it with the right strategies, test takers have to practice a lot to understand the pattern of the exam. Only with hard work and strategies, one can ace the GMAT exam.



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