GMAT online Retesting: Take GMAT Online Twice

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    GMAC had previously developed GMAT interim exclusively for the test-takers so that the candidates can take online GMAT for their comfort zones. But, in online GMAT does not come with the score cancellation facility. To be precise, candidates initially had no chance to retake GMAT and it happened to be the only disadvantage of GMAT online, but now GMAT online retake is possible.

    For the actual GMAT, it is possible to retake GMAT 5 times in 1 year and the maximum number of taking the test in a lifetime is 8. Between 2 takes of GMAT, there has to be a gap of 16 calendar days. For GMAT online, GMAC has recently announced that retaking GMAT online is possible – candidates can take online GMAT twice and this facility will be offered from September 2020.

    All About GMAT Retesting

    GMAC is constantly improving its facilities to enhance the clarity of GMAT at-home and to make the online testing smoother. Recently GMAC had introduced the free GMAT score sending facility and extended the GMAT online end-date of appointment date till 31st December 2020 as the centers are not reopened yet in many locations. Along with waiving the score sending charges, the latest inclusion in this matter is they are planning to offer the GMAT online retesting facilities too. From September 23 onwards, applicants can start retaking GMAT online. 

    Initially, GMAT retake facility was available only for those who had experienced technical glitches during online GMAT. At that point, it was mentioned that the online GMAT will not be counted towards the limit of taking GMAT in 12 months period as well as to the lifetime. Right now, we are looking forward to further announcement of GMAC to shed light on this matter in terms of online GMAT retaking.

    Purpose of GMAT Online Retesting

    At present, there are 2 major entrance exams for higher studies: GMAT and GRE. The conducting authority of GRE, ETS had earlier launched the online version, which came without technical glitches. All these caused a higher percentage increase in the number of candidates taking GRE for admission.

    In Harvard Business School, UC Barkley Haas, and other B-schools, the number of enrolled candidates who took GRE has seen a visible increase this year. It is expected that GMAT Online retesting can make a big difference in this regard. It can be a major reason for offering GMAT online retake facilities.

    GMAT Online Retesting Fees

    For retaking online GMAT the candidates will be charged with US$ 200 as the registration fees.

    GMAT online Retaking: Score Recording

    For actual GMAT, the highest score of all the GMAT attempts was stored for further use. While sending GMAT score to the universities, the highest score of all the attempts is used.

    For online GMAT, the candidates too can preview the scores after completing their exams. It is expected that the candidates will be able to cancel the score in case they are not satisfied or in case they are willing to retake. Until GMAC confirms, it will be wrong to comment on the exact procedure.

    GMAT Online Score Sending

    Recently, it is announced that the score of Online GMAT can be sent to an unlimited number of destinations and this service will be absolutely free.

    Why Retesting facility is offered for GMAT online?

    Well, the reasons behind offering the GMAT online retesting facility is similar to the original GMAT’s retaking facilities. Retesting allows the candidates to:

    • Improve their score
    • Work on the difficulties they have faced during their provides GMAT take
    • Be more flexible and confident
    • Planning the accurate GMAT strategy

    It is an undeniable fact that GMAT online is something new and the candidates are not that easy with this format. Even though they are taking GMAT from home, which is supposed to be their comfort zone, they are clueless about the exam itself. They are unaware of the exact exam procedure too. Naturally, they will face difficulties and they will be nervous during the first take of online GMAT. For these candidates, the retesting facility is very useful.

    GMAT online was initially reported several technical glitches, and GMAT online retake can also be considered a strategy to offer another chance to the candidates and increase the number of GMAT test-takers compared to GRE.

    So, obtaining a lower GMAT score will not be a problem even during this Covid-19 situation, retaking is possible. We believe that it is always better to take GMAT online with proper GMAT preparation so that there is no need for GMAT online retesting.



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