CAT 2019 Tips for effective Section-wise Time Management

    Time is a precious commodity which once lost can never be recouped. Hence managing it in the right manner especially for CAT 2019 aspirants can prove to be a turning point. 

    • CAT 2019 is all set to be conducted on November 24, 2019. 
    • This year the exam will be conducted by IIM Kozhikode with the pattern remaining the same as that of last year. 
    • Admit card for CAT 2019 was released on October 23, 2019. 

    As per the latest notification, CAT answer key will be released a week after the examination. With only a few days pending for the exam and the countdown already set the pace, managing time becomes a crucial point to consider. This highlights the importance of Sectional time management that can assist students in efficiently managing their time as per sections.

    A quick run-through CAT 2019

    CAT which is also known as Common Admission Test is one of the top noted management entrance examinations in India. As per reports, over 2.44 lakh applicants have enrolled for the examination so far which is also the highest in the past decade. 

    • CAT comprises a total of 100 questions divided into three sections viz. Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DI & LR) and Quantitative Aptitude (QA) in the given order. Check detailed CAT Exam Pattern
    • Candidates will be allotted a total of 60 minutes to attempt each section. 

    Furthermore, they will have to work their schedule based on the time allotted for each section without the provision of switching between the sections during the exam. This thereby makes Sectional time management an important criterion to keep in mind while attempting CAT.

    How Sectional Time Management for CAT 2019 will be advantageous?

    As per experts, dividing the exam into sections limits candidates from spending much time switching between them. As they are supposed to attempt one section at a time, it also gradually increases the chances of gaining higher sectional scores. Moreover, taking a buffer time of approximately 10 minutes for each section also aids in saving more time at their disposal and completing the exam beforehand.

    The advantages that applicants can have with this pattern of the exam that has been a constant over the last couple of years are:

    • Complete focus on a particular section for a stipulated period of time
    • Not worrying of complex mathematical formulae while solving a reading comprehension - one after the other
    • The flexibility of dedicating shorter time span to sections that you are less confident about

    Tips for Time Management for CAT 2019

    CAT or Common Aptitude Test is a crucial examination that is held for availing admission to top-rated management colleges across the country. The scores obtained in the exam will determine a candidate’s eligibility to gain admission in their desired college. Thus, utmost care and discipline are considered important for cracking the examination crucially.

    Accuracy and speed are some of the most crucial aspects in the case of a competitive exam like CAT. Also, taking up mock tests beforehand will render additional practice to the students to attempt each section within the set time limit. Considering the cruciality of the exam and the time limit of 60 minutes for each section, here we have enlisted top tips for sectional time management for the CAT exam. Readout below:

    Top Tips for Sectional Time Management for CAT 2019

    Attempt each section in three rounds

    While juggling between sections is not allowed in CAT 2019, yet the possibility of candidates switching between questions within a section also can lower their chances of scoring. Hereby dividing each section into three rounds will help ease the process.

    • First Phase – Solve questions that you find extremely easy and are completely sure about
    • Second Phase – Opt for questions which you feel you can give a try
    • Third Phase – Go for questions that are time-consuming and would require more head pondering.

    Divide the time accordingly

    Try to attempt at least 15 to 16 questions in the first 30 to 35 minutes. Along with that, go on marking questions that you are almost sure of but require some time to solve. Attempt these questions during the second phase. And if there is yet more time left after this, go on to check the third. This methodology will only improve your accuracy and bring about a huge difference in your marking.

    Attempt Non-MCQ questions first

    Answering non-MCQ questions is not going to fetch you negative marking, this is a great way of trying your luck and adding marks to your kitty. Instead of not punching in wrong options in MCQs, this strategy might add up to that minute difference in marks that might matter in your end percentile. 

    Time management skills for CAT 2019

    Do not spend much time on one question

    Considering the paucity of time, with each section in the CAT exam given 60 minutes, spending it pondering on one question can prove to be lethal. Thus, spend a maximum of 2 to 3 minutes on one question. If you are still unable to recollect go to the next question. As per topper Naman Singal, who scored 99.93 % in CAT 2016, states, focusing on questions whose answers are easy to write can make it easy to score.

    Follow the art of leaving

    Leave answers which you are doubtful of. When in doubt leave it out. Attempting questions you are doubtful of just to complete as many answers as possible may lead to negative marking thereby lowering your entire scoring. Be sensible and quick enough to recognize the difficulty level of the questions that come at you and accordingly invest time on them as and when required or simply skip them.

    Go through the answers once before you end your test

    Devote at least 10 minutes of your time for revising through each section. This will help ensure you haven’t left out on crucial questions and have rightly answered those which you attempted. This is extremely important for you to miss out on silly mistakes, if any. By erring and choosing the wrong option when the correct response is known to you will not hurt you any less than an unattempted question. So, be mindful of that.

    Revisit questions you were doubtful of

    After you have finished attempting the entire section, opt for the questions which you left unattempted. In the time left in the end, you can try out your luck with the questions without the worry of completing the paper in time hovering over your mind. Many a time, we face with a blockage in our head regarding a particular statement or problem. Skipping it for some time and revisiting it after a while only makes us to think of it in a different way and even find a solution to that as well. So, try your luck, if time permits.

    CAT 2019 result

    CAT 2019 result will be released on January 07, 2020 tentatively. Students who have scored aggregate marks in the exam can thereby go on to apply at their desired B-school for Management programs. 

    The hard work and the strenuous effort that you have put in over the past couple of months, will definitely bring in good colors. It’s just for you to plan those 3 hours on Sunday efficiently and strategically. Keep your calm and rock the CAT 2019!



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