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MAT 2020 PBT Do's and Don'ts For December Session

With the pandemic, stress levels are already very high. With the added stress of the exams, candidates have a lot on their plates. The Proctor Based Exam pattern is also not something many people are used to. It is very natural to be overwhelmed, so here is a list of all the important Do’s and Don'ts for MAT Proctor Based Exam - 

Do: Carry all the Important Documents

It is very important to carry all the required documents to the exam center. It is recommended for each candidate to make a list of all the important documents to carry and pack the day before, so as to not forget on the day of the exam. Here is a list of the documents that you might need in the MAT Exam Center: 

  • MAT Admit Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • PAN Card
  • Driving License
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport
  • Photo ID card issued by the government
  • Photo ID card issued by any recognized educational institution, etc.

Do: Wear a Mask

This is for your own safety. Wear a fresh, clean mask and wear it the proper way. Do not wear it just over your mouth, cover your nose as well. Just to be on the safer side, carry extra disposable masks in your bag. If your glasses fog up while wearing a mask, make sure it fits in a way that your breath does not reach your glasses. The mask should be well fitting but not too tight or too loose. 

Do: Follow Social Distancing and Follow Precautions

This, again, is for your own safety. Maintain a six feet distance from all the candidates, as you don’t know who is sick and who is not. Always make sure that you follow the COVID-19 guidelines inside the exam center. Only contactless frisking will be done, and temperature will be taken by them using the machine. It will be a very smooth process, and every candidate's safety will be prioritised by the staff at the exam center. 

Don’t: Forget Stationary

This is another important step, as candidates often forget to do so. Make sure you carry the following things: 

  • Hand sanitizer in a transparent bottle
  • BallPoint Pen (black/blue)
  • Drinking Water in a transparent bottle

Don’t: Be Late

Make sure that you have already made arrangements for travelling to the exam center. If you are late, you might not be permitted inside the exam center. Search the MAT Exam Center in Google Maps and plan a route for travelling and make sure you account for traffic and other such miscellaneous things that might make you late. 

Don’t: Panic

This might seem obvious, but the exam is going to go as well as you have prepared. MAT ‘is usually not the hardest exam. Avoid consuming excess caffeine before the exam, as it just increases anxiety and stress. Be thorough with the MAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus