CAP: New IIMs Shortlist, Cutoff and Admission Criteria

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    Common Admission Process (CAP) 2020 final result is being announced seperately by each participating IIM. With the coming up of new IIMs in recent years, CAP 2020  was conducted by IIM Ranchi for 9 new and baby IIMs. Weightage of Written ability test (WAT) is not considered for preparationof final merit list as several candidates were unable toappear due to COVID-19 outbreak persisting lockdown. Personal interview were also conducted in online mode. and was outlined to make the admission process less complicated. Candidates were shortlisted for CAP on the basis of CAT Result which was declared on the official website on January 4, 2020.

    • IIM Rohtak opted out of CAP and conducted its own WAT-PI round.
    • A total of 9 third-generation IIMs are participating in CAP 2019; IIM Kashipur, IIM Raipur, IIM Ranchi. IIM Rohtak, IIM Trichy, IIM Udaipur, IIM Bodh Gaya, IIM Jammu, IIM Sambalpur, and IIM Sirmaur. 
    • Scores of WAT (Written Analysis Test) and PI (Personal Interview) will be common for all IIMs. Check Score Calculation
    • The participating IIMs send their list of shortlisted candidates to IIM Ranchi which subsequently create a final list of all the shortlisted candidates and conducted WAT-PI rounds. 
    • WAT and PI selection rounds are conducted in five different locations, namely Chennai. Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bangalore. After the conduction of CAP, each IIM will assess the candidate’s performance based on their own weightage criteria and make admission offers on the basis of their individualized merit list. All information regarding the merit list will be available on the official website of the respective IIM.

    Since the few top rank holders of CAT find seats in the old and prestigious IIMs, CAP is a step further in the filtration process in order to allocate seats to qualified candidates. 

    What is Common Admission Process?

    Common Admission Process for Post Graduate Programme

    1. Shortlisting of candidates by individual new IIMs. The shortlisting will be based off the primary CAT 2019 Cutoff composed by each IIM. The shortlist will be released soon and candidates will be notified in due course. 
    2. Each IIM then sends the list to CAP 2019 Coordinator i.e. IIM Ranchi. 
    3. IIM Ranchi will formulate a final list of all the shortlisted candidates who qualify for the WAT-PI process. 
    4. Candidates take part in WAT and PI process. 
    5. CAP 2019 scores will then be prepared by IIM Ranchi and shared with the participating IIM.
    6. The final admission list is prepared by individual IIMs who will calculate the composite scores on the basis of WAT, PI, work experience, and past academic performance.

    CAT Cutoff for CAP

    CAT Cutoff for CAP

    CategoryQuantsDILRVARCTotal PercentileCandidates Shortlisted

    CAP Seat Intake

    CAP Seat Intake

    The number of candidates that may be shortlisted for CAP is always a point of concern among CAT exam takers. In recent years, the seat capacity has increased at IIMs, thereby increasing the number of shortlisted candidates. For CAP 2020, around 17,000 candidates were selected, making the selection for this year to rise further. Below mentioned are the details of participating IIM and their intake for 2019-21 batch.

    Indian Institute of Management (IIM)Intake for 2020-2022 batch
    IIM Bodhgaya60
    IIM Kashipur220-260
    IIM Raipur280-320
    IIM Ranchi120-180
    IIM Sambalpur60
    IIM Sirmaur60
    IIM Trichy180-260
    IIM Udaipur240
    IIM Jammu60
    IIM Amritsar105

    CAP Selection Process

    CAP Selection Process

    The selection process for new IIMs consists of two rounds: WAT and PI. Though the entire CAP process has not been revealed and each IIM has its own selection criteria, broader details have been provided below as per the analysis made from the data available on various platforms.

    Essay Writing (WAT) 

    1. Average Duration: 20 minutes
    2. Word Limit: 300 words
    3. Possible topics for essay writing:
      • What measures can be adopted to curb pollution levels in Delhi?
      • How can social media be a danger to the Right to Privacy?
      • Mob lynching- a threat to Indian democracy
      • Women have remained silent for many years and continue to remain so in the present. Can this act as an obstruction in the Rights of Women's’ Movement?

    Personal Interview

    1. Average Duration: 10-15 minutes
    2. Number of Panelists: 2 to 7
    3. Process:
      • At first candidate’s profile is scrutinized.
      • Questions are then put forward keeping in mind the candidate's academic and professional (if any) background.
      • The candidate is asked to deliver a two- minute extempore on a topic (topic may be provided on the spot or allowed to make a choice of his/her own).
    4. Excerpts from Interview:
      • (Candidate Profile: Fresher, Commerce graduate)

        Which subjects have you studied during your graduation? Define the functions of HR. Tell us about the types of interviews that you are aware of. How can a company check the efficiency of its recruitment process? Explain the 4 P's and 7 P's of marketing? Have you studied Taxation? How is the President of India elected? Have you read about any major news in the past four months? What is it? 

        Extempore (2 minutes) - The panel asked the candidate to speak on the state of declining Indian economy.

      • ( Candidate Profile: B.Tech (ECE) with work experience)

        Tell us something that makes you unique? (Questions were asked on candidate’s hobby- painting) What is special about M.F.Hussain? What are the different ancient types of paintings found in India? Name the railway junction which was awarded the cleanest railway station of India. 

        Extempore (2 minutes) - Painting is nothing but a reflection of thoughts.

    CAP: Weightage of Different Parameters

    Final Call Selection Criteria

    At the time of preparation of final merit list, many factors are considered including WAT and PI. A candidate may get multiple opportunities under CAP if s/he gets a call from various IIMs. The following table** gives a detailed description of the weightage given to each section while preparing the list.

    B-SchoolFinal Call Selection Criteria
    CAT10th12thGradWork ExpAcad DiversityGender DiversityGD/WATPIProf Qual
    IIM Bodhgaya40%4%4%4%6%4%8%10%20%
    IIM Kashipur30%5%5%10%5%5%5%10%20%5%
    IIM Raipur35%10%8%4%8%10%25%
    IIM Ranchi30%15%5%5%5%10%30%
    IIM Sambalpur35%2%2%6%15%5%15%5%15%
    IIM Sirmaur30%5%10%15%5%5%15%15%
    IIM Trichy50%10%5%#5%14%14%2%
    IIM Udaipur55%2%2%4%6%8%6%15%2%
    IIM Jammu40%5%5%5%5%5%5%10%20%
    IIM Amritsar35%5%10%15%35%

    CAP Centers

    • In the year 2019, Personal Interview and Written Analysis Test rounds were conducted at New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata. The exact dates for CAP are communicated through the coordinating IIM.
    • For this year, CAP centers are expected to be located in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi. The dates will be communicated to all the shortlisted candidates in due time.
    • When it comes to CAP preparation, many candidates find it difficult to analyze the CAP pattern in its entirety. Though there’s a proper coordination belt built between the New IIMs, it is necessary to know the pattern as the final selection list is released by each separately. Thus, CAP is considered to be the last opportunity for CAT aspirants to hit the dart at the right spot.



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