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7 Online strategies to crack CAT with Good Scores

Last Updated - August 16, 2018

How to crack CAT is one of the most common questions raised in the minds of the candidates of the management entrance examination. It often happens that despite knowing the pattern and the syllabus, candidates get confused about how to strategize the preparation to score a good percentile in CAT

With the onslaught of the internet in our lives and mobile applications available for almost every need, belling the CAT is a lot easier than ever, if not a cakewalk. A variety of resources are available on the world wide web as well applications being created to ease the burden of scoring well in CAT in order to secure admission in a top B-School of the country.

CAT Application FormCAT Exam PatternCAT Syllabus

CAT is a tricky exam where your high or low overall percentile means nothing unless you have a balanced high sectional percentile. If 60 percentile was scored in CAT last year after regularly devoting 2-3 hours of study, it’s not necessary that you can suddenly jump to score 99 percentile by making a 24 hours study plan for CAT.

There are many CAT aspirants who scored a high percentile even with less preparation, on the other hand, there may be many candidates who could score a low percentile even after studying for full day and also quit their job to prepare for CAT. 

Among the 2 lakh plus candidates registering for CAT each year, statistics say that 50% of them resort to self-preparation while the rest take professional help to scale the entrance. Self-prep or preparation through coaching centers, resources available online acts as game changers for high scorers in CAT.   

How one prepares is the main question? How one plan his study routine and manages to follow the same day is the biggest achievement one can get to score good marks in the exam? Download CAT practice papers.

Is it possible to crack CAT 2018 in first attempt?

This question that ‘Can CAT Exam be cracked in the first attempt?’ is faced by all MBA aspirants who are taking up CAT MBA exam for the first time. There is no fixed answer to this question, but following the right preparation strategy; CAT can easily be cracked in the first attempt.

Well! Moving ahead, Candidates preparing for the CAT this year can go through the strategies discussed below in this article to score a good percentile.

Strategies for the CAT exam

High score in CAT can be obtained by following the tricks and devising to the point study plan of limited hours. Here are few tricks candidates can go through and can follow.

Zero Pressure

Nobody gives his or her best in exam under pressure and if you appear in an exam with stress, the results are never favorable. This is the most important factor that contributes towards fulfilling of your goal of cracking CAT- Not taking any pressure.

So, be confident and active and give your best in exam.

Practice in Timeframe 

One of the factors that make CAT one the toughest exams to crack, is the limited time available to solve the questions. Though most of the questions being asked in CAT are basic, what makes them difficult to answer is limited timeframe.

Therefore, candidates must make a time-bound practice session (mock tests) as part of their CAT preparation strategy. This will help to increase the speed during exam time.

Check Important CAT Preparation Books

Seek Guidance

Being a competitive exam, Cat is not possible to crack by self study. In order to grab the seat at IIMs, one must take help from their teachers, which ever institute they are linked to.

Talk to experts about your plan and preparation strategy and try to see if there is any way in which you can improve your performance.

3-4 Hours of Study

Another major concern of MBA aspirants who are taking up CAT for the first time is regarding the number of hours they should study. Regular and rigorous study schedule of 3-4 hours daily is enough to cover the entire syllabus and lay a proper foundation for CAT preparation.

Using Online CAT preparation Apps

Numerous Mobile applications are at the disposal of CAT aspirants to help them in the arduous task of CAT preparation in a fun way. Starting from in-built practice tests, to doubt clearing videos, daily prep tips, information sharing and even challenge zones wherein users can invite fellow aspirants to compete in mock tests. PrepGuru, Byju’s, GradeUp, Time4Cat, MBA Exams Guide are some of the popular ones that are being used by candidates to spice up their CAT prep routine.

It is true that huge amount of online resources is available for the students preparing for CAT today, but a word of caution for those who are leaving no stones unturned in their preparation for one of the toughest entrances of the country; all’s well if you exercise constraint in your search for the right resources. It’s fairly easy to lose track of time in an endless search for resources. The focus should remain on clear concepts and maximum practice to perfect speed and accuracy in answering.

Avoid referring too many Books

There are hundreds of books in the market which claim to be the ultimate guide to cracking CAT. But, too many books with different takes on different concepts always create confusion for the MBA aspirants or may be any exam.

Therefore, don’t refer more than two good books on any subject or topic for CAT preparation. 

Don’t spend much time on one topic

One of the biggest challenges that MBA aspirants face during CAT Preparation is to make the decision of actually skipping a topic if it’s too difficult to crack. However, this is a wrong strategy as per CAT Toppers.

If you are unable to understand a topic during one sitting, meandering over it for even longer time is not going to help. Here’s where you have to study some other topic for the time being and study the same after refreshing your mind.

So, don’t stick to one topic for long, whether you are able to crack it or not!

Study in Groups

Many CAT aspirants believe in working alone, especially during the final phase of the CAT preparation. Working with a motivated set of individuals who are able to inspire and challenge you to put your best foot forward is required.

So, make sure you build a peer study group for CAT studies, especially if CAT is going to be your first attempt. Discuss and revise the topics, this will help in remembering the topics for long.

Mock Tests and Sectional Time Management is Mandatory

Time management must be the area to focus, as now there is sectional time limit. Students must focus on managing their time to attempt and revise the answers.

Mock Tests help not only to check and practice whatever you have learnt; they also give you an idea of what’s actually working in your preparation strategy and helps you to realign the same for the coming days.

Spend minimum possible time in preparing on concepts and start taking mock tests on a regular basis.

Practicing mock tests will increase your confidence level as well.

Improvise on Weak Areas

Strengthen the fundamentals and improve and revise weak areas. This strategy will help in securing a high percentile in CAT 2018. Identify and work more on the areas you lack confidence.

On the same time don’t ignore the strong areas completely.

Fast Calculation, Speed and Accuracy

Accuracy and time management are very important and cannot be compromised with. Keep Calm and work sincerely. There is no shortcut to it, just find some smart ways to achieve success.

Practice as much as you can and get the best short tricks of solving the mathematics questions. If you want it, nothing can stop you from getting it.

Write a lot of mock tests so that you would easily find from the test analysis about the areas that needed more work. This will improve the accuracy and speed.

It is not necessary to attempt all questions, attempt only those which you are sure about. Negative marking should be avoided at any cost.

Practice Daily

Give some time daily to your preparations, even half an hour works miracles. And make sure to regularly evaluate yourself in mock tests and their analysis of your results.

Following these simple CAT Preparation tips will help you to lay a solid foundation for the upcoming MBA entrance test.




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