NATA Photo Size, Signature: Dimension, Format and Other Details

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    NATA 2020 will be conducted by Council of Architecture on for admissions to B.Arch courses in Government and Private colleges across India. Application Form filling process consists of Registration, Filling detailed form, uploading images and payment of fee. Candidates have to fill the application form with correct details as per the documents and upload images in specified format.

    National Aptitude Test in Architecture will be conducted twice in the month of April and July. Candidates can appear in both the sessions and best of the two scores will be considered for final selection.

    NATA 2020 Procedure for Uploading Photograph and Signature

    Two separate links for photograph and signature will be available while filling the NATA 2020 Application Form

    1. To upload passport-sized photograph, click on
    2. Once you click “choose file”, a new window will open with a direct path to your drive.
    3. Click on browse and select the location where you have saved the images.
    4. Click on “upload” to upload a photograph.
    5. Once the photograph is accepted and successfully uploaded, the status under “Document upload status” will show as “Uploaded”.
    6. In case, there is an error in the format or size, the image will not be uploaded and the status will show as “Not Uploaded”.
    7. The successfully uploaded images will be shown in thumbnail view in the “Image” section on the right-hand side of the page.

    NATA Photo Specifications

    NATA 2020 Photo Specifications

    Recent passport-sized photographs in colour and in jpg/jpeg format not more than 100 KB. The picture should be clicked with light-coloured background, preferably white. If the candidate is wearing spectacles, make sure there is no reflection and the eyes are visible.

    In case image size is more than 100 KB, then adjust the scanner settings by reducing the resolution or dimension during the process of scanning.

    NATA Photograph Sample

    NATA Photo Sample

    NATA Photograph Specifications


    4.5 cm x 3.5 cm

    Minimum Size

    4 KB

    Maximum Size

    100 KB




    Preferably White

    NATA Signature Specifications

    NATA 2020 Signature Specifications

    Along with passport-sized photographs in colour, the candidate is required to upload his/her signature in jpg/jpeg format as well. Candidates are also required to use their official signature and not the short form. Any kind of mismatch or discrepancy in signature can lead to disqualification of candidature.

    It is crucial to upload correct, clear and sharp jpg/jpeg format for signature, as poor-quality image or format can lead to disqualification. The signature should be written in black ink on plain white paper. It is better to avoid using ruled paper. It should preferably be running handwriting style to avoid discrepancy.

    NATA Signature Sample

    NATA Signature Sample

    NATA Signature Specifications


    3,5 cm x 1.5 cm

    Minimum Size

    1 kb

    Maximum Size

    30 kb




    On White Paper

    Do’s and Don'ts

    NATA Photograph and Signature: Do’s and Don'ts

    It is important to keep all the documents ready before filling in the NATA 2020 application form. The photo specifications details for NATA 2020 are as follows:

    1. The passport photograph should be clicked by a professional camera or by a professional photographer. Avoid uploading photographs clicked by using a mobile phone.
    2. Both the images should be crisp and clear, without any pixels in them. The candidate’s face and eyes should be clearly visible.
    3. Wearing spectacles in passport photographs is allowed but avoid wearing tinted glasses.
    4. Avoid uploading signatures with feathering of ink on paper, use a ball pen on thick white paper. The signature should match with the rest of your documents.
    5. Avoid uploading passport photographs with red eyes.
    6. Caps, sunglasses, hats or glaring accessories should be avoided, although religious headwear is allowed but it must not cover the face.
    7. Make sure the face and eyes are clearly visible in the photograph without any elements for distraction.

    Scanning Photo and Signature

    Scanning Photograph and Signature for NATA 2020

    Here is a detailed guide to how to scan the passport photograph and signature for NATA 2020. The candidate should follow these guidelines to obtain clear, crisp scans:

    1. The resolution of the scanner should be set to a minimum of 100 dpi and 30 dpi for scanning images for passport-sized photograph and signature, respectively.
    2. The file size should not exceed the given KBs or else it will fail to proceed to the next level of application.
    3. The image should be cropped to the final size by using upload editor in the scanner.
    4. Both photograph and signature should either be in jpg or jpeg format, for example, the file extension should show “.jpg” or “.jpeg” ­¾ “image01.jpg” or “image01.jpeg”.
    5. The image size and other details can be checked by right click on the image and clicking properties.
    6. MS Office or MS Windows can be used to achieve the required format for signature, and MS Paint or MS Office Picture Manager can be used to achieve the required format for passport photograph.
    7. If the file size and format is not as per the requirements, an error message will be displayed.



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