Diversity at IIM: Benefits for Non-Engineers and Female candidates

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    This is a well-known fact that the IIMs are dominated by engineers. Every year, the number of non-engineers appearing in CAT is less as compared to the engineers. This results in an increase in the number of B.E./B.Tech graduates in the classrooms at the top management institutes such as IIMs. 

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    Therefore in order to maintain the diversity among the MBA aspirants, the institutes have made efforts to offers equal opportunity to the non-engineers and female candidates by improvising its admission criteria. 

    Lets read out to know how these institutes are maintaining diversity among the students. 

    Academic Diversity Approach to IIMs

    In order to strategize the academic diversity, the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) have decided to revise and relax the admission criteria and to offer higher weightage to non-engineers to increase academic diversity. So, the expected modified selection criteria and CAT 2019 exam could benefit non-engineers. 

    IIMs such as Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Kozhikode shortlist a candidate for AWT and PI round on the basis of certain criteria. At the different stages of selection, the applicant’s “Rating Score” is used.

    An applicant's rating score is the sum of the rating scores ‘A', ‘B', ‘C' and ‘D' based on their percentage of marks obtained in the 10th standard, the 12th standard, the bachelor's degree programme (depending upon the discipline) and work experience (as on July 31, 2019) respectively. Here, the percentage score in the Bachelor's Degree for non-engineers is kept higher as compared to non-engineers. 

    For eg - Table below indicates the Rating Scores for the Bachelor's Degree Examination for IIM Ahmedabad MBA Admission 2020. 

    Rating ScorePercent score in Bachelor's Degree
    -Medical DegreeProfessional DegreeCommerceEngineering and TechnologyArts and Humanities
    1<=55<= 50<= 55<= 60<= 50
    2> 55 and <= 60> 50 and <= 53> 55 and <= 60> 60 and <= 65> 50 and <= 55
    3> 60 and <= 62> 53 and <= 55> 60 and <= 65> 65 and <= 70> 55 and <= 60
    5> 62 and <= 65> 55 and <= 57> 65 and <= 70> 70 and <= 75> 60 and <= 65
    8> 65 and <= 70> 57 and <= 63> 70 and <= 80> 75 and <= 85> 65 and <= 75
    10> 70> 63> 80> 85> 75

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    Gender Diversity at IIMs

    Gender plays a role in the selection process at IIMs. The institute provides special privilege to the female aspirants. “At the shortlisting for our interviews, we have a criterion called gender diversity factor, where we give extra marks to female candidates. This has borne good results for us,” said Himanshu Rai, director, IIM Indore.

    Over the past few years, there has been a certain increase in the number of female candidates appearing in CAT exam. As the institutes are offering better opportunities to female candidates, the trend is expected to increase in the upcoming years. 

    CAT Female applicants

    Also Check CAT Cutoff

    Tabulated below is the sectional as well as an overall general category cutoff score of the top 5 IIMs. 

    InstituteOverall CutoffVARCDILRQA
    IIM Ahmedabad80707070
    IIM Bangalore80757580
    IIM Calcutta85808075
    IIM Lucknow85808075
    IIM Kozhikode85808080

    "Diversity is important for creating an environment that instills creativity, confidence, and candor in future business leaders. Increased diversity in the class adds to the diversity in perspectives, opinions, and ideas, which in turn results in increased sharpness of solutions offered to various business problems,” said Dheeraj Sharma, director of IIM Rohtak.

    Decrease in CAT Cutoff

    There has been a decrease in CAT Cutoff Score over the past few years. This is factor has led to an increase in the number of non-engineers securing seats in one of the IIMs. With the lowering cutoff each year, a significant increase is expected among the non-engineering candidates. 

    Tabulated below is the sectional as well as an overall general category cutoff score of the top 5 IIMs. 

    InstituteOverall CutoffVARCDILRQA
    IIM Ahmedabad80707070
    IIM Bangalore80757580
    IIM Calcutta85808075
    IIM Lucknow85808075
    IIM Kozhikode85808080

    Decrease in Weightage of CAT Score

    CAT exam is the basic selection criteria for the further rounds of the admission process. A list of students who will appear in AWT and GD/PI is formed after combining the weightage of CAT with other criteria like, 10th score, 12th, score, score in bachelor’s degree programs, and work experience. 

    Weightage of the CAT score is kept maximum amongst all the other criteria. With the change in admission criteria, IIMs change the weightage each year. It has been found the weightage of CAT Score is slightly lowered in the selection process and more weightage is added to gender criteria. 

    With the decrease in the weightage of the CAT score, many candidates get an opportunity to make into the IIMs, irrespective of their performance in the bachelor’s degree program. 



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