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CAT 2019: Free Online Resources to Use While Preparing for CAT Exam
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CAT or Common Aptitude Test is a common entrance test that is accepted by the top Business schools in India for offering admission to their PG management programs (PGDM/MBA).With CAT 2019 approaching,students are running out of ideas to make sure that they have the ideal preparation for the entrance test.

Coaching for a top notch entrance exam such as CAT is always handy but is often time consuming and expensive.Therefore, it is not feasible for everyone to enrol for a coaching program.

One trend which is quickly becoming popular is coaching and preparation tips for CAT and other top entrance exams offered by various online portals.There are plenty of online websites and discussion forums that are available for anyone seeking guidance on how to prepare for the exam.

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Online preparation resources are often more interactive and easy to access.Candidates can access and go through them at any point throughout the day thereby removing any time barrier.

However,with a multitude of sites providing free coaching and tips to crack CAT,it becomes very difficult to select the right sources for CAT 2019 preparation.

This article aims to solve the dilemma of choosing the right online preparation portal with some of the top handpicked websites that you need to know about for your online CAT preparation.


PagalGuy (PG) is one of the most trusted and popular resource for preparation strategies and online guidance.Since its inception in 2002,the site has actively provided dedicated threads like Data Interpretation and Verbal Ability, et-with each one proving to be a very handy to prepare for CAT examination.

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Facebook, with its feature of creating public/private groups and sharing stuff has been very helpful in coming up with study groups.Over the last two years,Facebook has proved to be an effective education network platform.

The features it serves,with its free online resources and several groups and pages that post practice questions on a daily basis are regularly used and frequented.

A candidate aiming to appear for anyone of these exams must search for MBA prep groups or CAT preparation or XAT preparation,etc. on theFacebook search bar”and you will find numerous groups. There are also several dedicated groups for each subject- such as DI, VA, Quant, LR and GK.

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This platform specialises in vocabulary preparation. provides a wide range of free tests and practice questions that MBA aspirants can refer to.With the help of this website and these tests the MBA aspirants can get a knack of particularly the verbal ability section of the entrance test.


Totalgadha is an online discussion forum for MBA preparation on the same lines of PagalGuy, started by the TathaGat Coaching institute to provide free tips and guidance for all the CAT aspirants on useful topics such as CAT 2019 Selection Process, section based topic preparation,etc. It is another useful site that has several long threads dedicated to various subjects such as Logical Reasoning,Data Interpretation,Quant,Verbal Ability,etc.


Another great online resource to prepare for the verbal ability section is are several online mock tests available on this site for improving vocabulary in general and preparing for the verbal ability section of CAT entrance in particular.It helps the aspirants learn various new words effectively by focusing on the origin of the word.

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6. Handa ka Funda

Handa ka Funda is an online coaching website for the CAT exam.It has free test prep content along with interactive some video lessons (on YouTube).Even though the site is considerably new but it has gathered an amazing response in a very short span of time.


Another online preparation website,Tcyonline also provides some free but efficient mock tests and sectional tests for CAT to aid the students in their preparation.

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Cracku offers 7 comprehensive MBA mock tests that users can access for the best possible price – FREE! An online test preparation platform for various exams,Cracku has also several free practice concept tests.Candidates looking forward to test their MBA preparation status can take these tests and analyse their preparation.

9. MBAtious

MBAtious as the name phonetically suggests,meant for MBA aspirants,and has a stack of free online tests.Moreover,the website also provides Sample papers and tests devoted to individual sections of CAT and other MBA entrance tests.The site has various threads on each topic such as Quantitative Ability,Verbal Ability,Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning.

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