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OJEE Cutoff for PGAT

Last Updated - May 16, 2017

The OJEE (Odisha Joint Entrance Exam) is expected to be conducted on May 08, 2017. OJEE Board conducts the exam as well as generates the OJEE Cut off. OJEE Result is expected to be announced on May 30, 2017.

The candidates are called for the OJEE counselling in the order of the merit. The OJEE Seat Allotment is done on the basis of the performance of the candidate in the OJEE 2017. The OJEE counselling is conducted at the various OJEE counselling centres.

The OJEE cut off is declared every year for the candidates to have an understanding of minimum rank and minimum marks. The candidates can review the OJEE result by sending a DD in favour of Odisha JEE Board within 5 days of the OJEE Result. The OJEE cut off forms the basis for the OJEE Counselling every year.

S.No.InstituteBranchGeneral CategoryScheduled CasteScheduled Tribe
1Berhampur UniversityComputer Science140-2842--
Information system911-29901483-14832290-2290
2BPUT, Rourkela, OdishaBio technology---
Computer science and engineering95-27112521-2521-
Heat power and thermal engineering75-2704--
Machine design512-2972--
Power electronics and drivers 20-31332414-2414-
Power system engineering104-28171095-1095-
Production engineering and operational management664-12741095-1095-
Signal processing & communication119-3817--
Structural engineering788-788 138-675-
VLSI & embedded system4-4 1243-1243-
Water resources engineering and management2308-2308 2907-2907-
3Central Institute of Plastic engineering and technologyPlastic engineering2-2782132-1309-
Polymer Nanotechnology100-30892542-2542-
4College of Engineering and Technology, BhubaneswarArchitecture and Town planning18-1230--
Bio Technology09-2803--
Computer Science and Engineering1-1251285-1401-
Design and dynamics3-10482225-2225-
Electronics & Communication Engineering6-35879-12872809-2809
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering30-11581597-1597-
Energy system engineering65-704146.1-577-
Geotechnical engineering43-1452--
Industrial engineering & management12-13851719-1791-
Information Technology10-846--
Power electronics and drives 5-143147-2561647-1647
Power system engineering7-87225-644-
Signal processing engineering11-1008151-278-
Structural engineering38-642130-9282373-2483
Textile chemical engineering1120-1120--
Thermal engineering14-5842985-3157629-629
Water resource engineering159-1932145-10971651-2565
5College of IT & Management education (CIME), BBSR Computer Science & engineering206-29092665-2665-
6F.M. University BalasoreComputer Science17-2898--
7Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Sarang Computer Science and Engineering11-15292504-25042901-2901
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering26-18431485-1485-
Geotechnological engineering1570-28721776-27022915-2915
Mechanical system design16-22531897-1897-
Metallurgical & material engineering15-24211109-1109-
Power electronics and drives91-485148-148-
Power system engineering18-240277-277931-2087
Production engineering494-2132150-150-
Structural engineering758-20281995-23992260-2260
8Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology , Sarang (PT)Environmental science and engineering (PT)362-2797289-289-
Industrial Power controls & Drives (PT)13-2560--
9Institute of Management and Technology CuttackComputer Science and Engineering203-3027--
Information Technology1827-2998--
10Parallel Maharaj Engineering College, Berhampur (PMEC)Mechanical system design477-2852--
11Adarsh College of Engineering, AngulComputer Science and Engineering7-1519--
Environmental Science and Engineering1920-1920--
Power system engineering458-29133055-3055-
Production engineering976-3125--
12Ajay Binay Institute of Technology , CuttackComputer Science and Engineering128-1143--
13Aryan Institute of TechnologyStructural engineering---
14Balasore College of engineering & technology , BalasoreCommunication engineering41-2878--
Heat power and thermal engineering546- 30452145- 2145-
16Bhadrak Institute of Technology and ManagementCivil engineering1540- 31442079-2942-
Computer science and engineering430-25032617-2617-
Electronics and communication engineering1561-2288--
Mechanical engineering200-3154--
17Bhubaneswar Engineering college, Bhubaneswar Computer science and engineering76-1630--
Electric power system2589-2589--
Thermal power engineering2701-2701--
18CV Raman college of Engineering, 2nd shift , BhubaneswarComputer science and Engineering117-117--
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering3004-3062--
19CV Raman College of Engineering , BhubaneswarChemical engineering1475-1475--
Computer science and engineering1277-2820--
Electrical engineering320-1598134-134-
Electronics and Telecommunication engineering430-1389--
Food technology---
Heat power engineering945-156761499-1499-
Power system engineering77-2417--
21College of Engineering , 2ndshift, BhubaneswarHeat power engineering---
Soil mechanics and foundation engineering (2nd shift)1891-29041324-1324-
Structural foundation engineering (2nd shift)8 29631441-1441--
22Dhaneshwar rath institute of engineering and management studies, Cuttack Computer Science and Engineering16-2653--
Electric power system685-2705--
Electronics and Telecommunication engineering1514-3120--
Power electronics and drives625-2970--
VLSI Design and Embedded system1353-1353--
23Easter Academy of Science and Technology , PhulankaraComputer Science and Engineering2192-2192--
Electronics and communication engineering2324-2734--
Environment engineering192-2990--
Machine design1327-2744--
24Einstein Academy of Technology & managementMechanical systems and design632-2047--
Structural engineering1917-3164--
25Gandhi Academy of Technology and Engineering , BerhampurIndustrial engineering & management1473-2505--
Structural engineering1376-8393--
26Gandhi Engineering College, BhubaneswarMechanical system design776-836--
Power Electronics and electrical devices 1149-11491155-1155-
VLSI and Embedded system design, 2nd shift1658-1658--
27Gandhi Engineering College, BhubaneswarComputer science and Engineering116-2859--
Electronics & Communication engineering 623-2211--
Structural engineering1135-3124--
Thermal engineering972-1429--
28Gandhi Institute for education and technology, BhubaneswarCommunication system---
Mechanical system design790-2756--
Power electronics and devices---
Structural engineering959-1462--
29Gandhi Institute for Technological Advancement , GITA BhubaneswarComputer Science and Engineering25-2347--
Power system Engineering311-3001--
Production engineering399-2177--
Thermal engineering439-2509--
30Gandhi Institute of Technology, 2nd shift, Bhubaneswar Automation & Robotics 460 2543
31Gandhi Institute of Technology, BhubaneswarComputer Science and Engineering---
Construction technology and management2392-2392--
Electronics and communication engineering227-2429--
Power electronics and power systems64-2479--
32 Gandhi Institute of Technology and management , GunupurApplied Electronics & Instrumentation engineering297-2716--
Computer Science and Engineering34-2529--
Electronics and communication engineering58-210311431-1431-
Heat power and thermal engineering127-2687--
Industrial engineering150-6813058-3058-
Machine design108-20888--
Power electronics274-1780--
Structural engineering359-3023--
33Gandhi Institute of Excellent technocrats , BhubaneswarMechanical system design137-137--
VLSI & Embedded system design2130-2130--
34Gandhi Institute of Industrial technology , BerhampurElectronics and communication engineering 1278-2298951-951-
Power electronics and drivers834-1491--
35Gandhi Institute of technology and managementComputer science and engineering---
Mechanical engineering2547-2547--
36Hi Tech institute of Technology, BhubaneswarComputer science and engineering---
Power electronics and drives18349-18349--
Structural engineering---
VLSI & Embedded system design2513-2513--
37Kalam Institute of Technology, BhubaneswarMachine design and robotics---
Power electronics and electrical drives---
38Konark institute of science and technology, Bhubaneswar Computer science and engineering368-1731805-805-
Electronics and telecommunication engineering801-2984--
Nano Technology3073-3073--
Power engineering and energy systems58-30061948-948-
Thermal & fluid engineering947-2985--
39Kostav Institute of self-domain, 2nd shift, BhubaneswarElectrical and electronics engineering---
40Kostav institute of self-domain, BhubaneswarCommunication systems136-136--
Computer science and engineering1902-1902--
Information technology---
Power system---
41Krupajal engineering college, BhubaneswarComputer science and engineering344-2239--
Computer science and technology---
Electronics and communication engineering2207-2207--
Heat power engineering2538-2538--
Power electronics and devices148-1842--
42Mahaveer institute of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar Computer engineering---
Computer science and engineering384-2856--
Electronics and telecommunication engineering807-3132--
Power systems engineering113-2108--
43Majhighariani Institute of Technology and Science, RayagadaBio technology---
Mechanical engineering2308-2308--
44Nalanda Institute of Technology, BhubaneswarComputer science and engineering44-3146--
Electronics and communication engineering807-3132--
Power electronics and devices 187-10402--
Thermal engineering356-2971--
45National Institute of Science and Technology , BerhampurComputer Science and engineering129-2623835-835-
Electrical Engineering22-2317--
Electronics & communication engineering57-31624--
Electronics and instrumentation engineering1458-1845--
VLSI &Embedded system design56-2606--
Wireless communication technology2416-2763--
46Nigam Institute of Engineering and TechnologyPower Electronics and drives---
Thermal engineering2108-2511--
47NM Institute of Engineering and Technology, BhubaneswarComputer Science and Engineering366-2548--
Electrical and electronics engineering2712-31031006-1606-
Electronics and communication engineering1950-3018--
Mechanical engineering583-2949--
48Orissa Engineering CollegeComputer science and engineering---
Mechanical engineering282-2893--
49Piloo Mody college of Architecture ABIT, CuttackExecutive M.Arch (3 years)72-608--
50Rajdhani Engineering college, Bhubaneswar Communication system1341-30992723-2723-
Computer science and engineering74-1710--
Production engineering1104-29242485-2846-
Power system engineering21-12178--
Structural engineering467-3025133-133-
51Satyasai engineering college, BalasoreComputer science and engineering451-28072916-2916-
Electronics and communication engineering954-2621--
Mechanical engineering376-2794--
52Seemanta Engineering college, JharpokhariaElectrical engineering196-30351634-1634-
Mechanical engineering376-2794--
53Shibani Institute of Technical Education, BhubaneswarPower electronics & electrical drives in electrical engineering ---
Thermal engineering---
54Silicon Institute of Technology, BhubaneswarComputer science and engineering55-2002--
Electrical and electronics engineering841-2209--
Electronics & communication engineering721-3070--
55Suddhananda Engineering Research Centre, BhubaneshwarPower energy---
Structure energy2761-2761--
56Spintronics Technology & Advanced Research, BhubaneshwarComputer science and engineering---
Electronics & communication engineering---
57Synergy Institute of engineering & technology , DhenkanalComputer science & engineering22-1871--
Electronics & communication engineering747-2371--
Power electronics & drives446-3075--
Production engineering785-30042395-2395-
VLSI & embedded system1701-1980--
56Templecity Institute of Technology and Engineering (TITE)Computer science and engineering179-2780--
59The techno school, BhubaneswarComputer science and engineering1948-2731--
Electrical and Electronics and engineering1393-1393--
Electronics and communication engineering1477-1477--
60Trident academy of technology, BhubaneswarComputer science and engineering201-2684--
Electronics and telecommunication engineering46-25262183-2183-
61Vignan Institute of Technology and managementElectronics and telecommunication engineering1345-1345--
Machine design663-663--





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