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CAT Topper Rishi Mittal scored 100 percentile: Read How Coaching & Early Preparations helped him in Cracking CAT Exam
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Exams Prep Master | Updated On - May 7, 2021

Rishi Mittal did the impossible by achieving a 100 percentile in CAT 2019. He secured this perfect score in his first attempt to receive calls from the top B-schools viz. IIM A, B, C, L, K, I, S, CAP, and FMS Delhi. Rishi, a resident of Mumbai, is a Civil Engineer and is currently studying at NIT Surat. Rishi draws inspiration from his father and has always been clear about his goals.

He maintained consistency during the course of his preparation and solved maximum questions that were provided by the coaching institutes. “Early preparation and Coaching helped me capitalize on my strengths,” said Rishi.

In an interview, he shared the strategies and resources he used for preparation for CAT exam. Read the complete article to know about his preparation journey and experience.

Interview with CAT Topper Rishi Mittal: Scored 100 percentile

Ques. What were your overall and sectional scores in CAT exam?


Section Percentile
DILR 100
VARC 98.76
QA 99.99
Overall 100

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Ques. When did you start preparing for CAT Exam? What was your preparation plan?

Ans. In the beginning, I started with attempting mock test papers and analyzed them every time. These mock test papers helped me in getting a clear picture of my strengths and weaknesses. I gave more time to areas where I was lacking especially Verbal Ability, however, DILR and Quantitative Ability were my strengths. The faculty at the coaching center guided me through the pattern and helped me discover the strategies for the exam.

Ques. What was your overall preparation strategy for the CAT Exam?

Ans. I would say that I started preparing early as CAT is the most competitive management entrance exam in the country. Every year thousands of students appear for the CAT exam. I followed a very simple yet systematic strategy for the exam. 

  • I focused primarily on the mock test and the guidance provided by the Coaching Institute. 
  • After clearing my fundamentals, I attempted many mock tests and analyzed the questions of each mock test to understand my weak points, mistakes, and ways to improve.
  • Apart from that my strategy was that I initially tried to recognize my strengths and weaknesses so that I knew which areas to work on more. 
  • I knew that I had to work on my English for VARC section. 
  • To get a decent score in the Quant and DILR section, I attempted at least 20 questions every day.
  • A few weeks before the exam, I stopped studying from the study material, I was only solving mock tests and analyzing my performance. 

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Ques. Which books did you refer to for CAT preparation? Please share the details


Book Name Author
Quantitative Aptitude R S Aggarwal
How to prepare VARC for CAT Meenakshi Upadhyay and Arun Sharma
Quantum CAT S K Verma
Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis

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Ques. Did you join any coaching institute? How did coaching help you throughout the preparation for CAT exam?

Ans. Coaching played a vital role in my preparation for the CAT Exam. I joined IMS Coaching in my third year of BTech Civil Engineering. Apart from that, I joined iQuanta preparation, an online study group and supplemented these with the study material of TIME institute. In the initial months, I referred to study materials provided by these institutes to get a better understanding of the concepts.

Coachings proved beneficial for me as:

  • I had expert guidance that helped me to figure out the preparation course structure. Experts or coaching classes guided me on what to study. 
  • The mentors at the coaching centers prepared me for CAT, trained my mind to think beyond the apparent. 
  • Mentors kept me focused and motivated towards the preparation. They brought instances of success and kept sharing mantras that helped me refresh my mind and focus on important aspects of my preparation.

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Ques. In your opinion, Is it necessary to take coaching? If yes, then what are the advantages of joining coaching institutes for CAT preparation?

Ans. As per my general observations, I feel coaching institutes are very crucial for CAT preparation. However, students must take a decision regarding their mode of preparation keeping in mind their own ability and situation. 

The advantages of coaching are:

Focused preparation
Competitive Environment
Constant support and guidance of mentors
Availability of study material
Regular feedback on progress

Ques. How did mock tests help you in your preparations for the exam?

Ans. Mock Tests played the most important role in my preparation. I solved about 30 mock tests before appearing for CAT exam. Mock tests and sample papers helped me understand the exam pattern and syllabus better. Further, solving previous year papers helped me to identify the types of questions asked in the exam.

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Ques. What were your reasons for taking CAT exam? Was pursuing MBA your ultimate goal? 

Ans. Yes, MBA was the ultimate goal for me. I had thought of pursuing an MBA before I started my BTech Civil Degree. The most important aspect was the use of quality interaction in the stream of management. The job opportunities and the network provided by MBA attracted me the most to pursue an MBA degree.

Ques. Were you satisfied with the score? What was the average score that you were expecting?

Ans. After my CAT Exam, I was very scared and nervous about whether I would be able to cross 200 or 250. Post declaration of the official result, I knew I would score about 240-250 and my final scaled score turned out to be 241.45. Scoring a 100 percentile was a huge surprise and I was shocked when the result came out.

Ques. What strategy and tips would you like to give to future CAT aspirants?

Ans. First of all, there is no magic and trick to clear the exam. You need to put in your hard work and work with full dedication. 

  • My overall strategy was that I accepted the CAT exam pattern and I started the journey. I started to develop the strategy and made my own strategy for the D-Day. So, I suggest every candidate to devise a proper strategy and start as early as possible.
  • However, Luck also matters a lot because I have seen people working way harder than me and not getting the perfect marks. But at the same time, hard work and perseverance can do wonders for anyone.
  • Practice more mock tests and sample papers to understand the exam better.