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5 Recommended Magazines for CAT Preparation 2018

Last Updated - August 28, 2018

Reading is one of the most beneficial habits since centuries. It becomes all the more important if it helps in cracking an exam like CAT. The content one reads should not only be interesting but also be worth spending time on.

This year, CAT 2018 will be conducted on November 25, 2018 (Sunday). The exam is held in online (computer based) mode, interested and eligible candidates can submit their applications on the official website of CAT till September 19, 2018

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CAT aspirants are encouraged to read a lot of editorials. This can benefit them in 6 ways:

  1. It will help in improving their vocabulary and grammar
  2. The pace at which they read will also increase by reading frequently.
  3. It will also expose them to as much current affairs as possible.
  4. Reading magazines will not only aid in doing well in the Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension section but will also prepare them for the interview round.
  5. It will help in forming a general opinion about the various events happening around you.
  6. These magazines also publish articles which can lead to better understanding of business concepts like FDI.

CAT students hear a lot of views about what one ought to read and what not. However, the first preference should be given to the understandability of the content. One must be convinced that the magazine he chooses is strengthening his CAT Preparation. Hence, we give you some quick reasons as for the same.

How Can Magazines Help in Preparing for CAT 2018?

Magazines are a convenient way through which candidates can access necessary and relevant data. While preparing for CAT, magazines act as a supplement to newspapers. They can get information on latest content and stats of the economic world, government policies and new technology and innovations.

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Apart from improving an individual’s general knowledge, reading magazines also helps in building their English language skills. Candidates can work on their vocabulary when they come across new words and discover how these words can be used in different contexts. Magazines are essential for the GD PI rounds which test an aspirant’s awareness about the current affairs and their views on it.

A number of good magazines are available which feature articles on the national and global scenarios. The ideal timeline of events that should be followed must be the recent 6 months before CAT Exam.

Best Magazines for CAT Preparation

Here are the 5 magazines recommended for CAT and all other aspiring business students.

The Economist

  • It is a fabulous publication sworn by many IIM students. The Economist prepares candidates for CAT, business schools and for the rest of their professional life.
  • It generally focuses on world economy. It brings a sophisticated perspective to issues related to micro and macro economics.
  • The magazine also has articles on all kinds of international affairs like politics, culture, sports, art and books.
  • The magazine falls on the pricey side. However, students can read 3 articles per week free of cost.
  • The writing style is excellent and crisp articles with near perfect grammar are published in the magazine.
  • It is an essential instrument for a wholesome understanding of the various issues affecting the world.
  • The Economist’s articles on short words, Lexington and Bagehot columns are very insightful and something to watch out for.

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Bloomberg Businessweek

  • This is a lighter and more entertaining version of The Economist. It is a perfect choice for CAT aspirants looking to get a regular dose of business news
  • It is a weekly magazine that provides articles on the latest events and trends in finance, technology, finance, management and entertainment.
  • It is a good magazine for introducing student to the business world whereas the Economist is for individuals who already know a lot about business.
  • Apart from in- depth coverage of business world and events, it also provides financial news and stock advice.
  • Bloomberg Businessweek proves to be substantially worth the cost and effort to read. One of the added advantages is that it is also entertaining.

Outlook Business

  • This business magazine has articles which analyze information from all business sectors.
  • It covers a variety of ventures and enterprises– information through which individuals appearing for CAT 2018 can gain a sound understanding of business dynamics, decisions, and movements.
  • The key concepts covered in this magazine are enterprise, markets and strategy.
  • Outlook Business offers a detailed analysis of market trends, stock prices, and sales strategies of several business undertakings to its readers. It is one of the most popular business magazines in India. It covers the stories and perspectives of all the leading organizations and businessmen.
  • It is the fastest growing business magazine in India with a readership of more than 8 lakh and a fortnightly circulation of 1.41 lakh.


  • It is a fortnightly English magazine published by The Hindu group.
  • Like its parent newspaper, this is one of the most preferred magazines due to its rich content.
  • This magazine offers comprehensive articles that feature stories from all over the world. It provides thorough knowledge about issues prevalent in India as also various about various policies undertaken by the government.
  • Frontline magazine can help a CAT applicant to build opinions regarding the events unfolding around him.
  • It is highly recommended for cracking the interview round.
  • One downside is that the magazine does entail heavy reading. It will surely build an individual’s vocabulary because of the usage of different words.

Business Today

  • It is a fortnightly magazine that was established as a solution to increased variations in business trends.
  • Business Today was one of the first magazines to cover management theories and their applications in current and relevant business scenarios.
  • It provides comprehensive reports on the effects of the Indian economy on business strategies and covers a plethora of industries so students preparing for CAT can take away many lessons from on- going stories.

We hope this article was helpful to all you CAT aspirants. You can definitely rely on these to prepare better for CAT exam 2018 on November 25. The magazines given above help give a wholesome picture of the world economy, coming straight from the industry experts.

With the advent of digital media, the magazine industry has definitely taken a back seat. But this does not shrink its benefits. Go ahead and give them a read. Good luck!



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