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    BITSAT (SAT) for International Candidates is an exam gateway designed for foreign aspirants. Citizens from any country, with a valid citizenship certificate issued by any foreign country can apply for the exam. Read more to find out all that you need to know about BITSAT if you are an applicant from abroad. 

    Every year, BITS Pilani reserves 15% of the total number of seats for students from countries other than India. SAT score, SAT subject score and score in physics, chemistry and mathematics in high school will be considered for admission.This article will provide you with detailed information about eligibility criteria, application form, exam pattern, syllabus and more for International candidates.

    BITSAT(SAT) Eligibility

    Who is eligible to apply for BITSAT(SAT) 2020?

    BITSAT for International Candidates is especially meant to select candidates from outside the borders of India. You need to fulfil the following criteria in order to be eligible for application:

    Eligibility as per Nationality

    First of all, you need to be a citizen of any country apart from India. A valid foreign passport and citizenship documents are required. SAT exam is conducted across multiple countries, for admission to colleges in the US, Australia, Singapore and United Kingdom.

    BITSAT(SAT) Academic Qualification

    Eligibility as per Academics/Education

    • All candidates need to have passed Class 12 board exams from a board recognized by the government of their country. You must have studied Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics in their qualifying exam. In addition to this, you must have passed English with adequate proficiency.
    • All candidates need to have scored a minimum of 75% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. This is equivalent to 7.5 on a scale of 10. Your Class 12 board exam marks are important because during final selection for admission, the scores of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics will also be considered along with SAT score. Download BITSAT 2020 Practice Papers
    • If you have already appeared for SAT, you must have scored at least 1160 out of the total marks of 1600 in the new format of SAT exam. In addition to this, you also need to have scored at least 1600 in aggregate out of the total marks of 2400 in the SAT subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
    • You must not have appeared for the SAT before February 1, 2018.

    Note: In case you are yet to take SAT or your SAT score is awaited, your admission will be provisional, depending upon BITS guidelines.

    Age Limit for BITSAT(SAT) 2020

    Eligibility as per Age Limit

    • There is no upper or lower age limit defined for admission to M.Sc or BE program.
    • SAT exam has no defined age limit, but minimum age comes to be around 17 or 18 years.

    Check BITSAT 2020 Eligibility

    What steps should you take in case you do not have any of the scores mentioned above at the moment?

    Do not worry, we will inform you about the procedures you must undertake. By following these steps, you can also be eligible even if you do not have your final scores yet. These guidelines are for those candidates who have not yet appeared for SAT and thus do not have their SAT score. It is also applicable for those candidates who are appearing for their board exams of Class 12 and do not have their final scores out yet. You will have to upload your scores by the deadlines mentioned below :

    • SAT score: by June 15, 2020

    • Class 12 board exam marks: June 15, 2020. If your school board has not declared your results by this time, you will be given time till September 15, 2020 to finish uploading your final scores.

    Please note that in case you are unable to furnish the scores of SAT or your board exams by the given deadline, or if you do not meet the criteria of marks, your admission will stand cancelled. So, please understand that before submission of final scores, your admission is only provisional.

    Read about BITSAT Cutoff 

    Admission Procedure

    What is the procedure for admission? What are the steps that you need to take to secure your admission in BITS Pilani?

    Please note that no separate exam is conducted by the institute. All you need is your Class 12 board exam marks and your Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) score. In addition to these two scores, you also need your SAT subjects scores in these 3 subjects- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in Level 2. If you are appearing for SAT before March 14, 2020, you will have to request the College board to convey your SAT subject scores to BITS Pilani latest by April 10, 2020. The SAT score must be forwarded to the institute latest by June 15, 2020. In case you are appearing for SAT on May 2, 2020, you will have to submit your SAT subject scores by June 1, 2020 and your SAT score by June 15, 2020.

    Check BITSAT 2020 Exam Pattern

    BITSAT(SAT) Result Declaration

    When can you expect the results? How and where do you get to know your results?

    International students are advised to regularly visit this official website for updates: ( If you are submitting your scores within April 10, 2020, you can expect BITSAT 2020 results to be announced on the website by the last week of April, 2020. If you are submitting your score by June 1, 2020, your results will be declared on the website by the 2nd week of June, 2020. All your details of admission- the day you are required to report, the scholarship you have been offered (if any) and all other requisite information will be uploaded on the website. After the announcement of results, you will be given 10 days to accept the offer and make the preliminary payment. To study in India, you will most probably be needing a VISA. You can apply for the same using a printed copy of your admission letter, which BITS Pilani will provide to you once you have completed the fee payment procedure.



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