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How to Prepare for CAT 2019 In Last 2 Months?
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“Planned Preparation Strategy is The Key to Score Well  in CAT,” Says Radha, CAT, 82 Percentile, NICMAR.

Radha appeared for CAT in 1999 and scored 82 percentile. She got admission in National Institute of Construction Management and Research. She tells us about her preparation strategy, impact of joining coaching classes and the websites she followed. 

Find below her response to our questionnaire for CAT Toppers.

Q. 1 What is your five-point rule to excel CAT 2019?

Maintain the right attitude. Develop your own strategy to crack the exam. Identify your scoring areas. Attempt as many mock tests as possible. Keep your thoughts clear.

Q. 2 What were your strong and weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving weak areas?

I was not too good in any of the sections. I had to concentrate equally in all sections. I concentrated more on my strengths and little bit on weakness. I developed a strategy to identify my scoring sections during exam. I avoided questions that consume more time.

Q. 3 Did you take coaching classes? If yes, how they did help in your story?

Yes, they are only the Guides. Coaching institutes play an important role in shaping the career of students. These institutes provide the necessary guidance which a candidate might miss out on during self-study. Success is in your hands.

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Q. 4 Review the coaching institutes and what was their role in your story?

The coaching center was very supportive. Their study materials were useful. Their guidance on the Group Discussion played very important role during my admission rounds. Also, their tips on body language helped me. Their flexibility on timing to take up mock tests and availability of their premises for preparation and guidance was of great support. 

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Q. 5 What mock papers did you take?

I took TIME study material and online tests. I preferred those mock tests whose advertisements come in newspaper. I sat for similar examinations even if it is not CAT or MAT. I followed question banks too.

Q. 6 What are the website you followed regularly to practice free sample papers or to get updates?

Only 2 websites I followed- TIME and IMS.

Q. 7 Quantitative aptitude: Discuss your strategy for the section

Practice, Practice and More Practice. Learn shortcut methods. Never go by the traditional or regular methods for solving problems as it consumes much time. Do not attend challenging and time consuming questions. Be smart in identifying the right problem that would help you in scoring better.

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Q. 8 List the name of books you followed for Quant

I just studied from material given by coaching center.

Q. 9 Data Interpretation: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section

Improve your Logical and Lateral Thinking. If you feel like, it is taking more time then skip andmove to the next. Choose puzzle based problems where many questions are interlinked. Do not spend much time on single point scoring questions.

Q. 10 List the Name of Books You Followed for DI

I practiced only from mock tests.

Q. 11 Logical Reasoning: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section

Sometimes the right meaning of the sentence could be different and the logical link may be different in the question. Understand the logic behind it, not the actual meaning. Try attempting the number of questions, if it consumes more time then just skip and go ahead. This can be a scoring area to you.

Q. 12 List the Name of Books You Followed for Logical Reasoning

I only followed coaching center books and books of other institutes such as IMS and Carrier Launcher.

Q. 13 Vocabulary and Grammar: Discuss Your Strategy for the Section

Practice the easy and quick methods that may sometimes be impractical. Do not think a lot over a particular question. Keep moving. Learn a minimum of 20 words per day. find the meanings, usage, opposite and other forms. Use the word at least once every day to get excel.

Q. 14 List the Name of Books You Followed for Vocabulary and Grammar

Newspaper, flash cards by coaching center and IAS coaching magazine.

Q. 15 Write some of the preparation tips for someone who is starting a month before the exam?

It is very difficult to prepare in last 2 months before the exam. Preferable just go & appear and get a feel of how the CAT exam is and where you stand without any preparation. Try to practice and just do practice. Learn all the quick and easy methods. 

Q. 16 How was the interview in counselling? Share some of the Questions.

It is mandatory to carry resume. All the questions were from my resume only. If you have work experience, make a portfolio of your past experience. Institute looks for a mix of talents and exposure among the batch. Hence speak about your other talents and hobbies even if it is very pretty.