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    Every year thousands of students appear for AILET (All India Law Entrance Exam) to enter the prestigious NLU, Delhi). During the last few months before the examination, students usually face a lot of stress regarding their preparation, performance and results. Often this stress becomes a reason of demoralization but every student must keep in mind that the preparation strategy at this point of time is what will help you pass with flying colors.

    Therefore here are a few questions which all aspirants might be facing at some point of time. All the questions have been answered by Saumya Singh, one among you who topped the AILET examination 2019 because of his perfect preparation recipe. Not only has he topped AILET but also secured 1st rank in CLAT exam. His interview also has a number of tips which will prove to be very helpful for the students preparing to appear in the exam next year.

    What was Saumya’s preparation strategy?

    It was Saumya’s first attempt of AILET examination. He says that he was expecting to secure a rank among the top 10 but to hold the first position was a surprise for him too. When asked about his preparation strategy, he says that students tend to take class 11 very lightly and consider it as unimportant. But Saumya had made up his mind that without wasting any time he would start preparing with all his hard work.

    Coaching or self-study, what helped him more?

    Saumya Singh attributes his success in AILET examination to the Law Prep tutorial, Jaipur. He took classes there for almost 2 years starting early in class 11. He thanks his mentors to be supportive and motivate him at every step. According to him, he took more than 80 mock tests which was a great opportunity for him to analyze his strengths and weaknesses and work upon his shortfalls.

    He feels that taking coaching kept him in an environment where there were people with the same goal that made him feel the competition all the time. At the same time, for students who are unable to take coaching classes, he says that it is still very much possible to appear for the exam and get a good rank with a little more hard work and efforts.

    When did she start his preparation?

    Saumya started his preparation in class 11 which was in June 2017. He had seen people start preparation in class 12 but he thought that since it was a crucial year as he had to appear for boards preparing for both at a time could hamper any one of it. Without wasting any time, he started preparing in class 11 as if he was to appear in the 2018 examination.

    Because of his dedication, by the time he was in class 12 he was ready with a strong base and the only thing he had to do was practice and kept revising the concepts.

    What is the one thing he would suggest to every student?

    It is very important to choose between your priorities is what Saumya has to say to all the aspiring students. He had seen his peers appearing for such examinations trying to achieve the best in both boards and their examinations. Saumya says that both things are unachievable at a time so it’s best that one decides what his/ her ultimate goal is and focus their energy towards its preparation.

    For students in class 11, his recommendation is that if they wish to be the best they shouldn’t take their studies in 11 for granted as the board year is packed with exams like pre-boards which also require a lot of preparation.

    Finally, he also emphasizes on the need for breaks which is very important for the mind to relax and helps in better preparation as well. He says that a student must be honest with them self and not make excuses unnecessarily. They should know when they can compromise with their studies and accordingly compensate for it.

    What are the best study materials according to him?

    According to Saumya, first of all, a student must take a test series which is very helpful for analyzing strengths and weaknesses and helps you to push your limits. Since he appeared for both CLAT and AILET, he says that the preparations for both are similar except the question pattern. He says that aspirants have a mindset that referring to a greater number of resources will give them more information but sometimes selective reading is what’s more important.

    For the general knowledge questions and the legal reasoning section, Saumya used to go through all the important headlines of the newspaper regularly. He relied on not more than 5 sources for studying and suggests the same to all the ones who will be appearing for this exam. These sources include: newspapers, online websites like GK today, video lectures from Study IQ, monthly magazines and coaching material.

    What was his AILET 2019 exam day strategy?

    Saumya says that in examinations where negative markings are awarded, students should never go for blind guesses because even a small deduction can lead to losing a rank. While writing his exam, he had made a strategy that he would only make intelligent guesses i.e. answer only if he thought he had read it somewhere or he knew about it. This problem is usually faced in the general knowledge section of the paper.

    Saumya answers the G.K. questions first following which he answered legal reasoning then English then mathematics and finally logical reasoning. He first answered the questions he was very sure about in each section and timed himself such that he saved some time at the end to solve questions he knew he could answer. His ranks show that his exam day strategy worked well for him.

    Study Material Suggested by Saumya

    SectionsImportant Sources
    EnglishWord Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
    Legal G.K.LexisNexis Online lists of legal maxims
    General KnowledgeNewspapers, magazines, video lectures and websites including GK Today, Study IQ etc.

    AILET is a 150 mark examination for which a student gets 1.5 hours but due to its length sometimes difficult to complete the paper on time. Suggestions for preparation given by Saumya can be summed up to the point that a student must be able to retain as much as they study. While writing exams, students must be relaxed and clear on what they answer. For some students, shuffling sections while answering the paper works but too much of it is also not preferable. With a dedicated mind and confidence on you, every student can pass this exam with flying colors.



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