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“You will become what you think about”, Says Amiya who has got 139 Marks in OJEE 2009

Last Updated - May 12, 2017

Amiya Ranjan Das scored 139 marks in OJEE 2009. He took admission in Gandhi Engineering College. He shared his preparation tips with us in the interview we had with him. Here is the questionnaire we had with him:

Ques. Did you take Coaching Classes? If yes, how did they help in your story?         

Ans. Yes I did. I took admission in Padhees Tutorial and the faculties were very much friendly. They helped with my Doubts and problems. They were well known and reputed brand for JEE preparation.

Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story?

Coaching ClassesNCERT Text BooksCoaching Study MaterialOnline Study MaterialSubject Wise ClassesSelf Study
HighModerateModerateHighHighVery High

Ques. Rate the role of Coaching Institutes in cracking OJEE

Ans. 6       

Ques. How did you manage OJEE Preparation along with your Class 12th exam?

Ans. I was able to manage both by a referring to a tight schedule. My parents helped me getting most of the task done right. I focused on below parameters

1. Identify and improve on your weak areas

2. Get a personalized improvement plan & track your progress

3. Get a list of probable colleges based on current preparation level

Ques. What were your Strong and Weak areas?

Ans. Physics was both my strength and weakness. I enjoyed studying Physics because I always liked the way to read it and was very much familiar with the pattern and questions. Mathematics was an area which required much attention in my case. I worked hard for covering all the syllabus.

Ques. What mock papers did you take?

Ans. I took Mock tests from various sources available online and offline for the subjects including Physics, chemistry, Mathematics and English available at that time.

Download FreeOJEE Question Paper PDF

Ques. Write some of the Preparation tips for someone who is starting 4 months before the exam?

Ans. Stop thinking, Stop Internet searching and stop seeking advice. Take a pen, paper, calendar and a copy of your JEE Syllabus. Count how many weeks you have before exam. Not months, not days, Count WEEKS. Subtract 4 from that. Now count number of subjects, now count Number of weeks per subject. The moment you've done this, a realization will start creeping that NOW is the time, your countdown has already begun. If that gives you goosebumps, you stand a good chance making it. From day 1, start solving papers. They're going to look scary. Accept it. Don't actually sit and work out every question initially, just mark every question with the name of the chapter it belongs to. Believe me it's a fun game. Keep doing it light heartedly to break your heavy study sessions and see how enormously it helps you in later days.

Read CompleteOJEE Exam Pattern

Ques. Mathematics: Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for this section.    

Ans. Schaum’s outline on Linear Algebra: this book has explained linear algebra in a far better and simpler manner than Krishna Series. Due to its clarity, it can be read quickly also. In Statics & Dynamics, try to solve all the problems. You can leave very complex problems which are usually given at the end of every chapter. Make formula sheet for every chapter and revise it regularly. Otherwise you might forget many formulas in exam. For Calculus, focus more on Calculus of many variables. This is well covered in Malik and Arora. Also many topics of Paper I and Paper II overlap, which can be prepared simultaneously from the above mentioned book. For Analytical Geometry, read all the solved examples given in above mentioned books. Regularly revise particularly skew lines, sphere, cone and conchoids. In many problems you would have to remember how to start the problem i.e. you would have to mug the approach to solve specific problems. Practice makes perfect. Try solving problems with pen and paper with book closed, instead of just reading.

Ques. Physics: Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for this section 

Ans. “Concepts” are the key to Physics. Basic understanding of all the concepts & reasoning is the one thing a student should focus on. That will help them to understand the topics better. Small concepts can be extracted after reading NCERT & H.C. Verma. Some of the areas of focus are Kinematics, NLM, Thermodynamics, Heat, Optics and Waves and that would be only possible when you are conceptually strong. Cover all these topics as well to cover the complete syllabus.

  • Kinematics
  • Physical world and measurement
  • Work, energy and power
  • Laws of motion
  • Oscillations and waves
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electrostatics and current electricity
  • Magnetic effects of current and magnetism
  • Electromagnetism

Check Subject WiseOJEE Syllabus

Ques. What are the things you would like to go back in time and change to get into a better college?        

Ans. Nothing, I am more than Happy with my performance.

Ques. Chemistry: Mention the Strategy and Books Followed for this section

Ans. Below Are some helpful Books which I followed

  • University Chemistry by Bruce Mahan for Physical Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd for Organic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry by Solomons and Fryhle for Organic Chemistry
  • A Guidebook to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry by Peter Sykes for Organic Chemistry.



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