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IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria 2020

Last Updated - July 22, 2019

The admission criteria for Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (IIM-K), to Post Graduate Program (PGP) for the academic year 2020-22 is based on CAT score. However, apart from the score of CAT, admission depends upon several other factors such as past academics, work experience and performance in Group Discussion (GD)/Written Ability Test (WAT)/Personal Interview (PI).

Let us take a look at some of the highlights of IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria 2020:

  • After CAT result has been declared, IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria will include 2 steps- Stage 1 and Stage 2.
  • Candidates need to clear some minimum eligibility criteria to be eligible for Stage 1.
  • In stage 1, candidates are assigned an Aggregate Index Score (AIS), which forms the basis of their selection for Stage 2.
  • AIS is calculated using factors like Class XII, Graduation Score, CAT score and Work Experience etc.
  • There is also an insertion of Diversity Factor in Stage 1, which is based on gender and stream of graduation.
  • Candidates who manage to clear the cut offs of Stage 1 will be shortlisted for Stage 2, which includes PI, GD, and WAT.
  • Candidates who are able to secure a place amongst top candidates after Stage 2, are provided admission in PGP in IIM Kozhikode.   

IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria 2020 – Eligibility for Stage 1 Selection

To be eligible for getting selected in Stage 1, candidate needs to fulfill some minimum qualifying marks criteria. Candidates must note that this is just an eligibility criterion and it does not guarantee an admission call or Interview/GD call from IIM Kozhikode.

The minimum eligibility criteria adopted by IIM Kozhikode in the PGP admissions for the academic year 2020-2022 is given below:

  • Candidate’s overall CAT Percentile and Sectional Percentile
  • Candidates marks in Class X and Class XII

IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria 2020 – Minimum CAT Percentile Required:

Overall CAT Percentile90806555
Sectional Percentile (In all sections)80705040

IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria 2020 – Minimum Class 10 and 12 Scores Required:

Class X Percentage60605555
Class XII Percentage60605555

IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria – How Candidates are Shortlisted for Stage 1?

Stage 1 selection process is applicable for all the eligible candidates who clear CAT score and registered online for IIMK. The stage 1 process comprises shortlisting criteria for PI, GD and WAT. 

IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria, CAT, CAT 2017

For shortlisting candidates, IIM Kozhikode uses the procedure of ‘Aggregate Index Score (AIS)’. This AIS is calculated using following mentioned particulars:

  • CAT Index Score-This refers to the marks or simply the scaled score secured by candidate in CAT (remember that it is marks, not percentile)
  • Class XII Score-The percentage obtained by the candidate in Class XII. Different percentages are given different weightage or points in AIS calculation.
  • Graduation Score-The percentage scored by the candidate in his Graduation degree. Again, different percentages are given different amount of points in AIS calculation.
  • Work Experience-This refers to work experience gained by a candidate before January 31, 2018. Candidate needs to have a minimum of 6 months of experience of full-time managerial level work, to have work experience points added in the AIS.
  • Diversity Factor - Extra 5% marks are awarded to female candidates or those who have done any graduation degree except BE/BTech.

All the above-listed factors carry a different amount of weightage in AIS, let's take a look at the weightage of above-listed points in the calculation of AIS under IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria 2018:

FactorWeightage in AIS
CAT Index Score75%
Class XII Marks7.5%
Graduation Marks7.5%
Work Experience5%
Diversity Factor5%

Now, one more thing that still needs clarification here is that how different scores in class 12 and graduation are given different points from the maximum 7.5 attached to each of them, as shown above. Similarly, clarification is also needed on work experience points.

To clear these three things, candidates are advised to see following two tables:

IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria 2020 Work Experience Points

Less than 60163.22274.00
153.00264.33More than 361.00

IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria 2020 – Class 12 and Graduation Score Points

Below 600672.5755.36
662.14745Above 817.5

IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria 2020 – Stage 2 (Final Shortlist)

Candidates who manage to clear the cut offs for Stage 1 are called for Stage 2. Clearing this stage determines that a candidate will be given admission or not. Stage 2 holds following 3 processes:

IIM Kozhikode Admission criteria, CAT, CAT 2017

  • Written Ability Test (WAT) – Here, the candidate is asked to write a short essay on any particular topic which is assigned to the candidate by the panelists.
  • Group Discussion (GD) – In this, a group of 6 to 10 candidates are asked to express their views on any particular topic which is assigned to them by the panelists.
  • Personal Interview (PI) – In this step, a personal interview of candidate is taken by the panelists. Candidates are asked question on Academics, Work experience, and general awareness topics.

After this, again a composite score including these three factors and CAT score is calculated. The given below table represents the maximum weightage of different factors in Stage 2 score:

FactorMaximum Weightage
Personal Interview45%
CAT Score35%
GD and WAT15%
Work Experience Quality5%

Assignment of scores in Stage 2 is made arbitrarily by the panelists and thus no comment on how these scores are given, can be made. After the stage 2, candidates who are able to secure a place amongst the top students and are able to clear the cut off (which depends upon the batch size) are provided admission and thus are considered to have successfully cleared the IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria.

IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria 2020 – Important Guidelines

Here are some important guidelines for candidates regarding the IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria. Candidates are advised to clearly understand these guidelines to avoid any confusion about the admission criteria-

  • Candidates need to select IIM Kozhikode PGP amongst their desired courses while filling the CAT application form. Not selecting IIM Kozhikode PGP means that candidate is not interested in IIM Kozhikode’s PGP Program and thus will not be called for IIM Kozhikode Admission Process.
  • A female candidate will be given 5% marks of diversity factor, irrespective of her graduation stream.
  • A male candidate will be given 5% marks for diversity factor, only if he belongs to a non-engineering background.
  • If a female candidate belongs to a non-engineering background, then she cannot claim a 10% weightage, maximum marks for diversity factor is 5% only.
  • Candidates who are assigned a CGPA instead of percentage in Class XII or Graduation need to convert their CGPA into percentage as per the guidelines of their Board/University. Conversion of CGPA into Percentage is the sole responsibility of candidate.
  • In case the Board/University of candidate does not provide any method for conversion of CGPA to a percentage, then the same will be converted by dividing the score by maximum CGPA and then multiplying by 100.
  • Marks of all the subjects shown on the Class XII and Graduation will be considered. Policies like ‘Best of 5’ etc. will not be used even if the Board/University uses them or not.
  • For Candidates who have opted for 5-year dual/integrated degree courses like BTech + MTech and BS + MS, marks of only the Under-graduation part of the course will be considered, and not of post-graduation part.
  • For candidates who have done CA/ICWA/CS instead of a Bachelor’s degree, the average marks of their Intermediate and Final level exams will be considered as Graduation scores.
  • Admission of candidates who have not completed their Graduation will be made on the scores up to the semesters or years for which results are available. Candidates need to obtain a certificate confirming such scores which must be signed by the Head/Principal of the institute in which candidate has studied.
  • Candidates need to carry their original certificates and documents to the Stage 2 venue for admission.
  • Any misrepresentation of information by the candidate will immediately lead to the elimination of candidate from the admission process.
  • Reservation guidelines as provided the Government of India for Central Education Institutes apply in IIM Kozhikode Admission Criteria 2018. 



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