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Nanda Kishore Babu says, “There are many unsolved queries that are to be solved with a key to success to get into a dream college”

Last Updated - September 02, 2016

Nanda Kishore Babu appeared for BITSAT 2012. He took admission in GITAM University. He says, giving mock tests are really very helpful for preparing any entrance exam. He says, mathematics subject contains a majority of formulae but it does not mean that learning formula will score a good mark in this subject. So, excel by practicing a lot and it will surely fetch you good marks. Given below is the questionnaire that we had with him and he introduces his strategy and some of the preparation tips for the aspiring candidates.


Ques. Name of the Institutes that offered you Admission?    

Ans. I was offered admission from GITAM University, Amrita School, VIT and Vignan University.


Ques. Did you take coaching classes? Mention their role in your Story (At least 70 words) 

Ans. There is no separate coaching institute for BITSAT exam. Most of the institutes prefer the IIT coaching for BITSAT examination. However, some mock tests are necessary. In our institute (Narayana Junior College-Vizag) they used to conduct some practice tests and in those if any odd question arises our faculty helps us to solve in an easy way after the exam. They do not get irritated even though we ask doubts continuously.


Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story?

Coaching ClassesNCERT Text BooksCoaching Study MaterialOnline Study MaterialSubject Wise ClassesSelf-Study
Very HighVery HighModerateHighModerateLow

Ques. Role of Coaching Institutes in Cracking BITSAT 

Ans.  6

Ques. What were your Strong and Weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving them?   

Ans.  Actually my strong area is Chemistry, but unfortunately it is the subject that I got the least marks in entrance exam. The reason for getting lesser marks is my over-confidence and mostly no preparation at all. My weak area is of subject Physics and I had prepared a lot of formulae to apply but, after examination when I introverted myself I had found that in Physics subject, learning formula is nice and attractive. I did not keep any extra effort as there was nobody to explain me where I was going wrong and what I am doing before the examination.


Ques. What mock papers did you take?

Ans.  I did not join any test series and I sincerely suggest take as many mock tests as possible and take when you are learning concepts and do not think to take after preparing the entire syllabus because it will never work.

Some of the practice tests taken by me were BITSAT official test, jumbo tests and some online BITSAT practice tests.


Ques. Write some of the Preparation tips for someone who is starting 3 months before the exam?

Ans.  Those who are preparing from one to two years and those for three months must follow different strategies and they should plan according to the syllabus and moreover they should be familiar with the topics and one should know with what topics they are familiar and how they can apply if a challenging problem is given. Firstly for the students of 3 month preparation time, they should know that with what topics they are familiar and how many new concepts are there to be learnt. Each student must set a day time- how many hours they can spend on preparation time. Care should be taken that one should not study for long time continuously and long-nights. Frequent sleep is necessary and learning with short breaks is more efficient. Learning concepts of different subjects in a day with regular intervals helps us more than learning a complete subject in a day or two.

Ques. Physics: Mention the Strategy and Book Followed      

Ans.  Physics is a subject which we deal with daily activities and it is one of the interesting subject where one can see its applications clearly in real world. One can learn a formula and apply it in a equation to get a required result but a true student can understand the main values associated with it and what happens if any parameter changes. This is best demonstrated by the book H.C Verma (Volumes-1 & 2) and in depth Resnick Halliday & Krane is preferable. Both these books contain a lot of concepts and the concepts are explained in a clear way with a perfect example. These will be better understood if a teacher has taught and or self-reading one has to work very hard.


Ques. Chemistry: Mention the Strategy and Books Followed

Ans.  Chemistry is a subject one cannot see its reactions under a microscope but imagination is necessary to master this subject. Many people think inorganic chemistry is a very tough subject and difficult to remember and once we group the elements and learn its either physical or chemical properties and its reaction with other elements it will be a lot of fun and easier. Organic Chemistry deals with the concepts involved in bonding with other atoms and inter-reaction between elements. NCERT is preferable for organic chemistry and O.P Tandon for inorganic. Physical Chemistry is numerical solving one and there are vast number of models in any standard book.       

Ques. English: Steps to master this section and the books you followed?

Ans.  This is the subject where the examiner tests your knowledge on the vocabulary and the words relation with each other. Reading everyday a newspaper and that too a good paper helps us to improve our command on the knowledge. Grammatical errors are more common and these can be avoided if we follow a book named English writing skills. More practice in this section leads to more marks as the time consumed in this section is very least.       

Ques. Logical Reasoning: Strategy and Books you Followed?       

Ans.  This is the section which deals with the logical thinking of our mind rather than the concepts. It sees how our mind relates different things to a common one and how our thinking should change immediately when a different problem arises. This has huge number of books but regular practice helps us in a better way rather than preparing in a month and attempting. Practicing different models and attempting different tests helps to solve this section in easier way.

Ques. Mathematics: Strategy and Books Followed       

Ans.  Mathematics involves dealing with a step by step procedure and attaining a value either a maximum or minimum which is necessary to satisfy a system. Concepts are more in number and each concept has different models associated with it. The best book for Mathematics is Deepthi Publications (AIEEE) which consists a lot of unsolved problems and there are solutions to every problem also. In this subject there might be a chance of getting a problem with mixed concepts. So, learning every concept helps us to crack exams in a better way. Maths subject contains a majority of formulae but it does not mean that learning formula will score a good mark in this subject. However, learning concepts with formulae helps us to score better marks.

Ques. What are the things you would like to go back in time and change to get into a better college?

Ans. This question reminded me of the movie 'Back to the Future' where one tries to go back in time and change some situations according to the convenience. If at all I get a chance I would like to go and rectify the mistake of procrastination. Honestly, every time I try to complete a task first I would see a deadline and if there is ample time I would like to postpone it to a later time. This has led me to fall into an average college and now a days I am trying to avoid this mistake from doing as much as possible.







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