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Weightage of Academics and Work Experience in CAT 2020
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For many years now, IIMs and FMS Delhi are making admissions on the basis of candidates’ overall academic and professional profile along with their performance in CAT. Score in the written examination is no longer the sole admission determining factor. In addition to CAT Score, IIMs, FMS Delhi and other business schools are giving substantial weightage to class 10, 12 and graduation marks, work experience, professional qualification such as CA/ CS/ CFA and gender diversity while shortlisiting candidates for GD/ PI round and for offering final admission as well.  

Latest Update: CAT 2020 notification has been released on July 29 by IIM Indore on official website Exam is scheduled to take place on November 29, 2020. Check Details Here

  • IIMs and other B-Schools are giving somewhat balanced weightage to candidates’ performance in CAT and academic and professional accomplishments as mere high CAT score does not showcase candidates’ personal, communication and aptitude skills. 
  • For instance in 2020 session, IIM Bangalore selected 54% candidates with work experience (average of 2 years) while 45% have no experience at all. 
  • Candidates securing comparatively lower CAT percentile still have fair chance of admission in IIMs, provided they prove excellent academic profile, internships and training, participation in extra-curriculars such as debates and conferences, working experince in NGOs or corporations and other professional acheivements.

IIMs, FMS Shortlisting Criteria

IIMs, FMS Shortlisting and Admission Criteria

This new session 2020-22 has brought a major change in the admission process of IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow and FMS for PGP. Now candidates have to know that a high CAT percentile does not guarantee a ticket to IIMs or FMS Delhi. One needs to fulfill all the criteria added by the committee this year. It is compulsory for all the aspirants to qualify in each 3 sections individually.

The overall 99 percentile will not yield the expected result if a candidate does not qualify in each section, but if a candidate scores 94 percentile and qualifies each section his probability of getting admission will definitely increase.

Less Weightage to CAT Score   

From this session 2020-22, IIMs and FMS have decided to give low weightage to CAT 2020 scores, as they have shifted their focus to candidates’ other essential skills. Now IIM Lucknow, Calcutta, Ahmedabad have decided to give more weightage to Communication skills (verbal and written), academic profile, and work experience. They have reduced the weightage of CAT Score by 10 points. Experts are considering it as a major change in the admission policy of leading B-Schools of the country.

High Weightage to Academic Profile

Excellent performances at Class 10, 12 and graduation level can compensate for lower CAT percentile as high weightage will be given to overall academic profile. Further, preference will be given to the candidates from Commerce, Arts, or any educational discipline other than engineering background. This does not mean engineers will not be admitted but preference will be given to commerce students.

Work Experience

IIMs give almost 5-10 percent weightage to the candidates who have quality work experience in their respective fields. It is informed that work experience of fewer than 6 months is not considered. Aspirants can mention their internship as a work experience as well. If any candidate has worked with any NGO or contributed in any social cause are advised to mention it as their work of experience, it shows their potential as a leader.

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IIM Ahmedabad Selection Parameters

IIM Ahmedabad Selection Process 2020 : Academic Scores Weightage

IIM Ahmedabad has set the ratings for the marks acquired class 10. Check the table to know the ratings :

IIM Ahmedabad Weighatge of Class 10 Marks

Class 10 score (in percentage)

Rating score : A

Less than or eual to 55 1
55-60 2
60-70 3
70-80 5
80-90 8
More than 90 10

Check IIM Ahmedabad Selection Criteria

IIM Ahmedabad Weighatge of Class 12 Marks

Science Stream Commerce Stream Arts Stream
Score in Class XII (in per cent) Rating score: B Score in Class XII (in per cent) Rating score: B Score in Class XII (in per cent) Rating score: B
Less than 55 1 Less than 50 1 Less than 45 1
55-60 2 50-55 2 45-50 2
60-70 3 55-65 3 50-60 3
70-80 5 65-75 5 60-70 5
80-90 8 75-90 8 70-85 8
More than 90 10 More than 90 10 85 10

Check CAT 2020 Syllabus

IIM Ahmedabad Weightage of Bachelor’s Degree Examination

AC-1 AC-2 AC-3 AC-4 &AC-6 AC-5
Score(in percent) Rating Score: C Score(in percent) Rating Score: C Score(in percent) Rating Score: C Score(in percent) Rating Score: C Score(in percent) Rating Score: C
Less than or equal to 55 1 Less than or equal to 50 1 Less than or equal to 55 1 Less than or equal to 60 1 Less than or equal to 50 1
55-60 2 50-53 2 55-60 2 60-65 2 50-55 2
60-62 3 53-55 3 60-65 3 65-70 3 55-60 3
62-65 5 55-57 5 65-70 5 70-75 5 60-65 5
65-70 8 57-63 8 70-80 8 75-85 8 65-75 8
More than 70 10 More than 63 10 More than 80 10 More than 85 10 More than 75 10

IIM Ahmedabad Weightage of Work Experience

Work Experience in Month (as on July 31, 2020)

Rating Score

Less than 12 months


Greater than or equal to and less than or equal to 36 months

Number of months of work experience - 11

Greater than 36 months


IIM Kozhikode Selection Parameters

IIM Kozhikode Selection Process Through CAT 

Aggregated Index Score Computation Criteria for Shortlisting

Component Weight
CAT Index Score 45%
CAT 10th Percentage Score 30%
CAT 12th Percentage Score 15%
Gender/Academic Diversity Score 10%

IIM Bangalore Shortlisting Parameters

Check IIM Kozhiode Selection Criteria

IIM Bangalore Shortlisting Parameters 2020

IIM Bangalore increased the weightage of CAT Score to 40% for PGP admissions 2020-2022. The institute lays down a lot of emphasis on work experience, in 2020 more than 50% candidates out of 488 have work experience. 

The parameter followed for PGP admissions 2020-22 are tabulated below:

Parameter Weightage in Percentile on a 100 scale Details
CAT 2019 Percentile 40 Prescribed differently for each section
Class 10 marks 20 90% and above
Class 12 marks 10 90% and above
Bachelors Degree 20 Stream wise weightage
Gender diversity 2 Preference to Female candidates
Work Experience 8 3 years and more given maximum weightage

Check IIM Bangalore Selection Criteria 

  • The database of 10th and 12th scores of all CAT applicants of the past two years is used for identifying the 90th percentile score for each 10th and 12th board for this purpose.
  • For all candidates in the first shortlist, final scores obtained by them are used for the bachelors’ degree and professional degrees (if any). Incomplete or intermediate scores are considered only if their final score is pending.
  • For all candidates in the first shortlist, candidates with Chartered Accountancy, Cost Accounting, and Company Secretary certifications are eligible for weight under professional course. No other professional course is eligible for weight under professional course. The professional course score is also standardized for all candidates in the first shortlist.
  • For all candidates in the first shortlist, the score/weight for work experience is calculated as:

Pre PI score for Work Experience

= 8x/36 if 0 < x < 36

= 8 if x >= 36

Where x is the months of work experience up to July 2019, as captured in CAT application form (and substantiated in the application to IIMB). This implies that the score will peak at 36 months work experience and will remain at that level for candidates with work experience exceeding 36 months. The work experience score (maximum 8 in the pre-PI stage) will be multiplied by the quality of work experience score on a 5 point scale (0.25 - 0.5 – 1 - 1.5 - 2) as given by interviewers in the PI process in Phase 2 to then arrive at a weighted work experience score

IIM Calcutta Calculation of Scores

IIM Calcutta Calculation of Composite Scores for PI Shortlisting 

The Composite Score is calculated on the basis of CAT score, Class 10 and Class 12 aggregate percentages and Gender Diversity Factor. The method of allotting points for class 10 and 12 percentages based on aggregate scores is mentioned below:

Check IIM Calcutta Selection Criteria

Class 10 (marks in %) Points Class 12 (marks in %) Points
≥80 10 ≥80 10
≥ 75 and < 80 8 ≥ 75 and < 80 8
≥ 70 and < 75 6 ≥ 70 and < 75 6
≥ 65 and < 70 4 ≥ 65 and < 70 4
≥ 60 and < 65 2 ≥ 60 and < 65 2
< 60 0 < 60 0

The composite cut-off score is used for short-listing the candidates for the PI stage in each category. The number of candidates shortlisted for the PI stage would be the discretion of the institute and would depend on the number of seats available.