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5 ways to keep yourself motivated for CAT 2018

Last Updated - August 27, 2018

Studying for CAT day in and day out can be quite a daunting task. The monotonous routine- Eat, Sleep, Study, Repeat can sometimes be inordinate. In addition to this if you are not able to do your best in the mock tests i.e. do not get the fruit of your efforts; your stress is set to surge. CAT 2018 is scheduled for November 25, 2018. 

Stress is a common factor that gorges the minds of all students. Even the star performers can buckle under pressure and may be unable to deliver their best performance on the D- Day. This can happen if you feel that your efforts are not enough to crack CAT or when you start feeling the pressure of the exam.

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Now the question that will pop into your head will be- How can I stay motivated during CAT preparation? Am I the only one crumbling under stress? No, you are not alone in this.

Every aspirant is bound to face an obstacle or two during their preparatory phase. You must, however, find a way to overcome the challenge and stay motivated. Motivation will help you beat stress and stay focused. It will increase your efficiency and productivity.

In this article, we have mentioned certain tips that will help you keep going and stay motivated at all times.

Fight the toughest battle first

The real strength of a king is manifested when he fights the hardest battle and emerges victorious. For this thought to be applicable to you, think of the various sections of CAT as your neighbouring kingdoms. Some may be your friends and some bitter enemies. Attack your enemies first.

Many of you may face a problem in the DI-LR or Quant section. Whatever may be the case, you should keep a target of solving a certain number of questions of that section first thing in the morning. You must do this even when you do not want to.

As you start gaining command over this section, you will witness a surge in your confidence level. This practice will help you be motivated for the whole day. Doing well in this section will encourage you to do even better in the other sections.

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Introduce changes in your surrounding environment

This simply means change your study room and things that may distract you. Your study room should be your primary source of inspiration. Put up pictures of your dream college (like the IIMs) on the walls of your room.

You can paste a chart mentioning your daily goals as well as short term and long-term goals near the study table. You can also paste posters with motivational quotes- CAT 2018- My chance at becoming a Corporate Leader or The event that changed my Life Forever.

Are you one of those who are easily distracted by social media? There is a solution for that too. You can download some study quotes and set them as the wallpaper in your phone or laptop. Every time you are tempted to check Facebook or Instagram, this picture will flash before your eyes. This will definitely motivate you and make you work harder for achieving your goal.

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Define your Why

The best way to motivate yourself is to clearly define the WHY. Why is CAT important to you? Each one of you will have a reason behind appearing for CAT 2018. It may be because you hate your mundane job, business is your passion or you do not see a future with the degree you hold.

Every time you are disheartened and feel like giving up, think of your Why. Remind yourself of the reasons why you wish to pursue an MBA and its worth.

Make a list of these reasons and read it when you feel demotivated. Include the benefits you will reap after clearing CAT- Nice College, Good job (maybe overseas), Great Salary, etc. This will help you stay right on track and also in starting again.

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Reward every milestone you achieve- Small or Big

You must reward your progress and keep track of it. Celebrate small targets you complete like finishing a topic in a day or completing your weekly study goal. Go out with your friends, shop till you drop or indulge in any activity of your choice.

The thought of being rewarded makes everyone work hard. Once you complete your study goals, you can spend your leisure time without feeling guilty. It will encourage you to fulfill your targets.

Find external inspiration

Read about and watch your role models living the dream. Famous personalities like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey started from scratch. One thing they all had in common is that they did not give up and achieved whatever they wanted in their life.

Take lessons from them on how to tackle hardships. You can also read about the success stories of CAT Toppers. Watch Ted Talks and read blogs. Find inspiration from any source and utilize it in making your story a success. Read magazines that impart some substantial knowledge and explore the case studies by watching movies as well. 



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