How to Synchronize TISSNET Preparation with CAT Exam?

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    TATA Institute of Social Sciences National Entrance Test (TISSNET) is a national level entrance exam conducted by TISS. It has a total of 5 campuses which offer various PG courses.

    CAT (Common Admission Test) on the other hand is a different exam which aims at selecting candidates for admission into MBA programs offered by various IIMs and other B-Schools across the country. It is conducted by IIMs on a rotational basis

    TISSNET SyllabusTISSNET Exam PatternTISSNET Sample Paper

    Both are online exams with objective questions and are held annually for selecting candidates for admission into various disciplines of the courses offered by them. CAT exam is solely focused on MBA admissions whereas TISSNET is an exam conducted for admissions into Social Science related courses.

    Both exams contain 3 sections in their question paper out of which two sections are similar in nature and are aimed at testing similar kind of abilities in appearing candidates. These two sections are Mathematics and Logical reasoning and English proficiency which are analogous to Quantitative and logical reasoning and Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension section of CAT exam.

    TISSNET Mock Test 2019 Released.

    Those of you who are aiming to take both of the exams would be in dilemma as to how to synchronize the preparation for the two. To release your tension, we have provided you the comparative analysis of both the exam so that you can figure out which areas of these two exams are common and can be prepared together while what are those who require an extra effort. Read it below:

    What is different between TISSNET & CAT?

    • TISSNET combines logical reasoning with Mathematics or Quantitative aptitude section, unlike CAT.
    • There is no Data Interpretation explicitly in TISSNET.
    • A major difference between the two exams is the General awareness section. CAT exam does not have any separate section dedicated to general awareness whereas TISSNET asks 40 questions. Thishappens to be the highest number of questions asked under any of the three sections in the TISSNET exam.

    Comparing the Preparation

    Candidates who have dedicated their time and efforts for CAT preparation would not find any difficulty in handling questions from Maths + Logical reasoning, and English proficiency section of TISSNET 2019 as the difficulty level of questions in TISSNET 2020 exam would be less.

    However, candidates would have to put a bit extra effort to prepare the General awareness section as this section is not present in the scheme of CAT exam. For this, regular reading of a newspaper would come in handy as it would also help you in other sections of TISSNET.

    For your reference we have tabled a list of recommended books for the preparations of TISSNET exam.

    Verbal and Non verbal ReasoningR.S. Aggrawal
    Quantum CATSarvesh Verma
    Pearson guide to Verbal abilitySujit Kumar
    Verbal ability and Reading ComprehensionArihant Publication
    Competition Success Review MagazineCSR Publication
    Manorama Year bookMammen Mathew
    Lucent GKDr. Binay Karna

    Why Appear for TISSNET?

    • A major advantage of TISSNET as compared to other exam is that the difficulty level of paper as well as the competition level of the exam is much lower.
    • Though the options are limited as compared to CAT or other management exams, but TISSNET can act as your backup option.
    • The percentage of you grabbing a seat through TISSNET is high as compared to CAT. This would be helpful for your self-confidence which would in turn enhance your performance in the coming exams. Check TISSNET Cutoff
    • Thus, you should go for TISSNET exam as a little effort would be required from your side to synchronize the preparations as almost 75% of the preparing area is same except the general awareness one.

    Evaluation and Preparation

    • Unlike CAT exam, TISSNET lays more focus on evaluating the general and social awareness of the candidate and go slow on quantitative and reasoning aspects.
    • As a result of which we see maximum number of questions appearing from general awareness section of the paper.
    • Hence, it becomes essential for candidates to target this section as it can help them in garnering top score in the exam.
    • To perform well in this section, thorough study of Lucent’s GK book along with newspaper reading can do wonders for you in the exam hall. This section is a part of the TISSNET paper where maximum score can be obtained with a little bit of efforts. Check TISSNET Result

    Sections in TISSNET

    • TISSNET 2020 exam would be divided into 3 sections- General Awareness, Mathematical and Logical Reasoning and English.
    • Any candidate who is aiming to score well in the exam has to perform good in all the three sections as the combined scored would be tabulated after adding the score of each of the section individually.
    • Thus, a balanced and planned approach is necessary to tackle each section in the TISSNET 2020 exam question paper.

    To guide you out in this regards we have provided a section-wise strategy for TISSNET 2020 exam.

    Mathematics and Logical Reasoning 

    • Mathematics and logical reasoning are combined under one section unlike the CAT exam where there is a separate section marked for both of them. Since you would be synchronizing your CAT preparation with TISSNET, you would not require any major effort for this section.
    • The Logical reasoning and Quantitative section would provide you an ample practice to tackle this section of TISSNET as questions asked would be of comparatively easier level. Thus, practice previous year questions would be the mantra for this section. Check TISSNET Sample Papers

    English Proficiency 

    Being analogous to the verbal ability and Reading comprehension section of CAT exam, this section again would not require much effort from your side to ace it. Just practice previous papers of CAT and TISSNET and you can score heavily in this section.

    General Awareness

    • This section would demand great efforts in your CAT and TISSNET preparation synchronization plan. To ace the section, just stick to the basic books recommended for this section and Keep on revising the static GK and dynamic current affairs part.
    • Remember, a little effort in this section would compliment your efforts in the other two sections of the TISSNET, landing you a top rank in the exam and a choice to get admission in discipline and campus of your choice.

    Exclusive Tips for TISSNET 2020

    • Take 2 to 3 hours out from your CAT preparations to focus on the general awareness and current affairs part.
    • For other two parts, you need not refer any other sources or questions other than CAT and TISSNET previous papers, as this would be sufficient for cracking the exam.
    • Practice sectional and full-length mocks as and when you complete practicing questions from the book to get a real feel of the exam. Download TISSNET Mock Test 2019
    • Tap yourself against the time while solving the questions to note whether you are able to complete the paper within the stipulated time or not. 
    • Study for General awareness section in the second half of the day and focus attention towards quant and reasoning in the first half as general awareness require more of memorizing than mental ability.

    We hope this article have you an effective insight on how to synchronize your CAT and TISSNET preparations. TISSNET 2018 is scheduled on January 6. Good luck!



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