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MAT 2020 Photo Size, Dimension, Format and Other Details
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AIMA, the conducting body for MAT mandates the candidates to follow the guidelines laid out for the photograph and signature to be uploaded. Candidates should follow the prescribed guidelines in order to avoid any chaos while registering for the exam. Application process for newly introduced Internet Based Test has commenced for September session. The exam will take place from August  27 to September 2, 2020. PBT and CBT mode registartion is expected to begin from August first week.

Candidates often make mistakes while uploading their photograph and signature in the form filling procedure. Here are some points to remember while filling MAT 2020 Application Form

  • Candidates can login to the official website for MAT Registration.
  • Candidates must keep the correct passport size photo ready in scanned format since without uploading the photo online along with the application form, the registration process will be incomplete.
  • If the size and dimension do not match the required criteria, then the conducting authority of MAT 2020 has every right to reject the application.
  • After uploading the images, candidates can make the payment of the application fee and complete the registration process.
  • Candidates who successfully register for MAT can appear for the examination.

MAT Photo Specifications

MAT 2020 Photo Specifications

MAT Photo Size and Dimensions are given such high importance due to the requirement for identification of the original candidate who applied for the entrance exam with the one who appeared in the exam hall. Without proper identification candidates will not be allowed to enter the exam hall. So the uploaded photo which will also be on the admit card will act as an entry pass for candidates to the exam hall.

MAT 2020 Photo Specifications
Dimension 200 x 300 Pixels
File Size 40 KB-100 KB
cFormat JPG/JPEG
Preferred Background White

Note: To ensure that the file size stays within limit, one can also adjust the scanner settings such as DPI resolution, color usage, contrast etc.

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Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts for Uploading MAT 2020 Photograph/ Signature

Candidates are requested to consider the following Do’s and Don’ts regarding the uploading process, for smooth completion of the application form:


  • The photo must be passport sized. Stamp size photos will not be accepted.
  • The photo uploaded must be a recent one. It should not be more than 6 months old.
  • It must be a colored photo with white background. If white background is not available, then any light-colored background will also serve the purpose well.
  • All distinctive features such as eyes, nose, fore head must be clearly visible. Photos without clear distinctive features will be rejected once the application reaches AIMA.
  • It must be half bust photo so that the shoulders of the candidate must be visible.
  • Candidates must get photographed in some professional set up. Any shadow observed within the frame might also lead to rejection of the photo and application in general.
  • The photograph must be without any expression, a straight face with the eyes straight towards the camera will serve the purpose.


  • Candidates are ardently requested not to use any social media photo for MAT photo requirement purpose.
  • Dark background or background with landscape must be avoided at all cost.
  • Black and white photographs will not be accepted and it might lead to rejection of the application form altogether.
  • Any type of cap or hat must not be worn during the photo shoot. Any kind of religious head band will be allowed; however, it should be worn in a way that the face is not covered, nor should any shadow fall on the eyes of the candidate.
  • Sunglasses or any type of yellow or brown glasses are a strict no while taking photos for MAT registration purposes.
  • A red-eyed photo or a photo with flash on spectacle lens might also lead to rejection since under such a situation candidate’s eye is not visible for identification.

MAT Signature Specifications

MAT 2020 Signature Specifications

Similar to the photograph upload, there are certain technical details and information which are required to keep in mind while uploading signatures. These details are mentioned below for your reference.

MAT Signature Specifications
Dimension 200 x 300 Pixels (Preferred)
File Size 10 KB-40KB
Preferred Background White
  • The applicant has to sign on white paper with Black Ink pen.
  • The signature must be signed only by the applicant and not by any other person.
  •  If the Applicant's signature on the answer script, at the time of the examination, does not match the signature on the Attendance Sheet, the applicant will be disqualified.

MAT Signature

How to Upload MAT Documents ?

How to Upload MAT 2020 Documents ?

Here are the steps to follow to complete MAT Registration:

  1. Visit the official website for MAT i.e.
  2. Login using your registration number and unique password.
  3. The page will then direct to your own portal which will have a link to fill MAT application form.
  4. Once the application form is duly filled, you will need to upload your scanned photo in the portal.
  5. A separate link will be available on the application portal. Click on the link Upload Photograph in order to browse the scanned photo.
  6. Click the ‘Upload Button’ on the application portal
  7. Pay the requisite fee
  8. Submit MAT Application Form

Instructions for Scanning Documents for MAT

Candidates are often a little skeptical about the scanning procedure of MAT Photo. Here are quick guidelines to scan your photo successfully:

  • The first and foremost advice is to set the scanner resolution to minimum of 200 DPI (dots per inch).
  • The color setting should be to true color.
  • Candidates can then use the edit option to crop the image to the advised size.
  • The scanning process to the correct size will be easy for candidates using MS windows or MS Office.
  • Candidates can also put to use MS Paint or MS Office Picture Manager to ensure MAT Photo Size and dimensions.
  • If candidate is using a file size and format not prescribed for the application portal, an error message will be displayed and the photo will not be uploaded.
  • Without uploading the photo, the candidate will not be able to proceed with submission of the application form.

We hope this article was of use to all you aspirants. Adhering to these specifications/ guidelines will ensure a smooth registration process. To avoid cancellation of your application form, do make sure that the photograph and signature is in the given format and size. Once the application form is successfully submitted, you may download MAT Admit Card.