How to Crack MAT 2020 Without Coaching?

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    Can I get a good score in MAT 2019 without formal guidance? Is it possible to clear MAT cut offs for Top B- schools by keeping coaching classes at bay? The answer is affirmative.

    It is a myth that cracking MAT without coaching class is impossible and it definitely need to be busted. Many MBA aspirants join coaching classes as they are under the impression that their tutor will somehow magically make them achieve an excellent MAT result. Well, the onus for it actually falls on you and you alone.

    History is witness to the fact that a coaching class is not essential for cracking MAT. A number of candidates do not opt for coaching classes for various reasons- time constraints or that these are heavier on the pocket. Many of the toppers did not take any training and yet they still managed to ace the exam. It is up to the students to make use of the time and materials to prepare for the exam. 

    We have curated below certain MAT Preparation Tips which can be used for cracking MAT 2019 without classes. It will help you have a clear view on what can be done if you decide to study for the exam on your own. 

    Understand MAT Exam Format and Pattern Well

    MAT Exam Format

    Before you start prepping for MAT, the first thing you should do is to understand the basic structure of the exam. Applicants must become familiar with MAT Exam Pattern as it clearly outlines the sections, duration, number of questions and the scoring mechanism. This will provide you with a perspective as to what you are exactly dealing with. 

    Collect the Right Study Material

    MAT study material

    Students who go to coaching classes have access to tailor- made preparation material for each section. You need not get worried by this as there are ample of good books available in the market or on the internet. Choose the best MAT preparation books and remember to purchase a book having all the previous years’ papers.

    Make Mathematics your BFF

    MAT maths

    It is common belief that Indians are good at Math, so it is suggested that you begin your preparation with the Quant section. This is a good idea as it will help you to get in the habit of studying. Getting the questions right will also boost your confidence. Check MAT Preparation Tips 2019 for Mathematical Skills

    After understanding concepts, start solving question papers. This will give you an idea about the topics, the standard expected and the skills required. For solving the questions, apply conventional methods first. As the material becomes familiar to you, start applying short- cuts to improve speed.

    There are certain kinds of questions in MAT that are generally not asked in other MBA entrances, focus on them. Make your own notes of the formulae and memorize them. Glance over the questions and skip those that are time consuming.

    Read, Read and Read

    MAT Reading concentration

    Read novels, English newspapers and watch English news channels to improve your vocabulary and reading skills. By doing this, you will be able to kill 2 birds with a stone. Making reading a habit will prepare you for the LC section as also make you aware of the current events happening around you for Indian & Global Environment section. Read MAT Preparation Tips 2019 for Language Comprehension

    A general tip that works for LC is reading questions before reading the comprehension; it becomes easier to find the answers. Pay attention to Grammar rules and usage as it plays an important role.

    Analyze Previous Year Papers

    Analyze Papers

    A number of 100th percentile scorers prepare for MBA entrances only through mock tests or previous year papers. Preparing through mocks, sectional and topic specific tests and making changes to the approach is an effective way of studying. A habit of solving 1 or 2 mocks every weekend and then analyzing these can work wonders. All the questions– incorrect, correct or un-attempted should be analyzed properly. 

    You can try different kinds of strategies in mocks and accordingly see what kind of strategy suits you better. You will become aware of your weak and strong areas through this. Another thing you learn through mock tests is to attempt the easy and doable questions first while leaving the difficult ones for the last.

    MAT Sample Papers

    Ditch the Conventional Modes of Studying to Get Rid of Monotony

    Ditch the conventional mode of studying to get rid of Monotony

    We live in the digital world where everybody is connected by an invisible thread- the internet. Utilize the internet for accessing various online classes and tests. You can watch a YouTube videos if you are stuck on any topic or take an online test.

    Think of innovative ways of studying whenever you are bored out of your brains. Read news articles online or attempt section wise short quizzes for MAT to analyze your preparation level.

    Find a Mentor

    find a mentor

    Since you have not joined any coaching class, it is essential for you to find a mentor. This mentor can be anybody- your college professor, your seniors or your peers who have first hand experience with regards to MAT. Their guidance can prove helpful if you have any difficulties. They can also provide you with good study material and notes.

    If you have friends who are also going to appear for MAT 2019, make a study group. You can discuss your problems, strategies and topics with your study group members. If some of them have joined a coaching class, then that can be an added advantage for you. They can clarify your queries and doubts. Once a week you can also take a mock test together so you can compare your performance with others.

    Preparing for MAT requires a lot of hard work. Many students feel that doing well in the exam without coaching classes is not possible. However, there are so many opportunities available around you which if utilized properly are the key to a 100th percentile.

    Plan your own strategy and stick to it as what may work for others might not work for you. Solve mock tests and previous years’ papers. This has been the approach of many toppers. Join student forums for MAT, watch online videos and study in groups and all these should suffice. Good luck!



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