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CAT 2017 Preparation Tips by Aishwarya Jain

Last Updated - August 23, 2017

Aishwarya appeared for CAT in 2013 and she scored a percentile score of 86.52. She took admission in FMS BHU. Apart from CAT, she appeared for CMAT also. She chose classroom coaching rather than self-study. Here, she explains her journey of CAT preparation and admission through CAT and this can help CAT 2017 aspirants to know the answer to the question-How to prepare for CAT 2017.

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Ques. How was the interview? Share some of the questions which you were asked.      

Ans. Interactive. Driven by the information I provided in my introduction, relating to my hobbies (cooking, music) One must be prepared with a set of Introduction Sentences. Try to drive the interview and it is sure that you will get admission into top CAT participating institutes.

Ques. Review the coaching institutes and what was their role in your story?     

Ans. My coaching institute was Quantum CAT. I found it better than some other CAT coaching institutes in my locality.

Ques. How did you manage CAT preparation schedule along graduation studies/working hours?

Ans.  I went to classes starting at 7 O' Clock till 9. At 9:15, I reach my college for my classes. After the classes ending at 2, I reach to coaching at 3 where I continue at my second shift of classes ending at 5. I worked really hard to complete CAT Syllabus timely.       

Ques. What is your five point rule to excel CAT 2017? Which mock papers did you take?

Ans. My 5 point rule to excel CAT 2017 is-

  • Accuracy
  • Patience
  • Free Mind
  • Paperless Calculations
  • Newspaper Reading

The mock tests were provided by our coaching institute. There we had full day study guidance and study rooms inside the coaching.

Ques. What were your strong and weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving your weak areas?

Ans. My weak area was Mathematics which eventually became my strong point. Continuous and rigorous practice made me perfect. I worked on other subjects too. I felt it is important to set strict timelines for preparation and utilized the weekends to the most. My disciplined approach towards CAT preparation along with consistency despite a hectic routine led me to achieve admission through CAT. 

Ques. What are the websites you followed regularly to practice free CAT sample papers or to get updates?         

Ans. I just simply followed for CAT preparation. On this website, I got all the updates related to CAT exam and CAT preparation tips too. 

Ques. Discuss your strategy for the Quantitative Aptitude section.   

Ans. I had 10 Sectional Sheets having 50 questions each and I solved it again and again. Then on-screen mock tests, I solved each question by allotting 1 minute per question and it also developed my speed as well as accuracy. One must practice as much as one can.

Make sure to practice quick mental calculations while solving these questions because it is easy to save time here. Use the short tricks methods of doing the faster calculation.

One must practice a mix of problems on BODMAS Rule, Approximations, Square & Cubes, Surds and Indices, Decimals, and Percentages to score better CAT Result.

Ques. Discuss your strategy for the Data Interpretation section?      

Ans. For this, try to solve the questions with the short tricks as it saves time. If you can grasp it, it's one of the most scoring sections and you can score a lot of marks here! Now that CAT is few month away, you must spend a month on Data Interpretation - what are the questions and why did you avoid them - analyze thoroughly.

Don't panic looking at the problem - it's not rocket science and it can be solved even without using pen and paper. Solving CAT sample papers help a lot. 

Ques. List the name of books you followed for Quant?      

Ans. I only followed Quantum CAT book. It is a good book.

Ques. Discuss your strategy for the Logical Reasoning section?

Ans. One needs to be clear on fundamentals of Logical Reasoning also. I used to solve the sheets and practice papers that were provided by coaching. For Logical Reasoning section, one must read the question carefully and make sure you establish why an option is incorrect, DO NOT ASSUME information that is not given in the questions.

A valid conclusion is the one that definitely follows from the information you are given. An invalid conclusion is the one that definitely does not follow from the information. Students must make sure that they pay special attention to words such as: “all” “some”, “none”, “other than”, “only” or “unless”.

Ques. Discuss your strategy for the Verbal Ability section. 

Ans. I practiced hard for Synonym, Antonym, Reading Comprehension sheets and Test Sheets. You have to focus on the following mentioned points:
A. Reading
B. Grammar
C. Vocab
1. Reading 
Start your every day with reading newspapers after which you will acquire this habit. Begin with reading the section you are interested in and eventually shift to the other sections.
2. Grammar
Grammar questions, which are a bit tricky are normally confused with sentence correction questions. In order to get a tight grip on grammar, you must practice questions from various grammar books and mock tests. These will be of great help.
3. Vocabulary
The second part of language development revolves around improving your vocabulary skills.This is done in part by reading.      

Ques. What should be the strategy for someone who is starting just two months before the exam?     

Ans. I would suggest to these candidates to practice at least 12 hours a day for Quants, DI and LR. A reading of English newspapers must become a habit. Try to solve the questions with all the possible methods. 

Ques. How would you rate the following preparation strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story?


Coaching ClassesOnline Study MaterialNCERT Text BooksCoaching Printed Study MaterialMock & Sample Test PapersStudy GroupsSelf-StudySubject Wise Classes
Very HighModerateNot ApplicableVery HighVery HighVery HighHigh


I believe that coaching institutes, mock and sample papers, study groups and subject wise classes-all of them play a very important role in CAT preparation. 




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