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What marketing means to me and why I want to pursue it?

Last Updated - September 29, 2017

Mihir KanulkarMarketing is not just another term in the books. It is an essence of how you present yourself to the world. Being a marketer is more than just being able to drive the sales for the organisation, it is also about creating a happier environment within it. The way you portray yourself will be the reason for the happiness of everyone around you. You feel a sense of accomplishment when the people you meet remember you with a smile, when spoken to about the organization you represent.

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Marketing to me, is a term that I associate with my daily life. Right from the moment you wake up till the time you sleep, what you do throughout the day is marketing yourself. Humans, being the social creatures they are, constantly seek acceptance from their peers. Branding ourselves through our talents, seeking proper channels for communication & association, developing partnerships by lending a helping hand, maintaining relationships through timely and continuous follow ups, it is all marketing. These apparent activities of seeking acceptance are essentially marketing at an individual level. This quality being naturally ingrained in us, is one of our most efficient abilities. Whether we choose to put it to use or not, is a choice we all make. I for one, chose to go ahead with it.

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Going ahead, when one has a successful career in marketing, the things that come to peoples’ mind is the fact that they would be knowing about channel management, distribution networks, branding, IMC, digital marketing etc. It is certainly after acquiring a lot of insight into the various nitty-gritties of marketing, developing their skillset and amassing a lot of knowledge about the industry, that that have been able to do that.

That being said, I feel that a knack for developing a rapport with people and a yearn for representing your organisation are some of the key elements when you have an inclination towards this field. If you know you have the key elements, you would most certainly know where you want to be. It is just a matter of realization to understand that these qualities would take you a long way into influencing numerous people round the globe.

I chose marketing because I wanted to be the face of my organisation, go to places and make a name for their products & services. I want to drive the process for generating profits, meet new people, and know new cultures. All this, I believe is the crux of how marketing looks like from the outside. When you come in, we understand there is more to it than just that, and this added to my reasons for being in this filed. The very reason that we would be the major drivers for the happiness of our peers, clients and vendors is what I am talking about. It always gives you an immense sense of satisfaction to see your contributions being brought to a positive light.

As you read this, I hope you are a step closer to making a decision about where your passion truly lies and what your basic human instincts drive you towards. All the best and cheers!

-Mihir Kanulkar



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