MAT Score vs Percentile: Difference and How to Calculate it?

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    MAT (Management Aptitude Test) is one of the most popular entrance exams in India for admission in MBA and Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) courses. The entrance examination opens the door in around 1200 MBA colleges across the country. Result and scorecard of MAT are declared by AIMA every year. MAT Resultcontains sectional scores, composite scores as well as percentiles.

    There is a great difference between MAT score and percentile. Candidates should have a piece of complete knowledge about the difference between them and how to calculate them. The performance of a candidate in the MAT examination will fetch him/ her raw score leading to the percentile score. Once you know how the MAT score vs percentile is calculated, it will be easier for you to focus and devise your test- taking strategy. All the top B- schools provide admission based on the percentile score of the candidate, not based on raw scores.

    Details on MAT Scorecard?

    What are the details mentioned on the MAT Scorecard?

    AIMA releases a MAT scorecard along with the results of candidates. MAT Scorecard contains details about the marks scored by the candidates. Along with that, many other details are mentioned on MAT scorecard:

    • MAT Scorecard contains the scaled scores obtained in Language Comprehension, Mathematical Skills, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, and Critical reasoning sections.

    • It also includes the score obtained in the 5th section, i.e., Indian and Global Environment section.

    • The scorecard mentions the composite score of the first four sections,

    • MAT overall percentile along with the percentile score for each section is given in the MAT scorecard.

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    Difference: MAT score and Percentile

    Difference Between MAT score and Percentile

    AIMA declares the sectional scores, composite score, and percentile score for each section along with the overall percentile of a candidate in the MAT Scorecard. Most candidates assume that both terms have the same meaning. However, there is a great difference in all the three scores mentioned above. A candidate must know the difference between MAT score and percentile.

    • MAT Score is the total score obtained by a candidate in the entrance examination in all the sections.

    • MAT Percentile score is the relative marks obtained by a candidate. It depicts the percentage of total exam- takers that have a lower score than a candidate in the MAT examination. In other words, a percentile rank is a way of rank- ordering people compared to others in a sample. For example, 85 percentile means that your score is more than 85% of the candidates appearing for the entrance examination.

    • MAT Composite score is the average marks that are calculated don’t the basis of the performance of a candidate in the first four sections of the paper. 

    Most of the top B- schools accept admissions based on the percentile score while many others offer admission in the MBA or PGDM courses through the MAT score.

    How is MAT score Calculated?

    How is MAT score calculated?

    • Each section of the MAT examination contains 40 questions of 1mark each. It directly states that the maximum achievable raw marks in each section of MAT 2020 are 40.

    • The raw scores obtained by a candidate are scaled to a range of 0 to 100.

    • Also, to calculate the composite score and percentile score, the scaled score of Indian and Global Environment is included in the MAT score report. However, the score is not considered while calculating the overall composite score or the percentile score in the examination.

    • Also, the score for Indian and Global environment section is reflected on the MAT result on the same scale.

    What is MAT Composite Score?

    What is MAT Composite Score and How is it calculated?

    • The MAT Composite Score is referred to as the marks calculated based on the performance of a candidate in the first four sections of the entrance exam. These sections are related to the skills required over a longer period in the management field.

    • Composite score includes the scaled scores of the first 4 sections only, it does not include the score of the 5th section.

    • There is no particular formula for calculating the MAT Composite score.

    • The MAT composite score is given on a scale of 199 to 801. Composite scores less than 200 or more than 800 are rare.

    • All scores below 200 are stated as 199 and all scores above 800 are reported 801. This means, even if you get scores less than 199, your composite score will be reported as 199. Similarly, for scores above 801, it will be reported as 801 only.

    • The table mentioned below depicts the sections and the marks allotment in the entrance test. The composite score scale is also given with each section.

    Language Comprehension400- 100
    Mathematical Skills400- 100
    Data Analysis and Sufficiency400- 100
    Intelligence and Critical Reasoning400- 100
    Indian and Global Environment*400- 100*

    *(Not included in the calculation of final composite score and percentile)

    What is MAT Percentile?

    What is MAT Percentile and How is it calculated?

    • MAT Percentile shows the percentage of total exam- takers that have a lower score than a candidate in the MAT examination.

    • The MAT percentile score is influenced by the total number of candidates that take the entrance test as well as the scores obtained by all the exam takers.

    • Most of the colleges accept the MAT percentile score for the admission to MBA or PGDM courses while some of them accept admissions based on the Composite score.

    • Besides the composite score or the percentile, many top B- schools also conduct written ability test, group discussion, and personal interview as part of their selection procedure.

    • The formula to calculate MAT percentile score is given below:

    MAT Percentile Score = (Composite scores obtained by a candidate/ Total number of candidates) * 100 

    This formula lets you calculate the percentile score obtained in the examination.

    Admission to the popular management courses, i.e., MBA and PGDM in the top- notch B- schools of the country is offered through the MAT entrance examination. Some colleges accept the percentile score of a candidate while others offer admission based on the score obtained in the entrance examination.

    Other forms of selection criteria include Group Discussion, Personal Interview, and Written Ability Test. These tests are conducted to check the overall personality and knowledge of an aspirant. 



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