Changes in NMAT Exam Pattern: Know Revised Exam Structure, Dates and Scoring Pattern

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    GMAC has introduced certain changes in NMAT Exam structure and scoring pattern. It aims to be a more structured test with fewer questions and more time allotted for each question. This test would also be of more interest to non-engineers because the exam pattern is somewhat different from previous years, with less focus given to quantitative skills. Unlike previous years each section will have equal number of questions that is 36 with different sectional time limit. Language skills will be of 28 minutes, Quantitative aptitude of 52 and Reasoning of 40 minutes. No changes have been made in NMAT 2020 Syallbus

    • Weightage of quantitative skills section is reduced from 40% to 33% while that of language skills has increased.
    • Scoring pattern has also witnessed changes, earlier each section was weighed differently. From 2020 onwards all the three sections will have a score range of 12-120.
    • NMAT 2020 will be a center-based examination that is to be administered from October 6, 2020. 
    • Registration window is also shortened as earlier application process was to commence from July 1 while the dates have been revised to August 1. 2020.

    NMAT by GMAC is among the country's top MBA entrance exams that NMIMS University Mumbai accepts for its 2 year flagship MBA programme. Several private universities like VIT Vellore, ICFAI Hyderabad University, Shiv Nadar University Greater Noida, UPES Dehradun, LM Thapar University Chandigarh consider NMAT for their flagship MBA program. Leading b-schools such as ISB, SPJIMR and XIMB also accept NMAT for their specialist programmes. Although the dates for the CAT and other MBA / PGDM Admission 2021 entrance tests have yet to be revealed, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) posted NMAT by GMAC 2020 exam dates, schedule and pattern.

    Refer to the article below to make yourself familiar with the changes introduced by GMAC to NMAT in 2020. 

    Highlights of NMAT 2020 by GMAC 

    Exam NameNMIMS Management Aptitude Test (NMAT)
    Conducting Authority Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)
    Exam Level National level
    Exam Window75 days window examination Maximum of three attempts permitted
    Mode of ExamOnline
    Medium of ExamEnglish
    Type of QuestionsMCQs
    Participating Institutes29 from India 7 from South Africa 5 from the Philippines

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    Key Changes in NMAT 2020 by GMAC 

    GMAC acquired NMAT from NMIMS in 2015 to attract more diverse pool of candidates. It eveolved from pen paper based test to computer based test and being more aspirant friendly. Since then no major changes were witnessed in NMAT. Here is a complte list of changes introduced ijn the exam from exam structure, time duration. registration window to scoring pattern. 

    Change in Number of Questions

    Exam Pattern of NMAT 2020: Balanced paper with lesser questions

    This year, the pattern of the NMAT has changed considerably. Compared to last year, the exam would have fewer questions. All of the questions will be divided equally into three sections. Each section will have a changed time limit. NMAT 2020 will have a lesser number of questions. However, the exam duration will remain the same.

    The significant changes in the NMAT Exam Pattern 2020 compared with last year are as follows: 

    Particulars NMAT 2020NMAT 2019
    Total Number of Questions108120
    Test Period2 Hours2 Hours

    Changes in the sectional division of questions in NMAT 2020 

    Even though NMAT 2020 will contain the same three sections, the number of questions asked in every section has been changed.

    Sectional Composition of NMATNumber of Questions in NMAT 2020Number of questions in NMAT 2019
    Section 1: Language Skills Section3632
    Section 2: Logical Reasoning3640
    Section 3: Quantitative Skills36 48 

    Sectional time duration change

    Sectional time duration change

    Apart from the number of questions asked in each section, the time period allotted to answer each section has also changed. 

    Sectional Composition of NMAT Sectional Time Duration in NMAT 2020Sectional Time Duration in NMAT 2019
    Section 1: Language Skills Section28 Minutes22 Minutes
    Section 2: Logical Reasoning40 Minutes38 Minutes
    Section 3: Quantitative Skills52 Minutes60 Minutes 
    Total Duration120 Minutes120 minutes

    Registration Window Shortened

    NMAT Registration has a shorter time window

    NMAT registration window was over 3 months long for the previous NMAT exams. In 2020, the registration window has been lessened to a period of only 2 months as given below. 

    Registration for NMAT NMAT 2020NMAT 2019
    Registration WindowAugust 1, 2020 to October 5, 2020July 2, 2019 to October 3, 2019
    Major ChangeReduced to around 2 Months3 Months

    What do these changes imply? 

    • The applicants will have to select their desired test date and slot, and re-take date fast. 
    • Applicants will now reschedule their test date and slot in two months, instead of in three months like before . 
    • The registration window of three months was probably very long. Now, the window is more aligned with other top MBA entrance exams such as CAT and XAT.

    Exam Dates Revised

    NMAT 2020 Exam Dates by GMAC Revised

    The revised dates for NMAT 2020 are given below. Read More

    Event NameStart DateEnd Date
    Registration for NMAT 2020 August 1, 2020October 5, 2020
    Scheduling of NMAT August 1, 2020October 18, 2020
    Late Registration October 6, 2020October 16, 2020
    Registration for NMAT - RetakeOctober 7, 2020December 16, 2020
    Rescheduling of NMAT August 1, 2020December 16, 2020
    Re-scheduling of Retake October 7, 2020December 16, 2020
    Exam date of NMAT 2020October 6, 2020December 19, 2020
    Announcement of NMAT Results March 31, 2021 
    Note: These dates are tentative owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    Scoring pattern Changes

    Key changes in the scoring pattern 

    In 2020, NMAT will provide a scaled score within a range of 36 to 360 overall and 12 to 120 for every section. Previously, the score range would vary for every section. Now, it is more streamlined. The scaled score pattern for sectional and overall parameters of NMAT 2020 is given below: 

    Section of NMAT 2020 Score Range
    Section 1: Language Skills12-120
    Section 2: Logical Reasoning12-120
    Section 3: Quantitative Skills12-120
    Total Scaled Score Range36-360

    ReadHow are NMAT Scaled Scores Calculated

    How will the scaled score be calculated?

    GMAC, the administering agency of the NMAT exam, published the calculation procedure for the scaled score as follows: 

    • Questions for the GMAC NMAT are chosen for every examinee from the question pool depending on his or her results for the questions answered previously. 
    • The questions which a candidate gets are focused on his or her level of competence. 
    • A candidate with high scores would receive a more challenging question than a candidate with low scores. 
    • The NMAT exam gets the final ability of the candidate first, and then transforms it into a scaled score that ranges from 12 to 120.

    Candidate-friendly changes to NMAT 2020 result

    While the overall results of the NMAT 2020 will be revealed within the third week of January 2021, you can review your score card immediately after answering the test. 

    Given below are the candidate-friendly changes introduced by GMAC with regard to NMAT 2020’s declaration of results and downloading of score card:

    • Check results immediately after the test: Candidates will be able to view an unofficial score card displayed on the screen after the test has been completed successfully.
    • Download the score card within 48 hours: Candidates will also receive an email notification within 48 hours of successful test completion after the official score card is made available for download through the candidates' dashboards.
    • Final results with percentile: In the 3rd week of January, 2021, the final NMAT 2020 result with score card and percentile will be released.

    Implication of Changes

    Implication of Changes in NMAT 2020 Exam Pattern

    • In NMAT 2020, the total number of questions was decreased by 12, with the same time period of 2 hours. It provides the exam-taker more time to maximize attempts per question. 
    • Every NMAT 2020 segment has the same number of 36 questions in contrast with last year which had a varying number of questions. This change has made GMAC 2020's NMAT a more balanced examination than it was last year. 
    • Weightage to the segment of Quantitative Skills is reduced to 33 per cent as compared to 40% last year. 
    • In the Quantitative Skills segment, more proportionate time is given for resolving every question. 
    • Weightage to the Language Skills segment has gone up from 26 percent last year to 33 percent this year.
    • Those students from the commerce and humanities backgrounds who find it difficult to answer the Quantitative section will profit from this change. 

    Sections with No Chnages

    No changes to NMAT 2020 Exam Fee, Scheduling, and Retakes

    While much has been modified in NMAT 2020, certain procedural aspects have remained the same as last year. The NMAT registration fee has not been changed. It remains at INR 2000 as it was last year. Applicants have the facility to schedule, reschedule, retake the exam on a date convenient to them. As and when they wish to appear for the examination, they can register using the facility that was previously available. The exam continues to require candidates to choose the order of section before beginning their examination. The time limit for each of the GMAC NMAT’s 3 sections is set like that of CAT. Candidates must finish every section within the time limit. As with CAT, during the NMAT exam, candidates will not be allowed to move between the sections. 

    GMAC NMAT 2020 Changes FAQs

    Ques: When will the registration for NMAT 2020 start?

    Ans: The registration for GMAC NMAT 2020 will begin from August 1, 2020. 

    Ques: What changes have been made in the NMAC 2020 exam pattern?

    Ans: The changes made in GMAC NMAT 2020 exam pattern are - number of questions is reduced to 108 and the number of questions in the quantitative skills section has been reduced to 36. The sectional time limit for language skills is 28 minutes, logical reasoning is 40 minutes, and quantitative skills is 52 minutes. 

    Ques: Is there any age limit to apply for NMAT 2020?

    Ans: According to the eligibility criteria released by GMAC for NMAT, there is no age limit to apply for NMAT 2020. 

    Ques: When is NMAT 2020 going to be held?

    Ans: As per the notification released by GMAC, NMAT 2020 will begin from October 6, 2020. 

    Ques: How many times can I attempt NMAT 2020?

    Ans: NMAT 2020 can be attempted for a maximum of three times. 



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