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The Most & Least Expensive Online MBA Programs In 2021
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Online MBA program is a 8 week course open to graduate individuals of different streams and online MBA will be one of the most prominent feature of 2021 due to covid-19 pandemic of 2020. The most useful factor of the online MBA program is online MBA programs are cheaper in terms of the course fees. Here check the list of most and least expensive online MBA programs in 2021.

The least expensive MBA programs

According to this list, University of North Dakota seems to have the lowest charge for their online MBA program. Now, this is a fact that these universities are offering a lot for a lower cost. It is mainly because the universities have decided to reach more candidates by making the online MBA programs affordable for the candidates of different stratum.

The Most expensive MBA programs

Find out the list of most expensive online MBA programs here:

A reason behind higher charges of the online MBA programs of these universities is the rank of these universities. Even though the cost of MBA program is very high in these universities, the course fees have not increased dramatically here in the last 3 years. The increase or the decrease is within 1-8% of the fees in past years.

We have gathered information of the most and least expensive Online MBA programs of different universities. Check the complete list of that:

Rank School Total Cost
2 Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper) $141,320
5 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler) $125,589
3 University of Southern California (Marshall) $111,663
4 George Washington University $100,883
18 University of Texas-Dallas (Jindal) $93,179
13 University of Maryland (Smith) $88,776
10 Santa Clara University (Leavey) $83,510
23 University of Denver (Daniels) $83,220
41 Northeastern University (D'Amore-McKim) $82,000
28 American University (Kogod) $78,288
46 Rochester Institute of Technology (Saunders) $78,000
9 University of Washington (Foster) $78,000
29 Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Foisie) $77,280
1 Indiana University (Kelley) $74,520
7 Villanova University $66,000
19 The College of William & Mary (Mason) $64,300
14 Drexel University (LeBow) $63,994
27 Arizona State University (W. P. Carey) $61,545
16 Baylor Univerity (Hankamer) $60,724
17 University of Florida $59,808
15 University of Utah (Eccles) $58,000
35 Hofstra University (Zarb) $54,502
22 University of Arizona (Eller) $51,525
20 Jack Welch Management Institute $48,695
39 Imperial College Business School $48,611
11 North Carolina State University (Jenkins) $46,155
43 University of Cincinnati (Lindner) $44,640
12 Washington State University (Carson) $43,368
38 Florida International University $42,000
34 University of Delaware (Lerner) $41,800
6 Lehigh University $41,595
36 Ohio University $36,785
21 University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Isenberg) $35,983
8 Auburn University (Harbert) $35,375
42 University of Michigan-Dearborn $32,580
24 University of Nebraska-Lincoln $31,200
40 Creighton University (Heider) $30,821
32 University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium $28,800
30 SUNY Oswego $27,764
26 University of Tennessee $25,212
25 University of South Florida (Muma) $24,750
45 Kennesaw State University $24,470
44 Oklahoma State University (Spears) $20,947
37 Louisiana State University $19,980
33 University of Massachusetts-Lowell $19,650
31 University of North Dakota (Nistler) $18,391
47 Rogers State University $10,880

Now, the students can pick a university for online MBA in 2021 as per their ease. Not all the programs have an extreme high course fees – some are really affordable for the candidates. This list can help the candidates in making a wise selection.