Renowned B-schools not Accepting GMAT Score This Year

    There is no dispute about the fact that Covid-19 pandemic has marred the education system. There is further no surprise about the fact that the abroad B-schools are also part of the plight. Every year, we witness innumerable students establishing themselves to secure a chance in one of those MBA colleges by sitting for GMAT. It takes them days and nights of prolonged and exhaustive backbreaking work to secure that 700+ score. Let alone the grind, the amount spent behind one GMAT exam is roughly $250, which is around Rs. 18, 912. The students, in this scene, will definitely refrain from paying such amount considering the devastation happening. 

    The elite business schools right at this moment announced their welcoming students even without GMAT scores and waiving their GMAT fees. Here, we are exactly talking about the very famous Oxford, Imperial Business School, INSEAD, London Business School, Wharton, Kellogg, and so many more. These business schools have let go of their uniform entry requirements for their MBA programs to scale up the number in class capacity in the 2020 and 2012 entries. Few B-school biggies like Oxford and London Business School have stated the admissions to be dependent on the submission of the GMAT scores on a future date. 

    The good news is not finite to the GMAT application fees only. The top B-schools have further announced about relaxing the deadlines for obtaining applications to round four and some even have extended it to round 5, which is quite unlikely for those elite schools to do. This way, they will be instrumental in increasing the numbers of students enrolling for the MBA programs, thereby, increasing the class capacity. Few of the universities have, in fact, made way for admissions on a rolling basis to get a hold. The remaining have opted for waiving application fees to secure the optimum class capacity of students. 

    The universities throughout the world, especially top-notch ones are gearing up their strategies to catch student’s attention. In this regard, education counsellor Karan Gupta states that to fill the capacity of the sessions, the universities are trying every possible way of acknowledging concessions to acquire scholarly students from the whole world. It is inevitable that the Covid-19 has sabotaged the whole admission process and students who had everything planned and organised to move abroad and study in one of those famous B-schools. Now it is all history as the plans are cancelled and the future is dark with hardly any student moving out. To manage this loss of decreased number in student’s enrolment, the universities are delving in so many concessions to attract quality students. 

    To get some glimpses of the B-schools, let us start with Carey Business School as it has stated that the John Hopkins Carey Business School has initiated accepting incomplete application forms for their round 3 deadlines. Additionally, they will be engaging with individual students to finish off their application forms and they have also made a deadline 4 dated 1st June. Succeeding the round 4 processes, they will be opting for admissions on a rolling basis through 15th July. Carey Business School is further, making way for GMAT and/or GRE waivers too. 

    The next business school is among the top ten B-schools in the whole world and has been ranked in a repetitive manner, and that is the University of California, Berkeley or UC Berkeley. UC Berkeley has emerged with quite an all-encompassing idea of admitting their undergraduate students from their own university to the MBA programmes and that too without any GMAT or GRE score and obviously the mandatory GMAT eligibility or work experience. This can definitely be termed as a miraculous move by one of the most remarkable B-school across the globe.

    Harvard Business School, the second-ranked business school in the world according to QS has been doing the rounds because of their statement about surging the 2021 class capacity as it is quite anticipated that the class of 2020 is not going to witness any normal percentage of students. The students will probably shift their acceptance and postpone their admission procedure to the next year and with this thought, Harvard has stated the fact. Further, we have Penn State Smeal College of Business which has decided to welcome students forgoing the prerequisite test requirements who has extensive knowledge about quantitative education and work experience is not a mandatory factor here. The ones with GME or GMAT scores are eligible for application fee waivers. 



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