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    AILET is an annual admission test administered by the Delhi National Law University for admissions to its law courses. The test is well recognised and appreciated for its fairness and credibility. The number of applicants are increasingly growing each year. In view of the coronavirus outbreak, the National Testing Agency (NTA) will administer the All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) on August 18, 2020 between 11:00 PM and 12:30 PM in the remote proctored test (RPT) mode. On Tuesday, the National Law University or NLU, Delhi, revealed the new date for the AILET 2020 exam and its updated reservation policy.

    • Law aspirants can turn up from the comfort of their homes for the entrance exam. The last date to complete the exam application has been extended to July 7, 2020. Click here to register for AILET 2020
    • NTA will conduct two webinars and a mock test to familiarize the candidates with the RPT mode of exam.
    • Complete explanation and guidelines for aspirants will also be given.

    Refer to the article below to understand the AILET 2020 RPT Exam Day Guidelines.

    AILET RPT 2020 Exam Day Guidelines Important Dates

    Availability of Admit Card for DownloadJuly 24, 2020
    AILET 2020 Exam DateAugust 18, 2020 

    What is AILET 2020 RPT?

    What is AILET 2020 RPT?

    After ruling out the two previous test modes, SD CBT and SD pen and paper, the safest and most sound alternative left to exercise entirely is through a computerized home-based remotely proctored examination. RPT is regarded to be the most feasible and the least risk test mode at this point in time involving a larger scale of students. It is also the most widely permissible mode. This is not only the best in terms of minimizing academic risk of the possibility of centre or the test cancellation itself, but also in terms of the possibility of danger of mass exposure and further dissemination of the virus. RPT from home exam is the best available and easily exercised option, both on humanitarian grounds of saving lives and preserving student futures, and on patriotic grounds of following the government's ordered guidelines in emergencies in the context of Covid-19.

    Benefits of AILET RPT 2020

    Benefits of AILET RPT 2020

    • This style of testing in these times has many benefits not only in terms of protection for everyone, but also in terms of the comfort level of one's own home or familiar environment.
    • It is a psychological fact that one needs to feel secure and be in a trustworthy atmosphere for one to succeed.
    • NLU feels that this would be the benefit of a home-based online AILET exam mode.
    • It also nullifies the discomfort and pressure that both candidates and their families will face when traveling to a test centre due to external exposure and using and touching so many surfaces and objects such as a screen, keyboard, keypad, and chair.

    AILET RPT 2020 Format

    AILET RPT 2020 Format

    • About the test format, the only alteration is in the writing mode – all aspects of the exam remain unchanged from the printed to the online mode.
    • The format of the AILET 2020 is exactly the same as that of previous years, it is 90 minutes long and contains 100 or 150 questions depending on the course.
    • Test papers from the past year are available for reviewing the trends followed in previous years. 

    AILET 2020 RPT Exam Pattern for B.A.LLB
    Click here to read AILET 2020 Exam Pattern

    AILET RPT 2020 Exam Day Guidelines 

    AILET RPT 2020 Exam Day Guidelines 

    1. Get a stable internet connection 

    Problems about Internet speed, power cut, and security problems are understandable but several times largely inevitable. Maintaining a backup option is necessary. You can use a cell phone with its internet service, or visit a cybercafé with stable internet access and power flow. These may be the best alternatives. The typical hourly charges of using the internet at a cybercafe are on average INR 50-100, which is not much, considering that more would be originally spent on traveling to a physical exam venue. 

    1. Use forward thinking with regard to resources 

    A deficiency of resources such as computers and/or internet or wifi access at home may be solved with some forward thought processes. Agreements with neighbors, relatives or friends with computer and internet connectivity can be made so that their resources can either be borrowed for the test or used for answering the exam. You may also explore the possibility of visiting a cyber café or internet café near your home. There is enough time in hand to make appropriate plans, and determine locations and individuals that can be found and used to help. Even a trip from your town or village to the district headquarters to have better cyber stations may be a good option in most difficult cases.

    1. Gauge affordability of resources 

    In contrast with the travel finance involved in a traditional centre-based examination mode, an online home test includes a computer and internet that can all be borrowed or paid for at an internet cafe. If a student feels compelled to invest on a computer, then it can be viewed as a long-term investment because all studies require taking or sharing study material on computers. This applies not only at law universities but at all colleges and universities.

    1. Dealing with technical issues 

    In the two AILET-based webinars, all technical issues such as failure to submit, lack of time, power cut, freezing devices, and so on. will be expertly and satisfactorily handled. The NTA (National Testing Agency) will give aspirants the detailed information and guidance prior to the test. NTA will be conducting two webinars and one mock test for the AILET 2020 to acclimate students to an online mode of assessment. It will also familiarize them with the whole procedure and will deal with potential contingencies in the event of these issues. Both these types of training and preparation will help students better answer their questions and prepare themselves well for the online exam.

    1. Equip yourself with basic IT literacy 

    To answer this online test, basic computer literacy is required. This means the IT literacy level that any 12th class pass or attempted student ought to have. Candidates would have come to learn of online forms and submissions by filling out the questionnaire and fees for AILET 2020. 

    1. Be compliant with the current norm of online exams 

    Most exams are being moved to the online test mode, as it is considered a viable norm for shifting everything online, particularly in times of national emergencies. During such a time, a pen and paper test is not feasible, so the mode will have to be online and computer-based even for a centre-based test. Most students are used to submitting online forms like Google forms and other forms and are aware of online interfaces like these. Students were given the opportunity to get to know online based assessments for more than one and a half months from July 1, 2020 to the date of online AILET on August 18, 2020.

    1. No scope for malpractice 

    NLU Delhi has appointed the National Testing Agency (NTA) to administer AILET. The NTA is a government-owned agency. It is a professional, autonomous and self-sufficient testing organization. They are recruited by several educational institutions to perform admission / fellowship entrance exams such as JEE, NEET, and UGC-NET. It is the most reliable and secure online testing platform in India. To be AI-supported and remote proctored, this AILET version dispels any misgivings about any foul play as the degree and quality of use of AI would be of very high. Not only will it deter all unfair means, it would also identify the same with on-the-spot digital proof. And in all such cases, immediate disqualification would occur. Hence, candidates must not try to engage in any sort of malpractice. 

    1. Withdraw from the exam in case of inability 

    The University has given candidates who wish to retract their application for B.A.LL.B., LL.M. (Hons), or Ph.D. Programmes admission the option to withdraw. These candidates can withdraw their application through the link given.

    They must provide details of their bank account to receive the refund of the application fee paid by them. Candidates must login to the above link using their registered AILET 2020 Email ID. The above link for requesting form withdrawal will is enabled from July 1, 2020 to July 7, 2020. Any request to cancel the registration for AILET 2020 will not be entertained after July 7, 2020.

    General AILET RPT 2020 Exam Day Guidelines 

    General AILET RPT 2020 Exam Day Guidelines 

    1. Make sure to have a stable and strong internet connection. 
    2. Keep your AILET 2020 Admit Card next to you. 
    3. Ensure that no study material or any other bits of papers are in your vicinity. 
    4. Keep a valid ID proof such as your Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Passport or Pan Card with you. 
    5. Do not use other tabs or windows on your device while attempting the exam. The AI will capture this and will report it as malpractice. 
    6. Ensure that your webcam captures a clear view of yourself until the shoulder level. 
    7. Keep your eyes on the screen. Avoid looking elsewhere because this might be counted as malpractice. 
    8. You must not leave your position in front of the screen until you finish the test submission. 
    9. Sit in an environment with adequate daylight so that your face is captured clearly. 
    10. Do not speak to anyone at your home while taking the exam. 
    11. Ensure that no external disturbances occur while answering AILET 2020. 
    12. Do not use any social media or video conferencing applications, or messaging while taking the exam. Refrain from making or taking calls as well.

    Adhere to the AILET RPT 2020 exam day guidelines for a smooth and hassle-free test-taking process. Familiarize yourself with the online testing platform and ensure that you find the necessary resources to access it seamlessly.



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