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    The AILET - All India Law Entrance Test AILET is conducted on National Level for providing admission to integrated BA.LLB(Hons.), LLM and PhD course of National Law University Delhi and its affiliated colleges.

    This article covers important guidelines for AILET Preparation. Along with it, it will give an overview of the AILET 2017 Exam Pattern and the important list of books required for AILET Preparation. Additionally, the candidates can download the previous years’ AILET Sample Papers to practice during the preparation.

    AILET 2017 Exam Pattern is different for all courses. AILET is an offline pen and paper based examination. The AILET Exam Pattern for BA.LLB contains 150 objective type questions of total 150 marks. The AILET Exam Pattern for LLM contains 100 objective type questions. In case of AILET Exam Pattern for PhD, there are 100 questions in the question paper of 100 marks

    AILET Preparation

    Candidates appearing for AILET 2017 have to be aware of the complete AILET syllabus that will be included in the AILET exam so as to prepare well and score better. AILET covers the questions from five major areas: English, General Knowledge and Current Affairs, Legal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Elementary Mathematics.

    One of the important steps toward a preparation is to identify the subjects of your interests and weaknesses and make an individual strategy for them.

    Here are few basic tips for AILET Preparation which may be helpful for the candidates appearing for AILET Entrance Exam

    Guidance and Mentorship

    As Candidates are required to give your best in the limited time. They may face problems while going through different subject areas. A coaching institute, an experienced guide or a mentor will help a candidate a lot of the preparation. Coaching institutes provide aspirants with study materials, preparation tests and doubt analysis for strong and weak areas of the candidate, which will help them deciding their approach towards each section of the subject.

    Time Management and Practice for Offline Exam

    AILET is a paper-pen based exam, that is, it is conducted in the offline mode.  A total of 150 questions has to be attempted in 1 hour and 30 minutes. It is advisable to candidates to take topic-wise sectional tests and practice several mock papers and AILET Question Papers, in order to get familiar with the pattern that is followed for AILET 2017.

    Legal Aptitude and English Reading comprehension questions are time-consuming, therefore, it is advisable to plan accordingly. Managing time during preparation and during exam plays a very crucial role.

    Do not waste time on questions you don't understand, move on to next question. Practising as much the candidate can from the past year question booklets and sample papers available on the internet and bookstores can help a lot in understanding the format and get along with the questions of AILET entrance test.

    AILET Preparation tips for English

    • This section will test candidates’ proficiency in grammar and comprehension.
    • Candidate should get into the habit of regular reading of a newspaper and any magazine which covers the contemporary events well. This will help in building a good vocabulary and also help with the General Knowledge section.
    • Brush up the basics of grammar to tackle the error detection questions and sentence correction.
    • Identify the words you are not familiar with and try to understand their meaning and usage.
    • Listen to speeches or watch movies and/or documentaries with subtitles. This increases knowledge of spoken English and comes in handy while attempting sentence completion.
    • Candidates should talk to people in English. They may feel sluggish and shy at first and will make lots of mistakes but soon they will discover that with more talking, their confidence, as well as their accuracy, is increasing.

    AILET Preparation tips for General Knowledge and Current Affairs 

    The General knowledge section in AILET contains 35 questions. This section is the scoring subject in AILET to the candidate who has interest to stays aware about the latest happenings and events.

    • Read Newspaper daily and watch the news for at least 30 mins to have the best idea of what is happening around in order to get through General Knowledge.
    • Lucent’s General Knowledge book is sufficient for candidates to prepare well for this section

    AILET Preparation tips for Legal Aptitude 

    This Section carries an advantage. This is the only core section which is new to all AILET aspirants. Legal Aptitude questions have been asked from the following areas

    • Law of Contract
    • Law of Torts
    • Indian Penal Code

    Important tips while preparing and attempting Legal Aptitude

    • No assumptions should be made.
    • The Principle is always right.
    • Strict Application of the principle to the given fact.
    • Always pick the option that is closest to the principle.
    • This section requires speed and time management, especially the principle fact questions, a candidate should practice questions regularly to get a good grip of it as ample practice should be there.
    • The legal fact and legal G.K questions can be attempted well by identifying and memorising important constitutional articles, landmark and recent judgments and new laws/amendments.

    AILET Preparation tips for Logical Reasoning 

    This section test candidate ability to identify patterns, understanding of logical links.

    • Spend some seconds over a question and study each question carefully. A brief explanation of why each choice is correct or incorrect should go into your mind.
    • Never assume or use any information that the question fails to give you. Consider ONLY the information given in each reading passage when choosing among the alternative responses.
    • Read both the factual passage and the sentence completion instruction carefully. Both must be considered in making your choice.
    • Be sure to read all the response choices carefully before eliminating or choosing one of them.
    • Candidate can solve most of these questions by following certain tricks and shortcut methods. Therefore, a practice of previous year papers and chapter wise questions is important.
    • Candidate should solve questions regularly to get a good grip of it as ample practice should be there.
    • Candidate can also prepare for this section is by regularly solving crossword puzzles, Sudoku, riddles etc.

    AILET Preparation tips for Mathematics 

    This section carries only 10 marks out of 150 and the questions asked are of elementary mathematics. This is easy 10 marks if a candidate prepares well.

    • Candidate should brush up the basics to get a grip on the fundamental topics.
    • Practice is the key to Mathematics, so candidates must practice as many mock tests as possible.

    Other tips for AILET Preparation

    • Do not take the stress and take a proper break in between studies to keep your mind fresh and active. Develop a Recreational activity to do.
    • Revise and Re-revise, have a deep understanding of every topic.
    • Take the test of topics individually to test yourself.
    • Attempt sample questions before appearing for AILET Entrance Exam to have an idea what AILET Exams look like. Attempt as many question papers as possible.
    • Read newspapers and watch news every day for an hour to have the best idea of the latest happening in order to get along with the GK (General knowledge)

    AILET Sample Papers

    The aspiring candidates for AILET 2017 can download the AILET Sample Papers from below and practise them during their AILET Preparation.

    AILET Sample Papers 2015

    AILET Sample Papers 2014

    AILET Sample Papers 2013

    AILET Sample Papers 2012

    AILET Preparation Books

    To prepare for an exam, books are the best source as they enhance knowledge and provide insights about a topic but, a candidate often faces plenty of problems to choose the right book. To lighten the candidates’ burden, all the books mentioned below are chosen after careful research. These books are the best for section wise as well as overall AILET Preparation. Given below is the section wise AILET Preparation books:

    AILET Previous Year Solved and Sample Papers

    • Study Package for CLAT & LL. B Entrance Examinations (English) 3rd Edition Author: A. P. Bhardwaj 

    • The Pearson Guide to the CLAT 

    English Books for AILET

    • Word Power Made Easy New Revised & Expanded Edition By NORMAN LEWIS 

    • OBJECTIVE GENERAL ENGLISH 01 Edition By R. S. Aggarwal 

    General Knowledge Books for AILET 

    • Manorama Yearbook 2017 (English) 50th Edition 

    •Lucent’s General Knowledge

    AILET Preparation Books for Mathematics 

    • Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations by R. S. Aggarwal 

    • Magical Book On Quicker Maths by Tyra 

    • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by Abhijit Guha 

    Logical Reasoning Books for AILET 

    • A Modern Approach To Logical Reasoning by R. S. Aggarwal 

    • Analytical Reasoning by M. K. Pandey 

    AILET Preparation Book for Legal Aptitude : Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning : For the CLAT and LL.B. Entrance Examinations by A. P. Bhardwaj 



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