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CAT 2015 Cutoff for IIM Ahmedabad

Last Updated - April 23, 2018

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) will announce the minimum cutoff of CAT in January 2019. The selection of candidates for admission to the 2019-21 batch of the PGP at IIM Ahmedabad is a two-step process.CAT 2018 notification will be publish in July 2018 ,and shortly thereafter IIM Ahmedabad will announce the admission criteria for PGP 2019-21 batch.

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Minimum Cut-offs of CAT-2015 Percentile Ranks

CategoryVerbal and Reading Comprehension percentile rank (PVRC)Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning percentile rank (PDILR)Quantitative Aptitude percentile rank (PQA)Overall percentile rank (PT)

The cut-offs mentioned above are computed using last year CAT data.It depends on factors,like applicants’pool,distribution of CAT scores etc.which may change year to year.In view of this fact the Admissions Committee of IIMA reserves the right of changing the cut-offs if deemed desirable in the light of CAT-2015 data.

As per the IIM Ahmedabad (IIMA) admission criteria for PGP 2016-18,there are 3 steps of admission.This includes (1)Preliminary Screening,(2)Screening for Academic Writing Test(AWT) and Personal Interview (PI),(3) Final Selection.

Shortlisting and Selection Criteria for PGP 2016-18 batch

1. Preliminary Screening

In CAT 2015 there will be three sections viz.,‘Quantitative Aptitude’(QA),‘Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) and Verbal and Reading Comprehension’(VRC).Candidates fulfilling the following minimum cut offs in the sectional percentile ranks and overall percentile rank and obtaining a positive (greater than zero) raw score in all sections of the CAT-2015 will only be considered for all subsequent stages.

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Minimum Cut-offs of CAT-2015 Percentile Ranks

CategoryVerbal and Reading Comprehension percentile rank (PVRC)Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning percentile rank (PDILR)Quantitative Aptitude percentile rank (PQA)Overall percentile rank (PT)

Note: Scheduled Castes (SC),Scheduled Tribes (ST),Non-creamy Other Backward Castes (NC-OBC),Differently Abled (DA).

At different stages of the selection process ‘Application Rating’(AR) score of an applicant will be used.An applicant’s AR score is the sum of the rating scores ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ (Tables 2-4) based on her/his percentage of marks obtained in 10th standard,12th standard (depending upon the stream, viz.,‘Science’,‘Commerce’‘Arts & Humanities’)and bachelor’s degree examinations (depending upon the discipline) respectively.For different streams/disciplines the equivalent ARs are arrived at by using a sort of percentile equivalence of the score distributions using last year’s CAT data.

Rating Scores for 10th Std. Exam (Rating Score A)

Percent score in 10th Std. examRating Score A
<= 551
> 55 and <= 602
> 60 and <= 703
> 70 and <= 805
> 80 and <= 908
> 9010

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Rating Scores for 12th Std.Exam (Rating Score B)

Percent score in 12th Std. exam (Science stream)Rating Score BPercent score in 12th Std. exam (Commerce stream)Rating Score BPercent score in 12th Std. exam (Arts stream)Rating Score B
<= 551<= 501<= 451
> 55 and <= 602> 50 and <= 552> 45 and <= 502
> 60 and <= 703> 55 and <= 653> 50 and <= 603
> 70 and <= 805> 65 and <= 755> 60 and <= 705
> 80 and <= 908> 75 and <= 908> 70 and <= 858
> 9010> 9010> 8510

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Rating Scores for bachelor’s degree Exam (Rating Score C)

Percent score in Bachelor’s Degree (AC-1, AC-3 & AC-5)Rating Score CPercent score in Bachelor’s Degree (AC-2)Rating Score CPercent score in Bachelor’s Degree (AC-4)Rating Score C
<= 551<= 501<= 601
> 55 and <= 602> 50 and <= 552> 60 and <= 652
> 60 and <= 653> 55 and <= 603> 65 and <= 703
> 65 and <= 704> 60 and <= 654> 60 and <= 754
> 70 and <= 807> 65 and <= 757> 75 and <= 857
> 8010> 7510> 8510
Percent score in Bachelor’s Degree (AC-6)Rating Score CPercent score in Bachelor’s Degree (AC-7)Rating Score C
<= 551<= 501
> 55 and <= 602> 50 and <= 532
> 60 and <= 623> 53 and <= 553
> 62 and <= 754> 55 and <= 574
> 65 and <= 707> 57 and <= 637
> 7010> 6310

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Application Rating Score: AR= (A+B+C)

Normalized AR score of an applicant is equal to his/her AR scores divided by average of the top 50 AR scores from the applicants’ pool.

Notes about the marks obtained:

  • Percentages of marks of an applicant who is yet to complete bachelor’s degree will be computed based on her/his available marks.
  • For a candidate having cleared CA/ICWA/CS without having a bachelor’s degree,the average of inter and final examinations’percentages of marks obtained would be treated as bachelor’s degree marks.
  • For computing AR score of an applicant,scores in all subjects that appear in the marks-sheet of 10th and 12th Std.Examinations will be considered irrespective of whether the board/university considers them for calculating the percentage.
  • For bachelor’s degree,the percentage of marks awarded by the institute/university will be treated as final.If the institute/university does not award the percentage of marks,it will be calculated on the basis of the marks obtained in all subjects listed in the marks-sheet.
  • If the percentage of marks awarded by the institute/university does not take into account marks obtained in all the subjects as mentioned in the marks-sheet(s) for all the years,the candidates must produce a certificate from the Principal/Head of the Department/Registrar/Director of the university/institution certifying details of the practice at the time of the interview, if shortlisted for the same.
  • If any board/institute/university awards only letter grades without providing an equivalent percentage of marks on the grade sheet,the candidate should obtain a certificate from the board/institute/university specifying the equivalent marks which should be used for filling the online CAT application form.The original equivalence certificate needs to be submitted at the time of interview,if shortlisted for the same.
  • For  candidates  having undergone/completed  an  integrated  Master’s  degree  or  Dual  degree,after 12th/HSC,the percentage of marks obtained as per your University/Institute norms which is considered as equivalent to Bachelor’s Degree will be counted.For those undergoing (yet to complete) an integrated Master’s degree or Dual degree,after your 12th/HSC,the percentage of marks obtained for the years/semesters completed to date will be considered.

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2. Short Listing for Academic Writing Test (AWT) & Personal Interview (PI)

Short listing will be carried out in two stages.

Stage 1: (From the Applicants’pool:Selection of exceptional performers across different disciplines)

To recognize exceptional performers in terms of previous academic records as well as in CAT across diverse academic backgrounds,from each of the seven academic disciplines,top 100 candidates or top 1% of the number of applicants to IIM Ahmedabad -- whichever is less -- will be shortlisted for AWT & PI on the basis of the composite score ‘CS’ (see below) subject to their fulfilling criteria C1-C3.

Criteria: C1-C3:

C1.PT ≥ 90, PQA ≥ 80, PDILR ≥ 80 and PVRC ≥ 80

C2. P ≥ 80 (Science),77(Commerce),75(Arts/Humanities)

Where P is the average of the percentages of marks scored in 10th and 12th std. exams.

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C3. (Percentage of marks in the bachelor’s examination) ≥ Minimum cut-off percentage (discipline-wise as shown in given below table)

Cut-off percentage in Bachelor’s Degree Exam for different disciplines

Cut-off Percentage74687178736659

CS (Composite Score) = 0.3 (Normalized AR score) + 0.7 (Normalized overall score in CAT-2015)

Stage 2 (Category-wise selection): After removing the applicants selected in stage 1 from each category (General, NC-OBC, SC, ST, DA) the additional number of applicants to be shortlisted for AWT & PI will be selected following the same procedure as in Stage 1 except that the criteria C1-C3 are now category specific.

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Criteria: C1-C3

C1: PT, PQA, PDILR and PVRC ≥ Respective minimum cut-off (specific to the category as shown in Cutoff minimum percentile Table)

C2: P ≥ Minimum cut-offs (specific to the category and the stream as shown in given below Table ).

Minimum cut-off for P across different disciplines and different categories

Stream in 12th std.General CategoryNCOBC CategorySC CategoryST CategoryDA Category
Arts & Humanities7570645964

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C3: (Percentage of marks in the bachelor’s degree examination) ≥ Minimum cut-off (category and discipline specific as shown in given below table).

Minimum cut-off percentage in bachelor’s degree exam across different disciplines and categories

DisciplineCut-off Percentage
General CategoryNC-OBC CategorySC CategoryST CategoryDA Category

3. Final Selection

Selection at this stage will strictly be based on the ranks of the candidates computed separately for each category (General/SC/ST/NC-OBC/DA)on the basis of their‘Final Composite Scores’(FCS).The numbers selected in different categories will be in proportions mandated by law.

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The FCS of a candidate who appears in AWT & PI will be computed as follows:

FCS = 0.40 (Normalized PI Score) + 0.10 (Normalized AWT Score) + 0.5 (CS).

The normalized PI and AWT scores of a candidate are equal to his/her PI and AWT scores divided by the average of the top 1% scores in PI and AWT respectively.

NOTE: In the event of specific guidelines being issued by Government of India, IIMA reserves the right to,depending on the nature of the guidelines,continue with its AWT&PI as stated above OR use an alternative selection procedure which may include calling for additional information from short-listed candidates,a supplementary test or any other suitable process/mechanism.Care will be taken to ensure that candidates are not put to undue inconvenience.

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