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    The test on Issues of Social Concern (ISC) in IRMA Exam is an important part of the selection process for Post Graduate Courses. It is notable that IRMA (Institute of Rural Management, Anand) shortlists candidates on the basis of their scores in CAT or XAT. But for actual selection, candidates do need to appear in ISC conducted by the Institute itself.

    • Issues of social concern is a compulsory section to attempt in IRMA 2018. The other 3 sections in IRMA include- Quantitative Ability, Analytical Reasoning, and English Comprehension.
    • It must be noted that only Indian Nationals have to appear in this paper. Foreign Nationals can apply directly on the basis of their CAT/ XAT/ GMAT Score.
    • ISC is an online test in which a candidate has to answer 60 questions of 1 mark each.
    • Questions are based on various issues of economy of the country and various statistics related to them.
    • Candidates are advised to be good at current affairs to be able to excel this test. Check IRMA Syllabus
    • The overall difficulty level of this section is generally moderate.

    Importance of Issues of Social Concern Paper

    Now, we all know that Issues of Social Concern is one of the steps in selection process of IRMA, but why are we talking about it only at the moment? The answer to this question is the importance of this test in the selection process of IRMA. Let us take a look at some points that define the importance of Issues of Social concern paper:

    • First of all, it is a compulsory step if candidates want to get admission at IRMA. A candidate who gets shortlisted on the basis of CAT/XAT score but does not appear in ISC is straight away rejected.
    • Second, IRMA releases a separate cut off for ISC. Yes, it is not like you are appearing in the exam and it’s done. Candidates do need to score a minimum score, which is called the cut off score. Check  IRMA Cut off
    • Last, due weightage is given to scores of ISC test in the selection process. So eventually, good or bad scores of a candidate is Issues of Social Concern test can impact his selection at IRMA.

    Issues of Social Concern Exam Pattern

    The pattern of Issues of Social Concern paper is nowhere related to CAT or XAT. The examination is totally conducted and controlled by IRMA itself.

    Here are some details regarding the examination pattern of Issues of Social Concern paper:

    • ISC paper is an online exam.
    • The test is generally held is month of February at around 25 different cities of the country.
    • The test contains 60 questions.
    • Candidates are given 120 minutes to complete all four sections.
    • Questions are of Multiple Choice in nature.
    • Each question is ISC test carries 1 mark.
    • There is provision of negative marking in the test. ¼ marks will be deducted for every wrong answer marked by candidate.

    Check complete IRMA Exam Pattern

    Issues of Social Concern Syllabus

    By now, you must have got an idea of the Issues of Social Concern paper and its importance. But now comes the big question of what is the syllabus of this section.

    Let us take a look at IRMA Syllabus for this section. Candidates can be asked questions on the below topics:

    • Economy of India, its composition and issues related to Indian Economy.
    • Issues related to Human Resource Development in India, Human Development Index, International issues in Human Resource Development.
    • Indian Demography – Sex Ratio, Dispersion of Population, Maternity Rate, Literacy Rates, and Statistics related to Urban and Rural Population.
    • Issued related to imbalances in economy – Concentration of wealth and power, disparities between urban and rural population, areas of constant low development, under development of some social groups, issues related to imbalance in social service and employment generation.
    • Issues related to governance in the country, fallacies of government, Acts like Right to Information and Right to Education.
    • Economic Planning in the country - Strategies and Schemes enacted by government in the country and Implementation of these schemes.
    • State of Agriculture in the country - Developments and issues in agriculture along with Basics of agriculture.

    Check  IRMA Practice Papers

    • State of Poverty in country, Poverty alleviation programs, their implementation and problems in these, popular poverty alleviation schemes of government.
    • Issues related to health in country, Status of Public Health system
    • Issues related to education in country, statistics related to education, primary education, disparities in spread of education
    • Issues like terrorism, Naxalism and Maoism, internal security of country
    • National and International environmental issues, issues related to natural resources, green energy etc.

    Issues of Social Concern Important Topics

    The list of topics for Issues of Social Concern paper is fairly long. But there are some topics that can clearly be pointed out as the most important topics. So, here are some topics that have high probability of coming in IRMA 2018:

    • Latest schemes enacted by the Government (example question – ASHA is a part of which scheme of government?)
    • Statistics related to some iconic schemes of Indian Government, like MGNREGA.
    • Structure of various bodies being set up by government (eg – Which institution is major stakeholder in RRBs?)
    • Statistics published by various government and private bodies targets set by government (eg – what is projected unemployment rate for 2021)
    • Headquarters and other details of various public sector and government bodies (eg – when was NITI aayog formed or where is NDDB headquartered)

    Issues of Social Concern Preparation

    Issues of Social Concern paper is not a mathematics or reasoning based exam in which candidates needs tons of practice. Instead, this test actually examines a candidate’s knowledge of various issues and general awareness. Here are some tips that will help candidate in better preparation of the test:-

    • Practice to be good at current affairs. Current affairs are a big chunk of questions in the exam. Thus, being good at these will always be helpful.
    • Reading newspaper is one of the key habits that can help immensely in this exam.
    • Candidates can also refer to monthly chronology books which are available in the market.
    • Candidates need to collect and note down important points about government’s bodies and schemes.
    • And lastly, Issues of Social Concern is not a speed based exam. Candidates must focus on accuracy rather than just quickly marking the answers.

    We wish all the candidates good luck and hope you all clear this paper with flying colours. ISC section is a cakewalk if you are thorough with the current and past events. So, take note of everyday happenings and you are good to go!



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