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Whiteboard Strategies for GMAT Online: How to Make the Most of Virtual Whiteboard
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GMAC is trying to make GMAT online an easy alternative of GMAT by every means. In June 2020, GMAC has allowed the test-takers to use a physical whiteboard in case they are not comfortable in the virtual whiteboard. With the whiteboard, the candidates can take note of anything and everything during the exam. To be specific, the test-takers can choose just the virtual whiteboard or physical whiteboard, or both.

If you are finding out how to make the most of the whiteboard during GMAT online, you are at the right place. Find out the best strategies to use whiteboard during GMAT online here. But before knowing the strategies, let's have a look at the requirements of the whiteboard first.

GMAT Online Physical Whiteboard Requirements

Check the table below to understand the permitted whiteboards:

Permitted Non-permitted
One erasable whiteboard (11x14 or 12x16) Laminated dry-erase notepad
Not more than 2 dry erase marker, ultra-thin dry erase marker Non-permanent markers
1 whiteboard eraser, block style dry eraser -
Double-sided whiteboards without gridlines or background colors -

The candidates can use the physical whiteboard just the way they use the scratch paper, but the main difficulty arises while using the virtual whiteboard.

GMAT Virtual Whiteboard – Features

GMAT virtual whiteboard is available throughout the GMAT online exam on the computer screen. By clicking on the notepad icon the candidates can get this. It can be resized and its position can be changed. It comes with different tools like text box, line, pen, circle, rectangle, free shape, undo, redo, and clear.

Best Strategies to Use Whiteboard During GMAT online

GMAT online is something new and the candidates are unfamiliar with its format and processes – naturally, they are confused about the use of whiteboard as well. We suggest that the candidates may use a physical whiteboard as it will be more comfortable compared to the virtual one and it will be the best alternative of the scratch paper of GMAT. In case, you are unable to get a physical one, you can follow the following tips while using the virtual whiteboard.

Use A Large Screen With An External Mouse

Take a computer or laptop with a screen of 15 inches or more. An external mouse will offer ease while using the virtual whiteboard.

Use The Whiteboard In Default Settings

Keep in mind, the task of the virtual whiteboard is to help you in obtaining the answer to the question – so use it for this purpose only. You don’t need to customize it by making it colorful at all. Rather, keep it simple with the default setting. Remember, you can get distracted while customizing it or it will waste a lot of time as well. If some changes are needed, do it at the very beginning and concentrate on the exam.

Do Not Switch The Tools

The virtual whiteboard comes will all the necessary tools but switch the tools only if it's necessary. Remember, this switching will cost a lot of time.

Shift To Physical Whiteboard If The Space Of Virtual Whiteboard Seems Insufficient

Sometimes your scratch work may not be completed on one single virtual whiteboard – at this time switch to physical whiteboard if possible.

Reconsider Note-Taking For Verbal Section

For GMAT verbal, take notes only if it is essential – to take notes on a virtual whiteboard, you need to type very fast, and to take notes on a physical whiteboard, you need to have good handwriting. Consider these factors while taking notes.

Practice The Geometrical Shapes Before Appearing On The Exam

Online GMAT practice sets are available on the official site – practice with that before appearing in GMAT online. In the virtual whiteboard, several shapes listed in GMAT geometry are available to draw – practice these beforehand.

Erasing Takes Much Time – Use Undo

While using the virtual whiteboard beware of using eraser tool as it consumes much time, instead, you can use the undo.

End of the day, you have to practice with the virtual whiteboard before the actual exam to understand how to make the most of it. Maybe you discover some other tricks to use the virtual whiteboard. In case, you cannot manage a physical whiteboard before online GMAT – practice the online sets using virtual whiteboard to know its features and apply these strategies there.